• Joshua Howse-Stuart


    • CSStrowbridge

      Just a guess…

      1.) It costs 1 less per instant and sorcery in your graveyard.
      2.) Prowess.
      3.) When it enters the battlefield, discard your hand and draw three cards.

      • João Carlos


    • Adam

      Bit rusty but here goes.
      Cost 1 less for each instant and sorcery in your graveyard.
      When it enters the battlefield, discard your hand, then draw 3 cards.

  • Troy Galloway

    Costs 1 less for each instant in your graveyard


    When it enters the battliefield, discard your hand and draw three cards

  • Sani

    What I’d quess is, costs 1 less for (not sure but) for each card type among cards in your graveyard, prowess and when etb discard your hand and draw three cards but I could be completely wrong. :D

    • Sani

      The name might be Chaos Fiend.

      • CSStrowbridge

        Folião is Portuguese for Merrymaker.

        • Sani

          Oh ok, I quessed about the opposite.

  • Jeff Cook

    Costs one less for each instant and sorcery in graveyard
    When he enters the battlefield discard ??? Frae the cards
    Sorry don’t knoe 1 word

  • Jeff Cook

    Frae the = draw three

  • GreyVulture

    What I can understand with my rudimental spanish is:

    “name” costs 1 less for every instant and sorcery card in your graveyard
    when “name” enters the battlefiels, discard your hand and draw 3 cards

    • GreyVulture

      Actually it’s portuguese, but they are similar enough

  • João Carlos

    Chaos reveler ( i believe): cost one less for each instant and sorcery in your graveyard; prowess; ETB, discard your hand and draw 3

  • Emmett Chan

    Looks like they’re REALLY pushing the instants and sorceries archetype. Wouldn’t be surprised if a good standard deck emerges from it.

  • Edward

    This card seems really good for late game. Maybe could even see some play in modern since it doesn’t die to Lightning Bolt or Abrupt Decay and it can be cast for 2. I think the prowess deck will come along nicely in standard

    • Zombie

      The problem with being in Modern is that there is a lot of stuff that eats Graveyards, on top of it only caring about instants and sorceries.

      And Burn already wins Turn 3 or 4, it doesn’t need something like this.

      • Edward

        Yeah I guess you are right. It will at least see standard play because it seems really good for the prowess deck. Maybe as a 2 of for late game

        • Zombie

          If there’s a spell-heavy deck playable in Standard, for sure.

          Its ability is almost too good not to see Standard play.

          Plus, Standard being a much slower format than Modern, it can get away with Chaos Reveler not always costing RR. It could manage 2RR easily and it would still be solid.

          • Edward

            I am thinking about building a Grixis hellbent-style deck for standard which should be able to get it out for RR every time. The deck will just cycle through as much as possible and win with Prized Amalgam, Lupine Prototype, and Geralf’s Masterpiece along with some burn.

  • Konan

    I love the art!
    And seems great in the red blue instants/sorceries deck.

    • Azerea97

      It could be good in R/U I/S decks but usually those decks run a good amount of card draw and unless they’re running madness, the discard is a bit detrimental, unless they swap some of the card draw out for this, but this card is a little slow for that. Although it will allow you to cycle your hand, you’ll usually lose some value. Also, that type of deck tends to just stop your opponent from playing stuff with most cards being 2 or 3 mana. In order to play this for the 2 mana, it would have to be around turn 6 or 7 at the earliest and with that type of deck, the game is usually over by then.

      It is a very strong card none the less, but I feel there are better options for the R/U I/S type deck. It will be really strong in a burn deck, especially if they have some madness in there.

  • David S. McCrae

    Um, I declare this card to be bananas. By the time you get around to casting it, your hand is either empty or near-empty. So you get a 3/4 with prowess that says “Draw 3 Cards”, for RR

  • Cullen Straut

    Seems really good.

  • xermaster123

    Going to see play in modern burn I reckon, very strong card

    • This is going nowhere near modern burn, by the time it’s cheap enough to cast the game is already over.

      • MrAptronym

        I am not certain it will see play, but this is a pretty dang good deal at 4 mana (4 I/S in graveyard) even in modern. I don’t know enough about burn to really say much about it, but I’d say this card is at least this card is good enough for modern… if there is a place in the right deck. Possibly some kind of control shell would be better? Even with the discard clause.

        • As a burn player, this card is too expensive, even at 4 mana and by the time that this is castable, you either already won or already lost.

