• Nanya

    Crystal Quarry got better.

  • What!

    Well thats kinda neat. The indestructible feels a little tacked on.

    • Derek Niles

      its because the 5 gods are totally in the waterfalls and they’re all indestructible

  • D-Man

    Up for automatic induction into my 5color edh…….

  • D-Man

    Love everything about this card, art is amazing, the foil will be so pretty

  • Chromasticore

    This seems like it will be bonkers

  • prplprince

    Out of all the cards spoiled this is the one that feels the most random. An indestructible land? Filters colors for 5? Don’t get me wrong I love this land but idk if it fits in this set really.

  • Kameenook

    It looks like there’s five gods in there, where is the source, maybe the other three gods were harnessed to control these 5 ? who knows

  • NC

    Okay, so what’s the WUBRG spell gonna be so some crazy person can pull the combo off in limited?

    • Robby

      I dunno, but Tron seems to like this.

    • Typhuzuzu13

      There was that zendikar spell that let you cast something equivalent to the mana in you deck, but that was mainly for etb effects and siege rhino…

  • Matthhou

    Love this card, but isn’t there too many lands in this extension? Between bicycles, deserts, this, full arts and regular lands, I feel like I could open a 15 lands booster !

    • Robby

      If I remember correctly, the full arts won’t actually be in boosters. Or something. I remember something specific was said about the lands, but I can’t remember what exactly.

      • Minizem

        They would be in 1 out of every four packs, or in the fatpacks.

        • Robby

          OK, thank you.

          I’m guessing that means they replace the regular basic?

          • Minizem

            most likely

  • KrakenHunter

    Gimme foil plz

    • Minizem

      I don’t usually get foils, but damn this one would be an amazing foil.

  • Adam Gillies

    Wow. 4 or 5 color decks based off of green could be really good. With this and the new ramp spell or any Mana dorks you can play a pretty stable midrange deck

  • foxboy1000

    Oh yeah, cause Tron needed this.

    • Robby

      5-Color Tron, I’m dying right now

      • KOTH_ Krunch

        don’t mind me, just gonna play progenitus, nothing unusual here…

        • foxboy1000

          I was thinking Malestrom Nexus. Tron, but with cascade.

  • Cthulhooo

    Just the thing you needed for your door to nothingness.

  • Matthew Douglas

    It’s official, WOTC R&D are EDH fanatics. This whole set seems like it is custom made for EDH.

    • Kyle K-glow Glover

      i think ive said it several times, but it really isnt. only like 5 cards are actually competitive. . .
      and again, if you mean casual edh, then every set ever made is an edh set.

  • Aubrey Clements

    5 colour super freinds anyone?

  • Kahai

    The love i have for this land is… impossible to describe. I NEED ALL THE FOILS!

  • Teddy Gillespie

    I mean I’m not sure this is good, but wow that art really is incredible

  • Ultramegalord

    That’s a good animation target too,….

  • VoiceofKane

    It’s a shame that Awaken is going to rotate out. Nobody’s going to get to try to make the indestructible land creature deck.

    Not counting M15 Ensoul Citadel, of course.

    • DJPad

      Awaken doesn’t rotate out until October. Neither does converge for that matter.

      • VoiceofKane

        Really? I thought it was going to rotate when AKH comes out. Jeez, a standard with 8 whole sets…

        • Happy The Cat

          yeah, after they realized that standard flexing from five to eight sets based on rotation was actually a good thing from back in the day of core sets they decided to bring it back. so now the set after this block will rotate standard, then after that block and the next this will rotate.

  • Happy The Cat

    well, rip kaleidostone.


      No – its carddraw and so its like
      even no land drop as a artifact

      • Happy The Cat

        but you have to sac Kaleidostone, unlike this. this is a repeatable indestructible mana filter that lets progenitus and other color intense commanders go much more slanted to one side. this means your Maze’s end isnt going to get stuck on mana cause you only have like four green. this means crack lands and crucible become more playable since now they allow more cracks to probuce colorless mana.

  • Typhuzuzu13

    Well my Allies EDH has a new friend….

  • Nebulium

    Basically an auto include in any 5 color edh, most four colors too. Since it gives you any combination, I could see it in a ton of three color decks too. And then indestructible on top of that makes this a pretty amazing land.

    • Jacob Feldman

      Any edh deck that is somewhat competitive wont want this at all much to slow i can see why you would think of putting in every 5 color deck, but i think that statement is blatantly wrong.

      • Nebulium

        I don’t do competitive edh, but if you don’t want a strictly better Crystal quarry, more for me.

  • Jalais

    This seems like it will be expensive.

    • Stef

      Nah I highly doubt it. It’s bad early on, is not very useful for fast formats and probably not needed in most formats. EDH and possibly Standard will make use of this land. Foils could fetch a decent multiplier though.

  • Samuel

    Well I need a foil of this because my 5 color edh is foiled out and this is headed straight there as it’s just a better crystal quarry

  • Shagoth

    Noyan Dar says hi.

  • Lord Gonti Of The Orzov Networ

    Nissa, worldwakers first ability on this…

  • Deadly Berry

    A much better Crystal Quarry, in case you need to pay heavy mono colored costs in a multi color deck.

  • Myr Servitor

    Does the source have to do with that maelstrom energy or whatever Bolas was trying to harness in Conflux? idk

  • Solarstorm flare

    good for commander i guess