• Background Character

    wow this card seems really good, or I am just easily amazed.

  • Bige Boiy

    it’s like postmortem lunge but you get to keep your death’s shadow

  • Turtle

    Cast claim to return snapcaster to flashback claim to reanimate death shadow

    • Mov

      Yeah but is it worth it for a vanilla 2 1? Why not just reanimate the shadow and skip a step?

      • Marvin Sürig

        Plus you could just exil the spell and give Shadow haste to hit your opponent directly when they least expect it ;)

  • Cynical Bastards

    11/10 best card in the entire set easy

    • Zombie

      Not exactly a bar that was set high, though

  • TomGalonska

    Not playable in standard, but modern? Goyf, Shadow, Snapcaster, Bob, the list of good 1- and 2-drops is long.

  • Andrew Cullen

    For an uncommon, jsut the claim part feels really strong, not sure about fame, but claim feels amazing

    • Marvin Sürig

      Fame is a good Bonus if you want to attack directly with the creature you just returned. Death Shadow can return and directly attack. You can summon goyf and attack directly.
      You could even use it in some Grixis deck to activate younger Pyromancer two times while returning Snap Caster Mage casting another spell again producing three 1/1 elementals and hit with a 4/1 Haste.

  • LetsGetReal

    Claim.. to?? fame???

  • Keith Chi Kin Cheng

    Even just Claim is good enough

  • kmk888

    I want to play this in Standard, but it’s application is definitely going to be more relevant in Modern. This card is crazy good.

  • Dave

    Finally something in-colour that Goblin Darkwellers can hit.

    • Ke

      Darkwellers rotate out

      • Dave

        No, they don’t. They’ll rotate out with Ixalan. There’s no rotation during blocks, never was afaik.

  • Shagoth

    Oh, slightly worse Unearth in modern, that’s cool. Seriously, this will see some play.
    Speaking of which, I’m bothered that the Deserts are the only cycled cards we’ve seen so far. I want the cycling in this set to push it to tier and make Living End banned!

  • galen150

    this seems pretty good. bring back something like glory bound innitiate then make it a 6/4 haste lifelink. can anyone else think of any good targets for claim?

    • esnneu

      grim flayer. delirium decks wouldn’t mind playing this just to get around fatal push. even if your not in red, the possibility of playing a grim flayer for one mana is extremely enticing.

  • Nebulium

    Wow, I never expected wotc to make an almost unearthed again. Especially with what you can get for 2 mana nowadays.

    • Bostorket

      Uncle Snappy and his three twin brothers will be quite pleased.

      • Friedrich

        And Daddy Goyfi and his father oozie and their son Bob.

        • Shagoth

          Naw, ooze is the last generation. I mean, a son of Tarmogoyf would look even more blobby than him.

  • Fred Weasley

    I welcome any reanimation spell, especially ones with no drawback other than it’s sorcery, but then again so are most reanimation spells.

  • I’m having a little bit of a silly moment that the Black/Red double spell is called something as non… you know non-poison swamp gas and
    scorched earth… as “Claim to Fame”.

    I feel even more like this block is the start of Wizards at least trying to think beyond the obvious in terms of creating stuff out of black and maybe black/red, just like with them theming the black god after ambition instead of their usual straight “parasitism” junk.

  • Tavis Carrillo

    I could see as a one of in death’s shadow.

    • Zombie

      Replacing what? The token Temur Battle Rage?

      Fat chance.

      Esper Shadow already has Orzhov Charm, Jund Shadow has Temur Battle Rage, etc.

      Nothing worth taking out for this, though it is neat.

      • Tavis Carrillo

        Actually, The most successful version, Grixis Being a midrange archetype, It’d be fairly easy to find a flex slot for this

        • Zombie

          Grixis is not the most successful, only the most recent interpretation (read: flavor of the month).

          And it still drops literally nothing for this.

          Stubborn Denial? Serum Visions? Thoughtseize? Inquisition? Terminate? Push? Scour?

          No. None of it.

          And for the record, all Shadow variants are Tier 0. They’ll just interchange with a given meta.

          Grixis’ “flex” slots are basically Gurmag Angler and…. nothing else.

          And there’s no point in running a token Angler.

          • Tavis Carrillo

            Wrong. The jund and esper versions have been all but abandoned. Not arguing about how bad or good the deck is. But this I know. GP vegas is evidence of this

          • Zombie

            Yeah, in favor of Grixis.

            Jund, Abzan, and Esper were all played before.

            And, as the meta shifted, Grixis became the new flavor.

            That neither invalidates the incredible successes of the previous Shadow iterations, nor does it mean the other variants aren’t Tier 0 builds.

            Any Shadow variant can take a tournament. Abzan, Esper, Jund, Grixis, it doesn’t matter. The backbone is Shadow and the different styles that support it let Shadow carry the deck for the wins.

            Grixis is not “the most successful”. It’s just the newest variant. It’s just as good as the previous variants in this particular meta.

            And that still doesn’t change that adding a singleton Claim/Fame can only be achieved by dropping Gurmag Angler.

            Which the deck won’t do.

            E: I’d like to chime back in again on this with an edit.

            I don’t think Claim//Fame would be unplayable in Grixis DS. My problem is that lists are tuned enough to where, yes Claim//Fame his DS, it his Snap, it’s relevant — BUT, you always have to keep in mind, introducing new cards requires you to remove old ones.

            If Death’s Shadow remains unbanned (which it shouldn’t), then Grixis might pick up Claim//Fame until it realizes that there’s just no reason to play it as a singleton copy since it messes with the numbers of everything else.

            Claim//Fame’s issue here isn’t that it’s bad in Grixis Delver, it’s that Grixis Delver already wants to keep everything it has in the main 60. Dropping a single Angler for Claim//Fame makes your single remaining Angler pretty much garbage. There’s only one copy, Claim doesn’t hit it, and it just makes the deck’s late game (if it makes it there) that much more reliant on Tasigur (who also isn’t hit by Claim).

            IMHO, Grixis DS would need to figure out how to restructure its main 60 in order to play without Gurmag Angler so it could run Claim//Fame. And it might not even be worth it.