• Xero

    Seems Wizards hates Ravnica. Return to Ravnica was disappointing. Only four notable cards: Deathrite Shaman, Supreme Verdict, Boros Reckoner, and Voice of Resurgence. The other good cards are the shocks and they’re reprints. And then they do From the Vault: Twenty, twenty of the most iconic cards throughout the years, and they put Char in. Char? Really? I mean, it’s not baaad, per se, but I mean come on. Lightning Helix would have been really cool, if you wanted a burn spell.

    • Ludicolo

      >it’s not competitive so it’s not good
      Damn it Spike, do you even edh?
      Isperia, Supreme Judge
      Deadbridge Chant20 legendary creatures
      Worlspine Wurm
      Extort and Overload
      Collective Blessing
      Chromatic Lantern
      Progenitor Mimic

      The list goes on, and on, and on…

      But I do agree it should have been something like Lighning Helix.

  • Ben Meszaros

    Why not Lightning Helix with new art? :(