• Kahai

    Oh, i’m loving this!

  • the mad seer

    a cartoche is a symbol in hieroglyphics that says the enclosed name is royal. they are also seen as good luck charms meant to see you into the afterlife

    • Kahai

      It appears that if you succeed in a Trial, you get a Cartouche.

  • xxxx

    This is kind of confusing. Can I enchant the token the cartouche makes with the cartouche that made it?

    • BusinessmanGinger

      No because the enchantment has to have a target and then enter the battlefield before it creates the token

      • xxxx

        I thought so too. It can’t enter the battlefield (when it makes a token) without beeing attached to a creature.
        … Too bad …. it would have been nice to see an aura version of the living weapon mechanic.
        But thanks for the clarification :D

        • BusinessmanGinger

          Np, don’t quote me on it though cause I have been wrong before

  • Gaius_Ultima

    One of those few Auras, that could potentially see constructed play. even if the enchanted creature is removed, its still not a 2 for 1 trade

    • Jay Kilian

      This is a common so a white weenie pauper deck will definitely consider it. If it said “Human Warrior” for the token it might get in a mono white modern humans deck.

    • Random Guy

      Yeah, and it’s a cycle too so the other ones are probably pretty good.

    • Gord

      Good in voltron or boggle type decks since it creates a Lily of the Veil sheild

  • Soren Szilver

    This is straight power, a turn 1 2/2 vigilance first strike is insane

    • Together Alone

      the token is created when it enters and this spell has to have a creature target. Therefore you can’t target the token this makes, You have to have a creature out first.

      • Soren Szilver

        I assumed it worked like ajani’s chosen….

        • Hedronal

          That card’s last line of text about the token it makes is rules text, not italicized reminder text, so it’s there to make something happen. In that case, it’s something other token cards don’t do. Also, the auras cast while you have that in play do still need targets, although Ajani’s Chosen itself can be one.

  • Kumrag

    If only words were swapped around. Still a decent card.

  • Marvin Sürig

    Imagine if any trial gives us 2-3 Tokens for 3-4 Mana :D

  • Happy The Cat

    definitely playable, the token makes it almost never a 2 for 1 and resetting your trials is just an added buff.
    might bet played in Zur or other voltrons, if the black or white trials are any good and cost less than three Zur players will probably pick them up

    • Kahai

      I play zur… yep :D

  • Scathain

    That’s quite a nice aura, particularly for a common. I could easily see this in pauper, modern bogles or Zur EDH.

    • ymmij X

      It’s also an aura worth playing in draft since it doesn’t cost you card advantage

  • Kameenook

    I’m not completely sure this would be better than Hyena Umbra in bogles, but it is interesting as a way to supplement. The token it creates I think is going to be overrated for a deck like bogles, while it does have the possilibility to save you from Liliana or other edict effects it also just eats up a removal spell. The tempo cost of that might make it worth it for a bogles player though so we will have to see, it is interesting thoug that bogles notably has two printings in this set that potentially can go into the deck (this and the budget keen sense).

  • Derek Niles

    its a lot of value for pauper decks

  • Kevin Johnstone

    8/9 goyf anyone?

    • ymmij X

      How would this help with that? Goif is card types this is just an enchant

  • Zombie

    Solidly playable card, horrendously pompous and stupid name.

    “What’s the stupidest sounding name for jewelry relating to ancient Egypt we can find? Yeah that works”.

    • Lord Gonti Of The Orzov Networ

      True. I like its abilty

    • Steve the Great and Powerful

      My main problem with the name is that it isn’t even a cartouche and it doesn’t have a cartouche anywhere on it. The only cartouche images in the set are on the Invocations around the type. The word cartouche was coined by Napoleon when he took over Egypt and saw them everywhere. They look like bullet cartridges, which is cartouche in French, and are always around the name of the Pharaohs.

  • Deadly Berry

    Nice one.

  • Murilo Mazza

    Sram likes this. He likes Dead Weight too.


    and another Nonsense are the Race-less Warrior Tokens in White

    • ymmij X

      I’m having trouble parsing this comment. If this is a question the raceless part is because all the races of this world train as warriors. If it’s a complaint about token cards in white the white god needs them so we’r getting a lot.

  • Giby86 .

    There is zero synergy with Alesha.