• MrAptronym

    I am not sure, but I think this might be pretty useful? Eldrazi cards tend to be win conditons, and keeping a win condition in the sideboard for safe keeping is a good idea for some decks. i can’t say for sure this will be used but I just have a feeling it might.

    Great way to depict Nahiri’s calling though.

    • Happy The Cat

      but when would you not be better off just having the spell in your deck that you would wish in? the other wishes are much more flexible and can fetch anything from cheap removal to win conditions while this is stuck fetching huge creatures that you could hve just ran anyway or fetching small creatures who then lose their Zoo-like value.

      • Asghaad

        utility creatures …
        there are eldrazi that mill hands counterpell, lower the cost of summoning or provide mana dork. Thats what is meant by utility, not just pulling Titans to hand which most of the time is useless, but pulling utility eldrazi that you might not need all the time from the sideboard.

        • Happy The Cat

          utility creatures get value for being cheap, plus anything this can get must be sitting in your sideboard, just how much of your sideboard are you willing to sacrifice for this? mana dorks costing six to eight mana are bad so you aren’t going to waste time with that. sure Nullifier is pretty good but even if the seven mana can be split up doesn’t change the fact that you reveal the card at sorcery speed, meaning they know that you have it and will bait it or wait it out. plus everything you have this fetching can not be in your deck, meaning you will not have your playsets in your deck.

          • Chaospyke

            Keep in mind this doesn’t only fetch but retrieves from exile. 3 Mana is a small price to pay if you opponent just Dec in Stone or Anguished your reality smasher. If I’m using this card for retrival, It’d be specifically for one of’s in side-board.

  • Aleczander117

    does the card you chose have to be legal in the set you are playing in?

    • Chaospyke

      Well in a ranked match, cards you own that are outside the game must be in the sideboard

      • Aleczander117


    • iml3390

      yes, wizards has ruled that anytime a card says from outside the game it means your sideboard

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    hello, eldrazi toolbox sideboard

  • Chaospyke

    I can’t say this is an amazing card, but it has super potential.
    You can put any of the titans in sideboard and bring them in once you have enough mana, or get back one the things your opponent exiled.

  • graymalkin86

    Mostly useless in EDH, unless you okay the optional side/wishboard rules with your playgroup. Beyond that, all it can really do in EDH is grab back Ulamogs after your opponents Path or Swords them, and that’s so niche, I’m…at a loss to come up with an appropriate metaphor.

    • free the eternal

      in casual events you can pull from your whole collection.

  • Dewill

    What exactly did Nahiri do to make Emrakul so interested in Innistrad? What did she do/promise/say/sacrifice to be able to coax a Titan from what it was doing somewhere far in the blind eternities to want to go to Innistrad?

    • Ten-K

      she crafted the cryptoliths to funnel innistrads mana into the drownyard in nephalia, effectively creating a massive beacon of mana.

      • Dewill

        so it was just the allure of one highly concentrated spot of mana? Why would that entice Emrakul? And yes i know all about the cryptoliths

        • disqus_A12YL8TXnr

          Because Eldrazi are almost entirely, if not entirely, driven by hunger for mana, creating such a large beacon of mana would easily draw a titan to a specific place. Think of Emrakul as someone starving and Innistrad as an all you can eat buffet.

    • MTG fan

      The cryptoliths Nahiri made redirected the plane’s mana to one place, attracting Emrakul’s attention. Once Avacyn died, Emrakul could finally enter the plane since it had no more protection.

    • Melissa Juice

      The Blind Eternities isn’t “far.” It isn’t anywhere. It’s “between” reality.

  • Samuel

    so Pull from Existence changed colors, costs 2 more to cast, limited itself to eldrazi, and gained wish status as well as returned to hand instead of graveyard. as a re animator player, I’ll stick with Pull

    • Considering that they are completely different cards, sounds like a good call.

    • Matt86

      So, Froce of Will now costs 3 Mana, is a sorcery, and instead of the counter thingy, has that effect about wish-tutoring eldrazi. I guess as a blue control player, I’ll stick with Force of Will.

      Seriously, dude, what does Pull from Existence have to do with this?

