Centaur Healer - Return to Ravnica Spoiler

Centaur Healer

  • Color: Green, White
  • Type: Creature - Centaur, Cleric
  • Rarity: Common
  • Set:

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When Centaur Healer enters the battlefield, you gain 3 life.

Instructors at the Kasarna training grounds are capable healers in case their students fail to grasp the subtleties of combat.

  • the 3 drop slot is already taken by loxodon…

    • Denvereight

      Loxodon dude is a four drop.

      • what the hell r u talking about?! im referring to this edition’s loxodon -_-

        • Denvereight

          sorry, my bad. Well, you’ve got a bigger chance to get this rather than that loxodon though. 

          • you can always order 4 of them. it is kinda cheap actually. its like 3,50 euros each which is 4 dollars or a little more i think.

          • Guest

             I’m too cheap a person to think four dollars as a cheap card :p

    • MrMario7502

       It’s for drafting, not Standard

  • Heitor

    I will use this card durning the pre release because it´s solid: 3 mana, 3 power, 3 life.

  • Flickerfan

    a really good 3 drop common, i hope a get a few of these at the pre-release

  • Aided

    Join Selsenya or DIE!

    • Zimmer Remmiz

      Well I didn’t join Selesnya, I joined Golgari, and yes I did die, and then become a zombie…

      • Beto


        • Zimmer Remmiz

          Hmm typo…

          • Dv1L

            I don’t know dude…That o is pretty far from that a.

          • Aided

            Haha. Your comment is funny. I Lold. The o IS pretty frickin far alright from the a.

      • Aided

        And ehh I don’t like zombies! I like glorious LIFE and Selesnya is the sh*t with populate. I Can populate Cackling Counterpart tokens!!! :D( if i splash some blue or use Cromatin Lantern)In my opinion of course haha. Zombies are pretty cool too actually

  • Dv1l

    Now if only we can make him a token…….

    • Calviin

      Back from the Brink
      Cackling Counterpart

      • Dv1L

        Back from the Brink is a six drop blue. 4UU
        Cackling Counterpart is a 3 drop blue. 1UU
        Seance would be the best bet. It dies, i seance him, i populate, the first token gets exiled. Sound right? am i missing something?

        • Aided

          Sounds pretty legit

  • Guest

    Could see this as a 1-of in some sort of G/W Aggro deck. Nice Restoration Angel target, and reasonably-sized body, especially if you Rancor him up.