• Koover_rob

    I absolutely LOVE this Chandra, the “0”-ability is nuts!

    • Killingkye

      I agree.. but Is it worth it for 6 Mana?

      • Nanya

        It is in EDH

      • Koover_rob

        I think so, it’s definetly fair balanced imo.

  • Nolly

    I imagine it’s home in standard will be with Sphinx’s Tutelage until that rotates, or in control decks that run red.
    That 0 is absolutely brutal if you have anywhere near a decently sized hand, especially with treasure cruise and other delve cards, and at least on tutelage on the field.
    Maybe a little narrow, but its still a strong use.


    like again chandra a red walker 6 mana u gotta be kidding ? chandra should be an aggro 2 or 3 mana walker !

    • Kameenook

      Red is not aggro colors, it’s the color of emotion, passion, and chaos.

  • Jaya

    Her +0 is the key, the ultimate is pretty bad and the +1 depends on the format but will usually be slighty bad…

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    This is decent. Nice draw, disposable attackers. Just wish that ultimate did anything more interesting.

    • Hedronal

      If you can do it immediately, I don’t quite classify it as an ultimate. That single ability also doesn’t compare well to other planeswalker wrath effects, such as from Elspeth, Sun’s Champion, or Ugin, Spirit Dragon, which makes it seem less good, especially for six mana.

  • Jazzyboy1

    Looks really disappointing to me. She’ll probably see play in Standard GR ramp and the occasional EDH deck, but her playability is kinda limited. If they nerfed her ultimate slightly, she could easily have been 4 mana, at which point she would be much more playable.

  • Deadly Berry

    Pretty meh. Her +1 can put some pressure but by the time red can pay 6 mana the opponent is either dead or has enough blockers to survive those 3/1. The -X is sort of ok except for the fact at 6 mana red shouldn’t care for creatures and should just blow up everything on opponent’s face to finish the game. The only decent skill is the 0 but again paying 6 mana to draw 1 card seems pretty hideous, unless you can use it many times; but wouldn’t you simply use the +1 to finish the game?
    Score: 1/10 – Wouldn’t use, not even for EDH.

    • Kevan Kramer

      Omnath would love her. Purphoros is ok with her in EDH.

  • Nanya

    I can see use for this in my roommate’s burn or Kresh deck easily. Besides, he seems to have a hard-on for Chandras, seeing as he has all the previous versions in his burn deck already.

  • Vulcan Hades

    Ramp decks will often drop her down on t4, keep that in mind. Yes, Siege Rhino survives her -4 but after giving it some thought what I like about this card is that they can’t really ignore it. If it goes uncheck it will either race, give you card adv or wipe the board eventually when it grows to 5+ loyalties. They have to attack her. So a way to look at it is this card prevents damage/fogs and has a big upside in that it can give you a new grip and fill up your graveyard.

    Also Chandra could be interesting with Elemental Bond :) Everytime you use her +1 you get to draw 2 cards. Sweet!

    • DJ Pad

      Ramp would rather play Ugin I’m pretty sure, it’s much more powerful and mana is not that much of an issue.

      • Vulcan Hades

        You’re talking as if ramp only plays one big pay out spell when in reality they play Ugin + Ulamog + Dragonlord Atarka as win conditions. Some play Part the Waterweil + Temporal Trespass + Dragonlord Dromoka. You get the point. You could see another variation that plays both Ugin and Chandra or whatever big spells + Chandra.

  • Kevan Kramer

    Rage Omnath would love her. Purphoros is ok with her in EDH

  • Silverwolf600

    Im gonna put her in my standard omnath deck play her turn 4 omnath turn 5 and then you take 6 almost every turn. I love this chandra.

    • Julna Buras

      Omnath triggers when elementals die, not when they’re exiled. You’d have to find a reliable way to get those elementals to die.

