• Samuel

    limited treasure

    • Kahai

      I want to draft 10 of them. xD

  • ashenmoor

    F**k burn, right?

  • Elijah Bones Stewart

    What the christ? Every set. Unless this has some amazing synergy with other cards in the set for limited, why bother? It’s not even an instant.

  • Hedronal

    While dedicated life spells are usually traps, at least this one is cheap and moderately big about it.

  • Samuel

    also laughing cause someone somewhere is gonna draft 4 of these and just laugh

    • Happy The Cat

      calling 6 of these in my sealed, I’ll run them and win by deck out every time ;)

  • Zombie

    Stop trying to make life gain spells a thing, it’s not gonna happen.

    The only time life gain spells work are when you push them so unbelievably far they end up being bonkers to the point of lunacy, a perfect example being Feed the Clans.