• Robert FakeLastName

    This is pretty awesome with master biomancer or any anthem.

    • ColorCaptain

      Obelisk of Urd set to NAGA! WOOOOO!!

      • Thomas Luffman

        Why not wizards?

  • galen150

    this doesnt feel like a rare-worthy to me.

    • Hedronal

      It draw/discards two at base for three, with a body, plus drawing however much you pumped it by, and then more late-game. What’s not rare about it?

    • chris_m_h

      I’m going to assume you don’t play in many tournaments?

  • Evil Tactics

    This can be very amusing in a zombie lord deck. Eternalize to refill hand and put 2 more lords in grave.

  • Jude

    …i actually really like this card .w. its simple and can be played later for even more value.

  • Gregory Walter

    She knows ALL the trivia!

  • TogetherAlone

    Can you use an instant speed pump to draw more cards with this? Basically does it check the power when the ability goes on the stack or when it resolves?

    • TomGalonska

      That should work! Note that i’m not a judge, this is just based on interactions of other cards (like Aether Vial) that check on resolution.

    • Absinthman

      It checks as it resolves, so it works the way you want.

    • salyne

      yes, that works, this ability checks power on resolution

  • Happy The Cat

    it dies to skullclamp, 3u, draw two discard two draw two…mmm
    also Bant tokens with Populate is going to abuse Eternalize cards like this. just doubling season makes this 5uu draw 8 discard 4

  • WHOA. o_0

    6 card draw off this one in total, with only 4 discard from it.

  • Random Guy

    Tons of synergy, decent worstcase too. I will build around this.