• kevin

    nice early game and can be usefull lategame but that cycle makes it great.

  • Scott Waitforit Batchelor

    Legit my face when I’m playing blue

  • Absinthman

    Not quite the Miscalc everyone wanted, but I guess it will see some play. Cycling of just one mana will help it a lot.

  • Brendan Noonan

    Yeah let’s not make it 2, let’s make it as garbage as possible :'(

    • Boogers

      No, people to at least be able to cast something their first turn and not be told no every turn. 1 mana counters need to be extremely conditional for a reason.

      • Brendan Noonan

        It isn’t really a counter, the cycle is clearly the only redeemable quality this has. I view mana leak and even negate as being quite proactive in the counterspell sense, however, this is so obvious and you’re only cycling it because it is useless rather than casting proper card advantage.

        • Jeffrey Zom

          counterspells never create card advantage, with only few that don’t follow that rule like Cryptic Command.
          Mana leak and negate aren’t “proper card advantage”.

          • MTG fan

            Counterspells are usually to take out your opponents’ best cards, then the advantage gained from countering spells can be used to achieve victory.

          • Kahai

            Like @disqus_t6uwkB74eh:disqus said, a counter can create advantage, by removing a potentially winning condition for your opponent you gain an advantage over them. They have one less card to win by, and you’ve made your victory one step closer.

          • MTG fan

            Thanks man. You are so nice to comment

          • Brendan Noonan

            What I meant by that is this card is easy to play around and is usually going to have to be cycled.

  • kk

    Brendan Noonan, this is strong in standard… early game makes your opponent play off curve, late game cycle…

  • Shawn Michael Diaz

    Depending on how worked in this gets in standard, we’re likely to see players at tournaments playing around this card when blue draw-gos they’ll just draw-go and play a turn behind our wait for their uncounterable cards. Then the really good blue players will cycle at EOT to get card parody with better answers before draw-going again. I’m really happy about this card personally. Control is looking really deep and viable with these new cards!

    • Brendan Noonan

      My only issue is, are you really wanting to cut your negate and horribly awry for this?

      • Shawn Michael Diaz

        Maybe it won’t see too much play before HoD when some of what we’re playing with now rotates, but I think with all the aggressively costed creatures in this set that it might beat both Negate and Essence Scatter out in decks with fewer slots available or just decks that need the faster decks tapped out. Disintegrate and shock can be soft countered if you can get your opponent to tap down an extra land.

        • Hedronal

          That would be before the set after HoD, that’s when standard rotates.

      • Jeremy Scott

        No, this goes in a totally different deck. This counters anything on tempo, and if your opponent sniffs it out and slow plays, you just essentially time walked them with the fear of countering. So you cycle it and stay ahead of the game. It’s a solid card. It’s no Miscalculate, but then again, 1 less in cycle cost, 1 less in counter power. It’s a fair balance if you ask me.

        This reminds me of when they brought us madness on innistrad. I asked for Circular Logic, I was denied.. the second time, I begged for Circular Logic, no one cared. This time I said “I better get miscalculate.” and the gods heard my cries. So yes, cycling is in!

  • Random Guy

    Talk about power creep.

  • Zeb Jaffe

    I’m very interested in this card for Standard playability in UW or Esper Control. Likely the Force Spike impact on the game and being able to cheaply cycle once that card is irrelevant means that this card has many different uses in different modes of the game. If they play around it entirely, they are a full turn behind curve, which is to our advantage. This also isn’t bad in tempo decks, which are picking up playable spells in Amonkhet, with Failure to Comply.

  • Nanya

    So basically Daze?

    • ezuri

      not even close

      • Nanya

        Same base effect, just no alternative cost.

  • Will Todichiinii

    Flavor Text: “Why do you have so many questions?”

  • God Enel

    I’d preffer a Miscalculation reprint, but at least this is better than nothing.

  • Oliver Seibert


    • Zombie


      • Oliver Seibert

        I’m joking. I just don’t get my hopes up for two mana counterspells out of thisbset anymore after all these fakes haha

    • MTG fan

      Wait, what? This is too good for standard? Confirmed: Fake Card. Initiating :( protocol!

      • Oliver Seibert

        Just joshin

    • MrAptronym

      I feel like the card is bad, so maybe there is no need to worry?

  • guest

    I would have been much happier with a miscalculation reprint, but I’ll play it anyway. My Drake Haven Control deck comes together folks!

  • Murilo Mazza

    It can replace Anticipate spot somehow

  • Jeffrey Zom

    This can be very nice with baral!

  • saturnosring

    This is a bad Daze. They should have printed it in common.

  • Kahai

    The current card should have been the cycle clause on this counter… Jesus christ WotC…

  • Bartek Krajewski

    Cycling on counterspells with – unless its controler pays…. is amazing. Counters like Revolutionary Rebuff are useful early game but on late game are terrible and they are just dead on hand. Cycling helps with this kind of situations

  • Scathain

    Not bad, might have to take a few for my monoblue delver deck for modern.

  • Cthulhooo

    Imagine if that 1 were 2 instead. Just imagine.

  • MTGFanatic

    I like it. It’s an instant cantrip with an option to counter spell.

  • MrAptronym

    A 1U force spike is pretty awful. That said, cheap cycling on such a conditional card is really nice. Not sure what to think overall, I mostly play EDH these days, and old counterspells have tainted my mind. My guess is not good though.

  • Jeremy Scott

    This + Failure to Comply + Negate + Disallow or Confirm Suspicions. Nice counter package against what will surely be Bant-Embalm “Bantbalm” decks.. “I said with sarcasm

  • kmk888

    I wanted Miscalculation, but I love this card too. It punishes the exact type of powerful curve-outs that control struggles the most with in Standard. I don’t think it’s a 4-of, but 2 or 3 sounds great so that you get value both from the effect and from opponents playing in fear of the effect.

  • Vizzerdrix

    i was thi nking this was a reprint but i was actually think of spell snip which other than the cycling needing colored mana its a better spell snip everything cost 1 less. random rant aside ehh

  • Cody Alex Humble

    People say this card is bad.
    Until they remember Baral.