• Absinthman

    Nice! Will totally play in limited.

    • Jalais

      Agreed, I think this is the best of cycle given you don’t need Trials to make it worth it, though Strength is a close second.

  • Ryan Sullivan

    This is pretty good in Pauper Bogles. Drawing a card and flying on 2 mana? Nice

  • kmk888

    I’ll play the Trial/Cartouche game if Wizards gives me a cheap hexproof creature

    • Random Guy

      Slippery Bogle? I mean modern/pauper could use these. The deck is GW at the moment though.

  • Matthew Douglas

    This is best of the cartouches, and will look amazing in foil.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    I wish more auras let you draw a card like this or maybe loot to help offset the 2 for 1. Maybe.. when enchanted permanent leaves the battlefield, draw a card? In any case, unlike most auras, I would definitely play this in limited.