• MrAptronym

    I am in love with this card. Maybe its not the best, but its so awesome I don’t care.

  • Garrison Tran

    so much mana required but still awesome

  • Ryū

    This is pretty awesome actually.

  • Robert FakeLastName

    I just realized this lasts until the end of your next turn. So, you get to untap with it.

    • Garrison Tran

      untap what?

      • Abid D. Alexander

        Your…everything XD

    • Slythorne

      I just realized you are right….. this card is insane….. Red/Blue Burn-Control is going to suck even more

  • Tyler Alexander Phillips

    if only it said “you may play those cards without paying their mana cost.”

    • SketchyPluto

      That’d be a little too good for how low the mana investment would be at instant speed, wishful thinking though.

    • Melissa Juice

      No and no.
      This is insanely powerful as it is.

    • richardshort2001

      “…your NEXT turn.”

  • RedPandaRevolution

    Rarely has “your next” been so relevant to a card. Certainly will make lots of EDH players happy.

  • littlered

    History in the making. While it dose not actually have the word “draws,” this is red’s first draw X spell.

  • Best nick ever

    Wouldn’t this be useful in a storm deck?

    • guest

      yes, it’s a turn 2 win every time. play this card for x = 50 or so, I think there are enough manamorphose effects so that you can play most cards for free. they either have to ban this or something else.

      • Thomas Stone

        you know you have to like…. pay 52 mana to cast this for 50, right

        • DJ Pad

          In which case, blaze seems much more effective at killing your opponent :P

  • Red

    So this is what happened to the Efreet. No longer chained to Jeskai discipline.

  • zexySwami

    I’m sure they tested it, but this seems insanely overpowered in storm.

    • banananafofanana

      they don’t test cards for eternal formats any longer

    • Yeah…. unfortunately not as good as you think. Remember epic expiriment? Because that card is arguably better than this one for storm, and it hasn’t seen as much play as I expected in storm decks. This is a fine card, but if your looking for a card advantage generator for storm, epic experiment is better in most cases

      • hkram

        Eh, I’d say this is better for Storm.

        1) You can invest your mana the turn beforehand. With Experiment, you can sorta wind up at a net loss of mana if you get unlucky on what you hit. Even though you have to pay for spells with Commune, everything in Storm is cheap/free anyway.
        2) You can choose when to play these spells. If you hit your win con with EE, you better hope you can sequence everything right, and win then and there. With this, you can just hold your Grapeshot all turn until its lethal.
        3) You can play non-instant or sorcery cards with this. Being able to play Pyromaster Ascension or even a land could be significant.

        I could be wrong, I’m certainly not a Storm, or even a Modern, player. I just disagree with your assessment of this vs. Epic Experiment.

  • Jordan

    Red Devotion just looks better and better with this set.

    • Kameenook

      I don’t think this is why, sorry bud.

      • Jordan

        And you’re completely wrong. I’d post why again but it seems the post is being deleted.

  • Melissa Juice

    Um. Wow.

  • Abid D. Alexander

    I wonder if outpost siege play will fall because of this…

    • Vixin Xiviir

      Yeah, probably not. Keep in mind that this is a one-of thing, while outpost siege is every turn. If you’re going for the short game, then you aren’t likely going to get enough mana to make this work, and if you’re going for the long game, Outpost siege trumps this every time.

      • Abid D. Alexander

        The instant speed makes it so good though, lets say your at the crucial turn where you have burn in hand and your board with your creatures( Red Deck Wins), I feel like this gives you alot of assurance to swing with everything and then you commune with lava at their end step to give yourself an extra 2 cards at the beginning of your turn, an extra two that you will be able to play. I think red burn really likes this. I may be wrong though, I’ll def be testing this.

        • Vixin Xiviir

          Testing definitely. Will it make the cut? Only the high-profile tourneys will tell.

  • soskdjdjekwkek

    Azusa edh is jealous

  • Kameenook

    Meh, I think Act on Impulse would already give you enough cards without having to worry as much about mana constraints. A for effort though.

    • Jordan

      Impulse was a sorcery. This is not.

      • Kameenook

        I did miss the fact that you have until your next turn to cast them, which certainly makes it interesting.

        • Jordan

          Well, lemme help out here :0 A bit of backstory too. I’m one of the original red dev players. I designed the deck (even with the white splash) back before theros was released and as far as I know I was the only person playing it in Cleveland, which was the first legal tournament with Theros. I’ve helped in the hundreds of pages long thread over at mtgsalvation. Now this isn’t to brag or anything of the nature but instead to convince that I know my red devotion deck and I’ve been playing it solely since then.

          This card will be a great 1 or 2 of in that deck. I’d like a 2 of, but most likely it’ll end up being a 1 of. It helps to find that second fanatic to blow your opponent out, or it’ll net you a bunch of cheap two drop double devotion creatures that can get your mana back from nykthos, allowing you to cast a bunch more to trigger purphoros. It’ll help you find that dragon. Or even in a pinch, maybe help you find that nykthos but that’s worse case scenario. In the r/w shell, you have between 12-18 two drops, which this can net you a lot of, allowing you to gain some serious tempo when you tap that nykthos the following turn. Another thing that might help is when your opponent goes off killing your creatures to reduce your devotion, or to keep that purphoros turned off. You can get all that mana before their spells resolve, cast this after, and during your turn drop the cards you exiled with this and turn purphoros back on. This card has wide uses. I wouldn’t be surprised to see green devotion splashing red to cast this.

  • Happy The Cat

    it there some rule that red draws cant keep the cards anymore?
    I miss draw three drop three that was fun

    • Jordan

      Because red has a very narrow piece of the pie chart. Draw is not normally one of it’s things. But the temporary version is however.

  • kmk888

    Now there’s a modern-minded card. Storm might be tier 1 with this addition.