      • Happy The Cat

        if I attack you with them and you don’t block, you take 6. if I attack you and you do block, they die, you take 6. seems pretty reliable to me

        • Julna Buras

          That’s true. Guess it’s all about perspective; I read “take six” as referring to Omnath’s effect.

  • Sexy Satie

    I like the bismuth fire chamber, was thinking of putting one in my house.

  • kmk888

    The card has power but I’m not sure what the home for it is. The abilities are sort of random but none are bad. I think the worst part of the card is that she doesn’t start on 5 or 6 loyalty, she seems weak to Siege Rhino and other big beaters.

    • Storm Crow

      It seems like an amusing brewing card. Won’t hit legacy or vintage, but I think there’s a B tier modern deck this could go to. Maybe a token/burn deck or a grixis control/graveyard deck. Regardless it will get into standard.

      • kmk888

        Not modern. The format is too fast and mana efficiency is at a premium because of cards like Remand.

  • Jazzyboy1

    I think my main problem with this card is that she doesn’t synergise with herself and each of her abilities synergises with different plays but none have strong synergy, making it hard to build around her or make her work with a refined deck’s strategy.

    I also don’t see why her 0 isn’t ‘Each player discards all the cards in his or her hand, then draws that many cards. Draw a card’. That would be powerful and reasonable for 6 mana, and would make her much more playable, especially in EDH. It would also work really well in the Prerelease’s 2HG environment because you could plan for your teammate to use delve or recursion strategies after you make/help them discard.

    • EJ

      At least her 0 doesn’t exile the cards, and it does leave you with more cards in hand than you started. “Discard 0 cards, draw 1”, “Discard 1 card, draw 2”, “Discard 2 cards, draw 3”, are more card advantage than red’s been given in a while.

      I like that they’re at least trying to give red some sort of card advantage. Commune with Lava from Dragons of Tarkir, for example, compares favorably with Braingeyser from Alpha (which is on the Reserved List). Granted, it exiles the cards and has that use it or lose it thing going on, but it’s an instant and you don’t lose the cards until the end of your next turn.

      • Jazzyboy1

        I’d say Sarkhan, Dragonspeaker’s better for both giving mono-red card advantage and beating down on your opponent. His ultimate is fairly easy to get to and gives you more consistent card draw than this Chandra.

        Keep in mind that if you’re playing this Chandra in mono-red burn, you’re probably going to have emptied your hand already by the time you get her out as she’s 6 mana, so at that point; it’s 6 mana: draw 1 card.

        • EJ

          I agree that I wouldn’t mind if she cost a lot less. Though the fact that you can put 6 power on the board every turn is probably worth something. The fact that they’re Elemental tokens is relevant in some decks (Angry Omnath for example), and the fact that they have 3 power will trigger Elemental Bond and some other effects.

          Plus, there are some decks that want to discard their entire hand, and a lot of those decks run red and green.

          But I do agree it’s a hefty mana cost. Winds of Change was one mana. But Winds of Change doesn’t leave you with more cards than you started.

          • Jazzyboy1

            Hmm, her synergy with Elemental Bond and Omnath does indeed make her more attractive, but she doesn’t make Omnath and Elemental Bond competitive-Standard-playable, so unless something else makes them Standard-playable, that synergy becomes irrelevant outside of Omnath EDH.

          • EJ

            Even in EDH, Angry Omnath has better things to do with 6 mana – Vigor, Rampaging Baloths, Warstorm Surge, Greenwarden of Murasa, Bane of Progress, Rubblehulk, Soul of the Harvest, Phytotian, Verdant Confluence, etc.

            But I think the problem is the 6 mana, not the design of the card. The mana costs are set by development. If this cost a little less, or if the tokens had trample, or if you sacrificed them instead of exiling, it might be a different story.

  • Happy The Cat

    wait, did red finally get a good walker?! what have they done!? now they are going to have to reprint jms or sun’s champ so red doesn’t have a chance to be the best color in standard!

