• Kameenook

    Wow just wow, not only would it be an 0/1 mana dork, but it would grow bigger hopefully by the time you don’t need the mana you have the decently sized body of a 3/4. Not to mention whatever -1/-1 counter synergies you have going on. seems better than servant of the conduit to me, even though this one is much harder to keep producing mana. Biggest downside I’m seeing is that late in the game when you don’t need the mana and the 3/4 would be nice is when you topdeck this, it takes some time before it actually does things. Very good overall though I think, I really think this will be heavily played in standard.

  • Together Alone

    Oh my jeebus, this plus croc of the crossing is sooo good. 5/4 hasty croc on turn 3

  • Kaiser

    i love the art, just too much bolas

  • Absinthman

    Turn 1: Sacred Cat
    Turn 2: You have a 3/4 and a cat in the bin for later

    Edit: Just saw the Exemplar, so make it a 4/4…

  • Soren Szilver

    melira has new friends!

  • Random Guy


  • Toise

    Weak versus Skyship Plunderer :)

  • BobbyZilch

    All these green creatures entering with -1 counters, my Melira edh deck is gonna get crazy

    • Jacob Anderson

      Would you even be able to play these cards if Melira is out?

      • Zombie


        The -1/-1 counters aren’t a part of the casting effect, its an ETB trigger that happens once it’s already in play. Melira would just say no and the trigger does nothing. You target your creatures, melira says they can’t get -1-1 counters, so nothing happens.

      • Happy The Cat

        yes but it would just be a vanilla 3/4 for 2.
        you lose the bird of paradise effect for a beat stick, it’s no persist but it could be worse.

  • Cynical Bastards

    wow, love the new direction they’re going with -1/-1 counters.

  • Zombie

    Oh look, another ridiculously pushed & undercosted Green rare for Standard, Wizards set design in current year is so interesting.

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      I’m sorry, but that’s what green does. Green has big things for low prices, but few ways to remove things, excluding artifacts and enchantments. This is a normal green card. Also, if you’re complaining about the design of this card, using -1/-1 counters as a resource is genius.

      • Zombie

        That’s what green does now, yes.

        The color pie used to be much more balanced.

        • Jalais

          I would say more homogeneous.

  • chad

    oh look…another amazing target for fatal push!!!

  • kmk888

    NUTS mana dork. Standard is going to see a loooot of this one.

  • Fancyfox42

    Combo with necrotic ooze and devoted druid

  • Nick Art

    I think it’s not quite as good as everyone is making it out to be. Like sure, once it’s done being a mana dork it’s strong for the cost, but at that point you’re likely at mid-game and 3/4 is pretty average at that point. It’s far from bad, but it’s not exactly a optimal card. It has no point where it’s better then the rest, but it stays on par at all points of the game (except late, I mean god help you if you top-deck a mana dork late game anyway, but this one has 0 power which is especially problematic against the aggro deck ready to finish it).

  • Solarstorm flare

    sorry, I’m relatively new, how is this card good?/supposed to be used?