          • Aleczander117

            You could use this card to help stop those losses, burn would love a draw 3 clause on a card that is actually playable and this card is. Not all burn decks would want it but it will likely see play in modern. I will be playing it in my delver deck it gives my deck just what I have been looking for, a way to win late game.

          • This card costs 3-4 on turn 4 or 5 and doesn’t deal damage the turn it enters or have evasion. This card doesn’t cost 1 and just draw 3 cards, it makes you discard your hand, which is likely to have some number of burn spells. This isn’t a case of /some/ burn decks not wanting to play it, /no/ burn deck wants this. There are decks that will likely test this card, this card may bring Delver back as a contender once again, but not likely. The deck that this is most likely to reinvigorate is actually Storm, which will only ever have to pay 2 for this.

      • xermaster123

        So long as it’s not in your opener it’s fine, you’re only going to be casting it when your hand is empty, if you were to play this as a two of it’d be fine. Burn has plenty of games it falls short, this would be bad for the turn 4 kill hands but otherwise…

        • This is bad for burn in general, read the other comments I have made and the points that Zombie made above. This is not a card for burn.

          • xermaster123

            I read them, I disagree, your arguments are too speculative. I would be fine playing this turn 5+ once I’ve run out of gas, I’d be fine playing it turn 4 after I’ve emptied the 4-6 burn spells I’m likely to have and cast it for 3 or 4 mana, you get a creature you can’t bolt, draws you 3 cards and has prowess to boot, I would play this over abbot of keral keep, but still, no more than a 2 of, this is terrible in multiples. Zombie makes some good points, and he’s accurately shown how it can be bad, but hasn’t addressed how it could be good, it may lead to people playing more burn and less zoo style decks, probably something like drop 4 nactl add 2 of this and 2 burn spells. Burn games quite often go long, they end around turn 4-5 if your opponent doesn’t interact with you but if they spell snare a thing and kill a goblin guide the game is likely to go long. It might just see play in the board against decks you’re more likely to go long against, but it’s still viable.

          • From your points I’m going to guess that you don’t play burn often, if at all. I have been playing burn nonstop for over a year without Navatl and wouldn’t play this even if I was payed to. It doesn’t do what burn wants. If the game is going past turn 4 the game is eitjer in the bag or is nowhere near winnable. This card does have its merits and could see play in modern, but not in burn, even as a 2 of. And to address something from your previous comment, if you are playing a card that is generally bad in your opener and isn’t a combo piece it shouldn’t be in your deck. While burn has been said to be a “pseudo combo deck”, it isn’t enough of one to warrant a card that makes a hand unplayable with it in an opener or as the first draw of a game. Now, before someone tries to undermine what I’m saying, this is the case for cards that are bad in openers /generally/, going in blind, the same is not true for cards like searing blaze which has a couple of bad matchups and not good to draw in some.

  • Hi2ukindsir

    This card seems super good. Burn deck that runs out of gas just spent 2 mana to draw 3 cards and put a 3/4 Prowess into play.

    • Zombie

      More like, Burn deck that ran out of gas just got Relic of Progenitus’ed and now has a dead CMC 8 card in its hand.

      • Stitcher Geralf

        If it gets to that, just pitch it to Nahiri’s Wrath. Becomes useful again.

        • Zombie

          Nahiri’s Wrath isn’t Modern playable in the slightest, when would it ever be in the same game as Relic?

  • Eric

    Could be interesting with Thing In the Ice

  • Azerea97

    I really like this card, though I feel it is a little too expensive for burn or R/U I/S decks. If it just costed 1 less, this card would be insanely good. With you having to have 6 I/S cards in your graveyard for it to cost 2, the game will usually be over by then if you’re playing that type of deck. It’s still a very good 3 or 4 drop, but still requires it to be played a little too late in the game.

  • Capn

    Revealing this with Sin Prodder is kind of like playing Browbeat.

  • Zombie

    I see a bunch of people going crazy over this potentially being in a burn deck, but I’m thinking it’s more of a sideboard card for Burn if anything against Control decks or midrange decks that supplement with lifegain effects. Even then, I don’t think this is that good.

    The problem Burn has with this is the only way it’s going to cost RR is if you’re playing a very long game. And when games go long, Burn loses.

    Not only should your opponent already be dead with 6 burn spells in the graveyard, but you’re also forgetting that Burn decks have hefty creature-bases as well now.