    • Jazzyboy1

      Umm, what?

      1. While the Standard meta hasn’t given her much support so far, Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh is a really good card and her flipside is great for having paid just 3 mana in the first place.

      2. Chandra Ablaze and Chandra Nalaar were both bombs. Chandra, Pyromaster was also, though debatably, a really good walker.

      3. Koth was an incredible walker. He gave you a beater every turn, or could ramp really well in mono-red with his -2; and he could quickly get to his ultimate -5, which would turn all your mountains into pingers.

      4. Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker has seen a fair bit of play in Standard in some countries(not in the US or the UK much for some reason), as he can turn into an indestructible, flying dragon, from the turn you play him because it’s also hasted; he can burn your opponent’s mid-range beaters if needed, and he gives mono-red consistent card draw with his ultimate, which is fairly easy to get to. I’d say he’s more playable than this Chandra in Standard atm.

      • Rigo Reyes

        why didnt you have talked about certain Red Walker from Avacyn?

        • Jazzyboy1

          “did red finally get a good walker?!”

  • kk

    The 0 ability with Loam is nuts… 4 new cards.

    For standard it´s good with delve spells , jace .

  • Kevan Kramer

    She seems ok in a standard control or midrange shell.

  • Zombie

    No matter how good she is or you think she is, being CMC 6 has auto-relegated her to Midrange Standard builds as a 1/2 of and EDH.

    Outside of Standard and EDH she won’t see any play. CMC 6 on a Red Walker is too back-breaking to play and there’s almost no way to efficiently cheat her into play in her colors.

    Once she’s on the table she does work, but the problem is actually getting her on the table to do it.

    Modern has Pyromaster, and I can’t see this ever usurping a card that costs 2 less in Red, the color that relies far more heavily on mana efficiency than any of the other colors.

    I’m for sure ordering a foil for my Daretti deck, though. Another hand dumper is always welcome.

    • Guest

      Wasn’t Elspeth Sun Champion a thing for a while?

      • Julna Buras

        White is the kind of color that is fine with CMC 6 cards; but with red, that high of a mana cost is very hard to get unless you’re playing multi-color. Even then, Elspeth was only played as a 1 or 2-of finisher.

        • Kameenook

          You play RTR-THS Standard? Elspeth was played as an infinity of because of Elixir of Immorality.

          Insert *Kappa* face.

          • Julna Buras

            Sure, Jan.

      • Zombie

        Elspeth isn’t a mono-red card.

        My point was based entirely around Chandra being a red Planeswalker, and thus being plagued with the trend of Red Planeswalkers either being cheap/average cost and sucking or high impact but high mana cost and opportunity cost.

        There’s only 3 Red Planeswalkers that have broken this trend. Koth of the Hammer, Chandra Pyromaster, and the new mono red Sarkhan.

  • Kameenook

    I’m too Timmy to like a planeswalker without an ultimate to work for, what am I supposed to do with this? Beat face, filter/draw cards, or control the board? Why would I want to do those things?

  • MrAptronym

    My Arjun deck would possibly like to sift even faster.

  • Jeskai control finisher?

    • Jazzyboy1

      Definitely not a finisher.

      • Kameenook

        I’m not sure what you mean.

      • Happy The Cat

        ? is finishes like any other control pw would. gets through on open boards draws you into removal, and can clear every now and then.
        at six mana you better be finishing with it

  • xkldfsOJ:

    An interesting point, in the background, you can see Emrakul’s corruption, as depicted on Vestige of Emrakul.

    • MrAptronym

      Nope, this is Kozilek’s “Bismuth” corruption. Emrakul leaves a yellow powder and turns the earth into flesh.

      • edudtgm

        Isn’t Kozilek’s corruption blue and not rainbow coloured? Also, where has it said what Emrakul’s corruption is?

