• Shagoth

    Green boarder with the red highlights in the art looks so ugly.

    • ningyouNK

      I’m a huge fan personally, green and red are complementary colours, it really creates a sense of unease! ^^

      • Shagoth

        I don’t like it because these boarders already have so many other colors.

        • Zombie

          I don’t like the borders period.

          • Shagoth

            True. This one looks particularly ugly IMO.

  • The Invocations in this set really have a “blue can go to hell” vibe between this and Blood Moon. =P

    • jaya

      This still gets countered, and as far as i know theres no normal way to make enchantments uncounterable, blue still best color in you can relax. And prob wont ever give its throne away.

      • You don’t need to render everything you want to use uncounterable to fight blue decks. o_0

        1. Deal with some of your cards being countered because likely not all of them will be.

        2. Bait out counters with bluffs or make it so they think you have something worse waiting so they’ll want to save them.

        3. Let them use their mana first, and leave enough mana untapped if they’re running the kinds of counterspells you can pay extra to bypass.

        4. Run cards that let you recover cards from your graveyard to bypass the counterspell.