Chandra, Pyromaster - M14 Spoiler

Chandra, Pyromaster

  • Color: Red
  • Type: Planeswalker - Chandra
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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+1: Chandra, Pyromaster deals 1 damage to target player and 1 damage to up to one target creature that player controls. That creature can’t block this turn.

0: Exile the top card of your library. You may play it this turn.

-7: Exile the top ten cards of your library. Choose an instant or sorcery card exiled this way and copy it three times. You may cast the copies without paying their mana costs.

  • Unagi

    If only ponder was still in standard…

  • ChandraxJace

    That -7 is so good, an instant Izzet staple.

    • Jordan

      dont know about so good. Most good planeswalker ults win you the game outright. This one can still wiff.

    • Zombie

      Never focus on a Planeswalker’s ultimate over their primary abilities. Planeswalker Ultimates are always win- more, no matter who it is. If you’re using it, chances are you’ve already been ahead and winning for a few turns.

      • Sean Mclorie

        not true garruk wildspeaker and gideon jura <_<

        • Zombie

          Garruk Wildspeaker’s -4 wins you the game (If you use it when it wouldn’t, stop playing Garruk.). Gideon Jura doesn’t have an “Ultimate”.

          My statement still holds true.

          • Sean Mclorie

            no your statement is dont judge a walker” by its ult there are two that have an ult that is relevent almost immediatly/or within a turn also you stated that its win more overun isnt win more nor is a 6/6

  • YouGotFranked

    Do my eyes deceives me? Could it be… a good Chandra?

    • Zombie

      Surely this is a jest by Wizards. Chandra hasn’t been playable in 6 years.

      • Jordan

        I’ll place a $20 on this card saying it’ll see top 8 constructive play before it rotates. It’s no voice of resurgence but it’s got use and versatility.

        • Zombie

          It’s definitely going in my Naya midrange deck, what I call “Narnia”, probably going to stay as a 1- of, but still, in a build that benefits from both of her standard abilities, she’s going to do work.

      • cfranks

        clearly you have no idea what you are talking about considering Firebrand pretty much saw some play and is quite good, that being said this is pretty much the best Chandra at least in theory

        • Zombie

          I’ve played through every set of Magic since Tempest. Pretty sure I know what I’m talking about when I was in every single Standard format that had a Chandra in it.

          She was the worst Planeswalker in the game until Tibalt came along.

          • cfranks

            considering she has had 3 versions the blanket statement of worst walker in the game doesn’t really hold up. Ablaze quite possibly is the worst besides Tibalt but Firebrand most certainly is not. Also Lilli of the Dark Realms or New Gideon is quite probably the worst anyway.

          • Zombie

            Liliana of the Dark Realms is actually worth more than any Chandra prior to Chandra, Pyromaster. She’s not great, but at least she’s playable. Not a single Chandra outside her debut in Lorwyn was a potential Standard staple until now.

            You can at least play LotDR and get away with it at an FNM if you shove her in a mono black/swamp spam control shell. You can even play Gideon, Champion of Justice in Turbo Fog or Control if you really want to.

            The difference between those two and Chandra is that even though they’re janky as hell, they can still be played to a certain degree. Chandra was so unbelievably bad, that no one, except the jankiest of the jank hermits that lived in the Casual Castle atop Kitchen Table Mountain, wanted anything to do with her.

            People played Chandra Nalaar back in the day because it was all they had. That doesn’t mean she was good. Chandra’s incarnations prior to Pyromaster have been among the worst Planeswalkers ever printed.

          • Ryanyoyoyo

            Dude…do you have anything better to do then troll around on here acting like some sort of MTG badass? Who cares if you know the cards better then most people, it doesn’t make you cool, or even respectable. In reality all that it means is that you probably get laid much less frequently then most of the other magic players…

          • Zombie

            Considering most of my posting is done from my phone when there’s a lull while I’m working or hanging out with friends/girlfriend (Both of which play Magic as well), I’m fairly sure it’s not taking up too much of my time. Even though I’ve been with the game for 15 years, it’s been strictly a hobby. Hobbies do not define a person’s life, though it’s important to me because I share the love of the game with friends I’ve known for most of my life, in some cases for longer than I’ve played the game.

            Though, you seem to be too inept to have thought of it that way, so I guess I’ll let it slide, for your own sake.

            Maybe try dealing with your own problems instead of insulting people with biased accusations, where your anonymity is the only thing protecting your worthless opinion.