        • MrAptronym

          Nope, it is rainbow. Emrakul’s is mentioned one of the original Uncharted Realms I remember for sure, and might have been mentioned a couple times since?

    • nightshade88

      I think that the brown things on Kozilek’s corruption might just be leftover rock and not Emrakul’s corruption.

  • Arzon112

    I love this card, i don’t know if its modern playable but im going to try it in some form of control deck the fact that it sweeps all creatures where elspeth only hit big creatures is huge. New chandra does everything i want in a planeswalker.

  • wolf

    It’s no Strombreath Dragon but I guess its usable.

  • Melissa Juice

    Impressive. Looks fun.

    • Kahai

      Would be sooo much better if Exile was Sacrifice… XD

  • Ragon

    Couldn’t she be used for some sort of control deck running red? I mean if you have her out and cast a draw swell… it wiffs… you then use her 0 to draw into more. If not then you can use her x ability to kill off something or just put out a few flimsy attackers to harass your foe. She isn’t completely useless. Plus she can make full use of Jace and Delve spells. So I’m thinking something like Grixis? The real issue is that her value is kind of back and forth. Also there is Ugin who is just better always for wiping a board. I don’t know. Also it DOESN’T KILL SIEGE RHINO!

    • Happy The Cat

      pretty sure -5 will kill siege rhino, so does actual kill spells, not nuclear warfare

  • Happy The Cat

    hmm, casting this from a full hand leaves seven cards to cycle with her +0. treasure cruise costs 7u… really hoping there is something in my deck that can win this game…

    • Jazzyboy1

      When would you cast this from a full hand? Rarely viable in Standard and pretty rare even in EDH, unless you’re playing Arjun.

      • Happy The Cat

        you’ll cast it with a full hand of lands or sphinx’s rev just picked up seven and none of it was removal why do you think you’re needing to dig so hard? because I’ve got what I need? I’m not saying to only to cast her then, it’s just the math lines up. I don’t plan on cycling more than four cards with her except for my grix bear hug edh.

  • PrimalTigerJr

    Could this be Chandra the Playable?

    • Jazzyboy1

      No. Don’t worry though; Chandra Nalaar and Chandra, Pyromaster were both highly playable in some formats. Not Modern or eternal formats, but it takes a hell of a lot for a planeswalker to be playable in Modern and eternal formats. They were also part of a Standard that they just didn’t fit into, because of the cardbase available for building decks around them, or lack thereof.

      • NC

        Hey, Pyromaster is played in Modern enough that it’s on the radar at least.

  • Bostorket

    My Kaalia/Reanimator EDH is quaking in its deckbox begging for one. Sure, let me dump Elish Norn in my graveyard during my personal Wheel of Fortune. And hey, the 3/1s are gonna die anyway. Might as well Victimize one of’m. Or use both plus my exhausted Weathered Wayfinder to flashback Dread Return. He had a good run.

    A “BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA” would be appropriate right now.

  • Rev

    another unplayable red walker

  • David Bray


  • selesnyawarden

    Chandra my burning inspiration, you come to us with the key of destructive, hot, very hot flames… My muse is back =) But now to business, this chandra and Tibalt will be crazy in casual Shadows Over Innistrad. That graveyard love and the draw card in red really tells us the direction of the flagship for the future and the surprises to the color wheel. Heck even true-colorless and generic got Wotc special treatment this year. That goes to show that they are paving the way…paving the way. I think its time to get popcorn and watch how the future is unfolding before our eyes. CHANDRA, YESSSSSSS.

  • selesnyawarden

    Love for chandra love for chandra =)

    =3 love =3

  • Kahai


    Why Wizards.

    All you had to do was make her +1 ability mimic EVERY OTHER RED HASTE ELEMENTAL CREATURE CARD EVER!!!

    But no, it says Exile, not sacrifice.

    I wonder if they were actually afraid of this and Nu’mnath comboing off each other…

    • MTG fan

      Doesn’t have trample