• Nathanael Lambert

    this card looks fake

    • Tolle

      Likely because its leaked not spoiled

      • TogetherAlone

        nah it was previewed in Magic Arena, new digital game coming for magic.

    • Benjamin Hilton

      It’s from the Magic the Gathering: Arena preview on twitch

      • Nathanael Lambert

        ah, ok. good, I was hoping that this was not a weird new style

  • Bobit

    dat name tho
    possible buff to tron and other non-dino decks

  • Shagoth

    Between this and the cradle, these callbacks are getting pretty on the nose.
    Also a dino exclusive cantrip, that’s going to make dinosaur actually really powerful.

  • MrAptronym

    This is the worst card name. Card looks good in dino tribal.

    • Daniel Scott

      Yea, seriously daft name, feels like a working title they forgot to change.

  • Zenbeni

    Dino Tron is a deck?

  • Remember me on the Avatar Movie ^^