            As for my knowledge of the game, any player worth their salt can keep up with the information of the game, no matter the time spent with it. Some players are just better than others. That’s why there’s pro- level players, and players that can’t beat anyone that isn’t using a pre-con Theme Deck. People like you tend to relate to the latter than to any other.

          • Calmbie

            Dude, chill out. Getting all worked up over a card game.

  • psotek

    [0] op in EDH

  • Steven Bryant

    0.0 so awesome

  • Manos Kon

    She does not protect herself, and requires the deck to be built a certain way to be good. Reminds me of K.O.T.H.

    • Jordan

      You’re playing red. In mono red you’ll have plenty of protection for her. In izzet or grixis, you’ll have spells to protect her. You’re opponent is going to have to deal with her or risk being crushed under card advantage. She’s good, but not insane.

      • Manos Kon

        Every control deck has ways to protect planeswalkers, yet the ones that see a lot of play are usually the ones that protect themselves somehow. I compared her to Koth because he too did not protect himself, but his upside for aggro decks was big enough to see some play.
        Chandra is similar to him, but fits a more burn-based deck, rather than the creature heavy Mono-red of that era.
        That said, since there are hardly any high quality burn spells around right now (and even less post rotation) it will be a tough world for her.

  • Steven Bryant

    pretty good, could’ve been better though

    • hooh

      you can say that with every card in magic

      • Hai

        Storm Crow, Wizards really messed up there

  • Matt Abraham

    As of right now, I am EXTREMELY disappointed

    • Zombie

      We get the first playable Chandra since Lorwyn and you’re disappointed.

      Some people…

      • Matt Abraham

        i guess i was just expecting her to make as big of an impact as the new Garruk. I am also skeptical of her 0 ability, and as mentioned earlier, there is still a chance of whiffing with her ultimate, while i agree with u on not focusing entirely a PW’s ultimate, if u do happen to get to that point and have it be for nothing would be frustrating

        • Wrathsforfun

          2 things

          1: Garruk playable? this garruk is the most unplayable green walker let alone garruk since…ever!!!! Dont get me wrong hes EDH 100% and im a EDH player but when most people say “playable” thay mean standard wich garruk is simply not.
          2: This Chandra has probably the most interesting card draw out of all planswalkers! id even say its better than any + Jace draw as you can play the spell for free! Her + is ping both player and creature AND it removes the problem creature for the turn.

          Chandra WILL do something weather thats card advantage or ping sudo removal for the turn ALWAYS she doesnt require other cards and her 4 loyalty means its mizzium mortars or nothing and mortars is still useless if you ping first :P

          • Zander1314

            Mortars says target creature you don’t control so chandra is safe

          • Sean Mclorie

            mortars cant hit walkers anyhow >:)

          • Kevan Kramer

            She doesnt allow you to play any card for free. You still have to pay for it. Also Mortars only hits creatures.

          • Jordan

            her ult says right there on the card you dont have to pay for the mana costs. you can’t cast the spell you pick, but it copies it 3 times and those copies are free….

          • Zombie

            3 things:

            1. Garruk, Caller of Beasts is entirely playable and is already in the process of being brainstormed into several competitive Midrange builds. So, you’re wrong.

            2. This Chandra does NOT have the best card draw out of all of the Planeswalkers. While digging 1 card deeper is fantastic, you’re ignoring the fact that Tamiyo, both Garruks, JAoT, and Domri all have better deck filtering than Chandra, Pyromaster. Strike two.

            Lastly, Mizzium Mortars can not target Planeswalkers or Players, as in both its normal ability and Overload, it only affects creatures. Strike three, you’re outta here.

          • Jordan

            cept domri does not have better draw than this chandra…. her 0 allows you to play any spell that comes up. domri’s only puts it in your hand if it’s a creature. if it’s anything else, you just revealed a card to your opponent for no reason and they can plan accordingly. Tamiyo’s is draw, not filtering. Same for Garruks unless you’re talking about relentless’ ability to tutor for a creature, and that’s still not filtering but the card advantage is better. And let’s face it, nobody drops a 5cc tamiyo just to draw cards because you’re likely dead the next turn and without mana.

          • Jordan

            and none of those planeswalkers keep other planeswalkers in check as good as chandra does. and if you’re control, and have her gauntlet, you’re pinging a planeswalker for 3 a turn plus keeping their creature in check at the same time.