      • Samuel

        returns from exile

  • Happy The Cat

    it’s like Spawnsire but worse, maybe it can let you run six copies of a win con but in most cases this falls way short of all the other wishes because it can’t fetch removal that costs less than 7. the big selling point of wishes is that they are super flexible, this isn’t flexable

    • Ashenmoor

      it’s not even like this can fetch the eldrazi that broke modern

      • Happy The Cat

        if this was fetch or from exile I’d love it, you’d get to keep all copies of cards you need in your deck and not have to sacrifice part of your sideboard

  • Dylan Dougherty

    My EDH group uses alot of exile instead of destroy or tuck effects so seeing this made me cry a little inside since all of my answers to my friends mutliple eldrazi decks are now almost useless. Combine this with something like charmbreaker devils that brings instants/sorceries back and something that can search through your deck (bring to light/mystical tutor) for it and you’ll never be able to make an exile stick.

    • free the eternal

      You cant wish for exiled cards they are still considered in the game. So your exile will stick.

      • Break

        read the card again mate

        • free the eteranl

          oh yeah that’s cool little extra effect. Thanks

  • free the eternal

    It seem there is a lot of confusion about this card.

    This does not return exiled cards, they are still in the game. In a sanctioned event you can only wish for cards in your sideboard. In a non sanction game you can wish for any card in your collection that’s not in the game. A ante card, phased card, and a exiled card are in the game.

    • free the eternal

      My mistake didn’t read card fully. It’s specifically says exile also. Sorry

  • Zombie

    “At Nahiri’s Call”

    Methinks Nahiri is drawing Emrakul to Innistrad to try and kill her/imprison her again.

    • Chaospyke

      Well her last card was Nahiri, the Harbinger, so very much yes she was bringing Emrakul to Innistrad, but it would appear that she’s doing so out of vengeance since Sorin imprisoned her and, as far as she knows, destroyed Zendikar.

      • Matt Crawford

        Exactly! She is pissed about Sorin not coming back to help seal the titans, so she decided to bring on to his home world and do a little eye for an eye.

      • Zombie

        That’s a pretty dumb storyline for Wizards to take.

        Sorin imprisons Nahiri because she’s gone off the deep end, Nahiri then wants to destroy an entire Plane for revenge.


        If that’s the case, then pile that on with Emrakul being the villain and you get the most boring possible outcome of the Innistrad reboot.

    • Kaiser

      Nahiri is the bad girl in this moment…she drawing Emrakul to innistrad to try to DESTROY innistrad

      • Zombie

        That doesn’t make sense. Nahiri is the Lithomancer that imprisoned the 3 Eldrazi Titans with Sorin and Ugin.

        She has no reason to use Emrakul as a weapon to destroy Innistrad.


    This card does NOT belong on Innistrad.

    • Jonathan Mueller

      Well, the flavor text tells you that at least the creature this spell is summoning does not belong on Innistrad :P
      But the spell, while unexpected, seems perfectly fitting story-wise.

      Looks like we’ll be getting a couple of other Eldrazi besides Emrakul, or else it will be the first unusable tutor in draft, lol.

      • SqiurePath

        Honestly, what I was getting from the trailer, I am expecting a lot of Eldrazi. It’s looking like Ms. Emrakul is infesting the locals, so I am putting money on Eldrazi Werewolves. As scary as that would be….

        • Jonathan Mueller

          »[…] I am putting money on Eldrazi Werewolves.«

          For one, the backside of a double-sided “Were-Drazi” card has already been spoiled now.

  • Tsarius

    If this was instant speed, I would say it’s a Modern auto-include for Not From This World shenanigans…but it’s not. Maybe with some other solid blue this will be very playable in standard as a mainboard way to get all your sideboard answers, but aside from that I’m not a big fan.

    • Marvin Sürig

      If we get good Tribal Eldrazi Instants and Sorcery it could be interesting.

      • MrAptronym

        We won’t be getting any more tribal spells at all.

  • Stinker289

    Watch Nahiri do all this to mess with Sorin and trap Emrakul in the moon.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    We do not need this in an Innistrad block… what the hell man we just went through this…

    • Derek Niles

      100% agree, what’s next, the phyrexians show up and fight the eldrazi? This feels like fanfiction

      • Hedronal

        More like either artifact-horror eldrazi next block, or they reach backward instead and make them dragons too.

