Cavalry Pegasus - Heroes vs Monsters Spoiler

Cavalry Pegasus

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Whenever Cavalry Pegasus attacks, each attacking Human gains flying until end of turn.

“It is hope, hooved and winged.”
—Cymede, queen of Akros

  • Sifu

    could prove very useful late game.

    • Loiden Mc Leroy

      Turn 3 is also a very good time to use this card.

  • Joshua McTiernan

    No !!!!! All my humans are cycling!! Well looks like I’m playing modern.

    • Kevan Kramer

      You could always use the boros humans.

      • Joshua McTiernan

        True that true that

    • Zombie

      Correction: All the Innistrad block Humans are cycling.

      You still have RTR block humans, Fiendslayer Paladins from M14, and the likely numerous Humans in Theros.

      Shhhh, no tears now, little Humans player. Only dreams.

      • Andy Dondes

        Dude Xathrid Necromancer……

        • Zombie

          Xathrid Necromancer is a huge player in Junk Aristocrats, BW Humans, BW Exalted Humans, Junk Mayor Humans, etc.

          In other words, it is fantastic with the Innistrad block Humans. Unless the Humans in Theros are good enough to splash black for, Xathrid Necromancer isn’t going to be a huge player.

          Fiendslayers, Banishers, and Sovereigns have already found post- Innistrad homes, Xathrid Necromancer has not.

  • Zombie

    This is one of the cards that’s in Theros, and it’s making me very excited for Theros Limited.

    Draft Humans, table Cavalry Pegasus, sign slips- get packs.

  • MtgMind-Welder98

    Wow very nice, but in my opinion I wish it could have at most been a 1/2 for 2 mana instead.

  • Nickerton

    Pauper Humans, here’s your evasion.

  • bigbetz99

    ha ha. It says Rarity. And its a Pegasus. only brony’s and pegasisters will get it.