          • Zombie

            You bringing that artifact into this already tells me you frequent the kitchen table more than an Open/ Invitational one.

            I don’t expect to ever play against Pyromancer’s Gauntlet, unless I’m in a Draft. Mostly because I trust people to know what a bad card is.

          • Jordan

            Sorry try again. I have multiple top 8s in SCG IQ’s and rarely play kitchen magic unless it’s EDH. Other than that, it’s theorycrafting and tournie practice.

          • Jordan

            In fact, if you want evidence, you can look on SCgames website for their standard decklists on the right hand side, look for columbus and you’ll see me a few times.

          • Zombie

            > “Top 8’s multiple Invitationals/Qualifiers”

            > Thinks Pyromancer’s Gauntlet is playable

            Man, if enough people think this way nowadays, maybe I should return to the competitive scene. I could just netdeck my way to a PTQ.

            Not to mention you not even knowing Domri doesn’t force you to reveal the card. Competitive players sure are the cream of the crop today.

          • Zombie

            -Considering you only play Domri Rade in decks with a massive amount of Creatures, Domri +1’s himself to more than likely draw you a card. Most of my RG or RGW decks that use Domri have about 4-9 non-creature spells. It’s extremely hard not to brick on land or NCS’s with Domri’s +1.

            -Also, you don’t reveal the card with Domri unless it’s a creature you’re going to put into your hand. Readcardsplease.

            -Cantrips (Draw effects) are deck filtering, whether you like it or not.

            -If you think people don’t play Tamiyo to draw cards, maybe you should rewatch Alexander Hayne play Tamiyo while he wins Pro Tour Avacyn Restored.

          • Jordan

            you’re referencing a tournie that happened 8 months ago? in a meta that has changed a hundred times since then…

          • Zombie

            More or less referencing it because it’s a perfect example of how Tamiyo operates in a control shell. You tap things down to draw cards and accelerate your advantage.

            Not drawing cards with Tamiyo at all is stupid. It’s the reason she’s even played at all. She wouldn’t see play at all if she didn’t have a draw mechanic.

          • Loiden Mc Leroy

            You have no idea what you are talking about.
            Garruk can re-do your hand, put the Wurm’s onto the field, and also have huge creature thing.
            You said all planeswalkers. In standard Domri beats her alone. Out of standard walkers? Maybe that one from World Wake? The one called Jace the Mind Sculptor… Yeah.
            Also Mortars can’t target players.

  • Benjamin

    0 is serious value, and foreseeing a potential ponder reprint to make her even more playable.

    Please wizards. Throw a control player a ponder-shaped bone in theros ^_^

  • Jordan

    I’m on the ropes about this one. It’s good. 4 loyalty for 4 mana is good. The +1 isn’t bad at all actually. You can ping planeswalkers to keep them in check, and kill a 1 toughness creature at the same time. Or make it so their one good creature can’t block you at all. There’s lots of versatility there. Her 0 can be really good if you build for it. It’s decent if you don’t. Though the idea that you can play a land off the top of your deck sounds good. As well as a creature. It’s kinda like Domri Rades +1 in that aspect. Her ult can be freaking retarded good. I love the idea of killing a creature in standard, then ulting her for 3 Brimstone Volley off the top of my head. I’m sure there are more uses.

    • Zombie

      You don’t need to build for her +0. It’s a filter engine that you use to draw an extra card every turn, because you’re going to +0 before you play anything every turn like a smart person. It doesn’t say you can only play a specific card type. You exile a card, and you can play it. It is an AMAZING ability. She’s going to be a 1 of at minimum in my Naya Narnia build come M14. +1 to clear the way for Thundermaw Hellkite a second time, +0 to filter for bomb creatures to play instead of the land I drew, on top of filtering with Domri Rade… And then there’s Creaturespammer McValuetown Garruk, Caller of Beasts. Red and Green are getting some love.

      I’m seriously considering her as the Liliana of the Veil “slot equivalent” in Naya right now. Her potential is huge.

      • Jordan

        Oh I agree, hence why I said the +0 is like a domri rade style, but slightly better. However, if you don’t build for it, you’re still shooting in the dark.

  • Zombie

    Oh, hello Chandra. Meet my Grixis control deck. Grixis control, meet Chandra. I’m sure you two will get along together nicely.