    Wild Nacatl, Goblin Guide, Monastery Swiftspear, Eidolon of the Great Revel, and Grim Lavamancer all occupy burn decks in Modern nowadays. Standard builds run those creatures 4-4-4-4-2. That’s 18 cards on average that won’t contribute to Chaos Reveler’s cost reduction.

    You also have to take into account Grim Lavamancer eating 2 cards from your graveyard, which is often a very relevant ability the Burn decks lean on in both Modern AND Legacy, providing the deck with both added consistency and reach extension.

    Finally, you also have to consider what Burn decks would be losing to play this card.

    This card is going to face the exact same problem I told all of you that Sin Prodder would face, despite you guys saying it too would be crazy in Modern. You have to always consider with new cards that cards already in the deck have to first come out to be replaced. And Sin Prodder saw no play whatsoever outside of a single janky Jund list in Modern that placed 8th and didn’t even rely on Sin Prodder to win its games.

    What would a Burn deck want to give up to play Chaos Reveler instead? Of course Burn would drop Eidolon of the Great Revel or Searing Blaze in a heart beat if Chaos Reveler was almost always a 3/4 + Draw 3 for RR, but it’s just simply not going to be that cheap or efficient every game.

    The potential power of this creature is huge, yes, I’m not denying that. But this is a card designed to refill your hand and give you a body late in the game, it’s not an engine like Treasure Cruise was.

    The reason Treasure Cruise was so effective was that it ate any 7 cards in your graveyard, which was extremely easy to do early on in the game in Burn because of Fetch Lands and your creatures dying. Chaos Reveler relies on those 6 cards being only instants and sorceries alone, and relies on them staying in your graveyard.

    You also have to keep in mind Graveyard hate absolutely ruining this card. A single activation of Relic of Progenitus turns this card from a value-monster into dead weight in your hand.


    In conclusion, don’t get that hype over this. Potentially casting a 3/4 Draw 3 for RR is amazing potential, but it’s going to be extremely hard to pull it off consistently, let alone reliably.


    Also, I would like to point out that this is Eldritch Moon’s horror-fied Sin Prodder.

    • RDW

      Guess you’ve never heard of Delver.

      • Zombie

        Delver isn’t particularly good in Modern atm.

        It’s been a Tier 2-3 build for roughly a year at this point, occasionally abusing some weird metas.

  • sartaglo

    The July 6, 2016 update article states this card is named “Bedlam Reveler.”

  • Jaya

    This is an amazing new weapon for burn tatics, very powerfull, just give it some thought and understand why.

  • kmk888

    Sweet card, very nice. Where it fits into specific formats is not immediately clear though.

    For Standard we will probably need a cheap instant or sorcery that consistently puts other instants and sorceries in the grave. Think like Thought Scour. I like the idea of a deck with Jace, Curious Humunculus, and this.

    For Modern you need to recognize that this is too late to fill a role in Burn. If they’ve dumped that many cards, they should have won. However it seems playable in a deck like UR or Grixis Delver. It definitely has the power level needed to see play, it’s just not clear how to build around it.

  • Walter Sharpless

    This has to be one of the most disappointing spoiled cards for me… With Assembled Alphas at 117 and this at 118 that means there is no Chandra in this set =( Chan comes before Chao and after Asse… But with Collective Defiance at 123 that means there are 4 cards that fall between Chao and Coll…

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      There was already six walkers, which is 1 more than a set usually has. Plus, she was printed in Oath, and will definitely see a printing on her home plane of Kaladesh


    Oh, maybe i finally get to make a modern Deck like this:
    4x Thing in the Ice
    3x Chaos Reveler

    4x Gitaxian Probe
    4x Serum Visions
    4x Remand
    4x Lightning Bolt
    3x Ancestral Vision
    4x Spell Snare
    4x Mana Leak
    4x Cryptic Command

    Is it blasphemy that i don’t initially include 4 Snapcaster Mages in this list? ^^ On to the brewing/playtesting cave!

    • Insight66

      Snapcaster was a mistake.

      • Robert FakeLastName

        card design or inclusion in this list?

    • Robert FakeLastName

      Snap definitely is a required 4 of in this deck as is delver. With only 38 spells I could see increasing that amount. 18 lands should be fine with all the cantrips. I can see removing thing all together. Thing belongs in a burn focused deck. Some number of young pyromancer should do this deck well. Food for thought.