• Kevan Kramer

    I have a legacy burn deck. I am a player that likes to play with as many different arts as I can. This template is so bad, I not sure I want to use this art at all. Must be a theme with this set in general….small arts.

    • Zombie

      My regular legacy TO would laugh at me if I ever tried to suggest playing with these masterpieces in competitive REL

  • Insight66
  • Zombie

    Masterpieces more like Masterfeces.

    I’ve been replacing cards in my cube with the corresponding Masterpieces.

    I will not use any of the Amonkhet series.

    These are not only ugly as sin, but the text formatting is absolute trash.

    • Oiram

      The “N”s look like “R”s.

      On a different note, I can’t wait to open a “Chair Lightring”!

      • Zombie

        I can’t wait for the Amonkhet Invocations’ colllectible value to be based solely off the novelty of being revoltingly ugly.

      • Hedronal

        “Chair Lightrirg”*

  • Anthony George

    Should of been Lightning Bolt.

  • Eduardo Tesorero

    Amonkhet masterpieces Looks like it was copied from a YUGI-OH WITH STEROIDS!!

  • Dogmatic Hermit

    … I like it.