• Gregory Walter

    That boat is HUGE!! O.o

    • Hedronal

      I’m not really sure why they even have boats, they all live in one city-state. Where is the river used to get to even? This does also ask the question: How big is (or was) Naktamun?

      • Gregory Walter

        I think the city-state is supposed to be massive, though. The benefit of a tireless, mummified construction team. Pyramids the size of mountains, and boats the size of frigates.

        • Hedronal

          I’m assuming it’s the size of a smaller USA state or European nation I wouldn’t know the name of. I suppose boat travel makes sense for some things then, like heavy items.

          Given the focus on combat and lack of other cities/etc to go to, seeing vehicles in Naktamun still seems weird to me.

          • Gregory Walter

            Fair enough.

  • Happy The Cat

    pretty sure that isn’t what capsizing is, that looks more like smashing the boat in half.

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      It’s because “Boat Smash Mania!!!” Is in Unstable.

  • ningyouNK

    I think some of the art choices for those invocations have been really questionable, so I’m happy to say this one looks really beautiful to me =D