• Communist_Bear

    Yeah ! A big dicynodont ! I love it ; i might even play it… Maybe

  • Amaranto_cristal

    Double trample on player !

  • Tolle

    Ugh, I hate double damage and trample together, people always get so confused… -_-

    • Blahblahblahbla

      Don’t be such a.. CRYCERATOPS.

      • That Guy


        I wanted to say kys, but I’m reformed so instead I’ll give your comment a like.

        • Shagoth

          That Guy doesn’t hold grudges, he runs down and impales them.

      • Tolle


      • mehngo


    • Hedronal

      Deals regular damage to blockers, the remainder is doubled. What’s not to get?

      • Tolle

        I don’t know, but somehow people find a way to not understand it.