    • Robert FakeLastName

      This is a product of bfz originally being intended for a 3 block set. Since they switched to 2 set blocks the development for that last set of the bfz product got merged with Innistrad to prevent waste of development time.

  • DJ Pad

    I wonder if this is good enough for Legacy (Sneak and show, omnitell, reanimator etc.). Probably not, since intuition is probably better in most circumstances.

    • Vizzerdrix

      where its a sorcery i dont think legacy would bother with it, i knew a guy who played omitell and he had cunning wish to tutor eladmari’s call which goes to grab emrakul which might have been a 1 of i dont remember, also he had other wish options in his sb. Also intuition does a lot of work where this doesnt do as much, modern if anything will have the most sucess with it you can tutor all is dust, an emrakul, either ulamog, whatever so itll have its uses in modern tron decks running blue. Honestly the biggest thing against it is being strictly eldrazi youll only really have 3 or 4 things where other wish cards give many many options or function as a 4-7 of a card like grapeshot in storm. this is honestly tutor all is dust for modern tron sometimes emrakul or ulamog to finish a game, unless something busted af is printed in this set

  • MrAptronym

    The first like five times I read this I skipped the exile bit in my mind. I do not like seeing that on cards at all, I’m of the opinion that exile should stay untouchable. Still in terms of usability it is a small positive addition. (I already think the card may be decent in the right niche)

  • Daniel Kaine Allen

    Now that wee know emrakul is coming I think its safe to assume (I haven’t read anything into the lore so if its already been spoiled I don’t know about it) that nahiri is responsible for avacyn’s corruption. After all, now that avacyn is gone, there isn’t a whole lot that can stand in emrakul’s way. Most of the angels don’t care about what happens to the humans.

    • Hedronal

      Nahiri and Emrakul maddened Avacyn, yes.

  • Daniel Scott

    this post was posted in the wrong place. Please ignore it and continue with your lives.

  • MTG fan

    Entomb Emrakul. Someone exiles her. Use this card. Smile devilishly. ;) $$$

  • Winter Trabex

    So Urzatron blue gets their own Living Wish? That doesn’t seem quite right.

  • Vizzerdrix

    Blue Tron gets to kinda run eye of ugin still, also let’s not forget all is dust, eldrazi conscription, not of this world are all tribal eldrazi, unfortunately this is sorcery so can’t really tutor not of this world to counter but still this is very strong

    • Jazzyboy1

      Eye of Ugin’s illegal in your sideboard too, so you can’t run it in Modern regardless…

      I did just think about All is Dust though. I run 2 All is Dusts atm. With this, I could run 4, and the 2 in my sideboard would be there in case I’m against a creature-heavy matchup. Or I could put all 4 in my sideboard.
      I would also put Newrakul and Newlamog in my sideboard, as currently, I would run them as 1 ofs. (or rather, atm, I run 1 New Kozilek(because it was cheap) and 1 Newlamog. With this, I could ditch New Kozilek, and run 1 Newlamog and 1 Newrakul. Might get an old Kozilek, but not sure if it’s worth it)

      It That Betrays might be a good card to sideboard for certain matchups too.

      It’s interesting that this card singlehandedly turns the sideboard into an extension of the deck rather than just a swap pile :P

  • Raznaak

    Ehh, right now it can only fetch Emrakul and that weird griffin, since all the other Eldrazi are the back face of double-faces cards and only the front face is counted while it’s not in play.

  • silumgar

    so when I go to the prerelease, can I sneak my It That Betrays in with it?

  • MrAptronym

    I am pretty sure they mean the type. they use the phrase “Tribal Eldrazi Instants and Sorcery”. not only is Tribal capitalized, but Coax could only possibly be relevant with a Tribal Instant or Sorcery. The way it is worded it cannot fetch a non-tribal one. The comment doesn’t make sense if they are using the other meaning.

  • Vizzerdrix

    If there was ever a set to print tribal cards its either innistrad or lorwyn and the later all ready has ontop of the fact that for no reason other than eye of ugin they brought back tribal exclusively for eldrazi and they can easily do it again. I almost want a corrupted cavern of souls that functions as a more balanced eye of ugin for modern as well