• Sam Marshall

    Don’t hurt the baby dino. Bad things happen when you kick baby dinosaurs.

  • DJ Pad

    Nice flavour

  • Jalais

    Mamma’s maaaad.


    The ability is mostly meaningless.
    No one is going to kill a dinosaur baby when the art is so cute.

  • Thomas Porter

    That’s a lot of words for an ability that’s going to be relevant very rarely

  • Alexandre Donnart

    Chumpblock a guy, play an instant-speed beast, fight. I like the idea.

  • Jay Kilian

  • MrFacehug

    Block a first-striker, flash in Ripjaw Raptor before regular damage, fight a guy and draw a card from enrage. Then orgasm.

  • Daniel Walsh

    Aka ” If you mess with me ima have my ma or pa mess you up.”

  • Oscar

    This is just a flavour home run… and an exciting card to play as well.

  • Tezzybros


  • Rodiqio

    That is the cutest and saddest effect I’ve ever seen