  • Riku

    This will run well in my Riku EDH :D due to the fact it is a replicate engine along with a have fun with top decking

  • Zombie

    Imagine running this Chandra in a Blasphemous Act build. Boros Reckoner, -7, hit Blasphemous Act, Boros Charm the Reckoner, gg no re.

    • ThatTechnicalGay

      With all three acts on the stack, the first one will resolve, kill the reckoner and then the next one, and then the next. First step is to make the dude indestructible, THEN you’ll have some fun. Other than that, 3 acts will only ever be needed to kill creatures with toughness 27-39

      • Zombie

        You do realize that playing the Boros Charm before the Blasphemous Acts go on the stack means it resolves last, right? You -7 Chandra, you hit Blasphemous Act, the copies go on the stack, you play Boros Charm, Boros Charm resolves first, your Boros Reckoner is hit with 39 damage and you direct it all at your opponent’s face.

        Please learn how the stack works.

        • Sean Mclorie

          knit picking i see im sure hes aware of lifo

        • random

          Yes, let the hate flow through you.

          • Zombie

            Let the post necro’ing flow through you.

  • Kevan Kramer

    She is even better with her new artifact.

    • Zombie

      To bad it costs 5 and will never see competitive play because it’s too slow.

      • LeonFA

        I would challenge that. It brings the power level of her +1 to that of landfall Searing Blaze with the perk of locking down a blocker. Each turn. Walkers are at their best when they can protect themselves and give you boosts each turn to give you the leg up. And with 3 damage pings at both players/walkers and a creature each turn, I’m confident that the combo could be used. Plus it works with Ral, Flames of the Firebrand, Mortars, and Electrickery some really nice value on burning out creatures. Its not insanely good, as 5 Mana is a lot to sink into it. But I don’t think you should write it off just yet.

        And I agree with you on your above posts about not needing to build for her +0 and that her Ultimate is not the reason to use her. She’s definitely the best Chandra so far.

        • Kevan Kramer

          actually it turn her +1 into a punish the enemy and mugging together

          • Zombie

            Actually, it turns her +1 into a Mugging that deals 3 for a mana cost of 7RR. I repeat, a slightly better Mugging for 9 mana over 2 turns. It’s extremely inefficient and the slow speed does not fit with any competitive Red Deck in Standard, Modern, or Legacy. It’s a casual/EDH card at best, and not even my friends who are strictly Casual want this card.

          • Jordan

            cept that you wouldn’t play her gauntlet in an agro or even midrange deck. that artifact is solely control. You know how good that makes a bonfire in hand? a rolling temblor? an electrickery for 3 damage at 2 mana? flames of the firebrand?

          • Zombie

            It makes them worse, considering how much tempo you lost because you decided to play a 5 mana artifact that doesn’t do anything the turn you play it.

          • Jordan

            the same can be said for many things that cost 5…. yet people still play them. You don’t have to drop it on turn 5 unless you feel comfortable with the turn. You play it when you can successfully use it or defend yourself when you have board control. This is just more control and helps you to lock down the board from a previous state. Without it, you can be 50% sure to have control but this up’s that by a lot more, and still gives card advantage when you dont need to cast as many cards to do whatever it is you need to do.

          • Zombie

            If I ever see someone play Pyromancer’s Gauntlet while I’m playing Jund, Golgari, or Junk, I’m just going to Putrefy it before I kill them just to prove a point.

        • Zombie

          Sure, it does things. But you could be doing better things for 5 mana, like Thundermaw Hellkite, burn spells, doing something other than playing a terrible artifact, etc.

  • CodyGozRawr

    -7… Time Warp… trololololol

    • Zombie

      You might as well just play Ral Zarek if you want to Time Walk a bunch.


    WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A PLAYABLE CHANRDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S BEEN TOOOOOOOOOO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt Stone

    Got to love that 0 ability.

  • selesnyaWarden

    OK this version was tweaked up to 4 converted mana cost for a healthy playable standard enviroment, that :0 ability is interesting, and she seems to tick up safely, I have a strange feeling about this Chandra. It might be my imagination but I think this isn’t the only Chandra we will see this year. I don’t want to say that we might see a new version for Theros, but for a moment that’s what I felt, Oh and by the way,,, SHE IS VERY CUTE IN THAT ART AND ALL, BEST CHANDRA ART EVER, she was the very first planeswalker I opened back in lorwyn ;)

  • I’m Mad

    come on wizards make a playable Chandra