• Mr.Mayhem631

    Pretty nice. I like how we really are getting clues churned out.

  • Fargor

    I hate wizards, this counter isn’t even nearly playable.(in constructed)

    • Asghaad

      yet in EDH this is AWESOME counterspell for Mizzix deck

      • Tolle

        I am not sure I agree with that. You should have better card draw engines than clues.

        • ZomboJenkins

          And it instantly triggers Metalcraft. You have to remember that clues are artifacts. Cheap artifacts at that.

          • Tolle

            While I will agree that this has a chance to be used (especially now that you pointed out metal craft) I disagree that Mizzix cares about metal craft and so I still don’t think Mizzix wants this card.

          • EJ

            Mizzix is a blue commander. They can all care about artifacts if the deck is built that way.

            Red-Blue is way overdue for an “artifacts matter” commander. When one finally emerges, this card will be a top pick for that deck.

            I will admit that by the time you can cast a 5 mana counterspell in an Artifacts matter EDH deck, you probably have Metalcraft already online.

        • EJ

          Even without shenanigans, Clues aren’t strictly a “draw engine” so much as a “mana sink”.

          The blue player is going to be holding up at least 2 open mana a lot of turns. Even if they’re bluffing having a Counterspell. With Clue tokens hanging around, you can turn some excess mana into cards at the end of your opponent’s turn.

    • Kahai

      Void Shatter and Scatter to the Winds will still both be legal come rotation.

  • Happy The Cat

    disappointing, please make super cheap counters that punish us for using them not overly expensive counters that punish you for having them in your deck

  • Cullen Straut

    Really expensive, but put’s you up 3 cards in the long run.

    • Jonathan Mueller

      Potentially too long in this case.

    • Kahai

      Does standard need more than two 3 drop full counters?

      Scatter to the Wind and Void Shatter will both stay in standard, both have additional effects on top of the regular Cancel.

      Hell, if you build the right deck, Overwhelming Denial can get played for 2 and can’t be countered.

      This is an amazing mid to late limited counter. Sadly, at rare, they likelihood of having it when i need it in limited is pretty bad.

      Wonderful EDH counterspell.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Me gusta the cluesta

  • CnBCustoms

    “Everyone has something to hide.”

  • yolksoup

    Well, here you have it, a counter spell with investigate, but it has to be that overcosting counterpsell, I’m disappointed

  • MrAptronym

    Ugh, why have you done this to me wizards, and at rare? Why couldn’t this have cost two less and only investigated once?!

    I have been 100% behind Investigate, but this is just a massive disappointment to me. As CMC increases, counters get exponentially weaker, and this one doesn’t even net me anything without more mana. I will be so sad if I open one of these.

    • Jonathan Mueller

      Yeah, it seems more like a gimmick spell to abuse the nature of the investigate mechanic, i.e. the fact that you get three artifact tokens.

      But relying on a 5cc counterspell, of all things to get this to work, seems rather awful.

    • Kahai

      We already have three drop counters in standard.

      This is late game counter bomb play into spending the rest of your untapped mana on their end to potentially draw three.

      • MrAptronym

        I don’t play standard. (Though you also have five drop counters in standard) Personally, I don’t think this comes even close to cutting it as a counterspell, I just wanted a playable counter with investigate. I don’t see this as much of a bomb play, if you have the full 11 mana then that is something, but more likely you will play this and then draw on their next turn or even after that.

        In my experience, five mana counters tend to just come too late and in most formats require too much of a holdup. They are just too hard and unlikely to get your worth out of. Additionally you can land in the situation of having too much investigate, where it just goes to waste.

        • Kahai

          I could see too many clues as only being a problem in non-commander formats.

          I played a game just Tuesday night where i would have loved to had clue tokens, hand full of high costed spells, not drawing land or playable mana-rocks, and 4 mana doesn’t get you much, with clue tokens, it gets you two more cards.

          Obviously, 5 drop counters are not competitive. And we literally just got a great Surge 2 drop counter. Which, is pretty good in a control deck, at least i’ve seen it do work in standard.

          • MrAptronym

            True, in EDH, excess clues would be harder to end up with. (we will see though with cards like Trail of Evidence in decks like Mizzix and Arjun)

            I just find it hard to play 5 mana counters, even in most of my blue EDH decks. Things like Desertion, Spelljack and Draining Whelk get a pass from me because they really can blow-out a game, but I don’t know if thye incrimental advantage of investigate feels that good. I’d like to investigate mostly on cheaper cards, so I can stock up clues for when I will need draws later game.

  • EJ

    The translation is wrong. I’m reading it as “Counter target spell. Atog gains +6/+6 until end of turn”. Or “counter target spell. Add 6 to your mana pool with Krark Clan Ironworks” Or “Counter target spell. Put three +1/+1 counters on Arcbound Ravager.”

  • wiseguy

    Welp, the investigate counterspell did happen… but it sucks.
    Somebody on here wanted a 3 cmc investigate 1x counter, but since, ya know, everything is too strong for standard these days…
    (isn’t cancel considered too strong? lol or was it dissapate?)

    • Kahai

      We already have 3 drop counters in standard… One of them is devoid and exiles the spell…

      This is costed to take into consideration the potential to draw three cards. Late game this spell is huge, counter their bomb, get clue tokens, spend the rest of your open mana on them during their end step. Seems really good in less competitive formats.

      For example, nearly every investigate card will find some amount of play in commander, as: (2), sac token: draw a card. is extremely powerful.

      • Deadly Berry

        I agree, EDH has many sacrifice tools to use those tokens as fuel for other abilities.

    • MrAptronym

      That someone was me :<

      I figured if they could print Dissolve or Scatter to the Winds, that investigate would get a similar treatment, but I guess I was wrong. It seems like they are pushing for a slower, control-y blue here too.

  • Hedronal

    I like that this won’t be around more than a rare would, but dislike it being in a rare slot. That said, in hindsight I’m glad that with things like this the saturation of “1UU: Counter target spell, get block’s gimmick” won’t go so high.

  • That Guy

    still waiting on alternate win-con that wins if u control 10 or more clues. Or maybe exactly 10, that would be more interesting in my opinion.

    • Happy The Cat

      I wouldn’t mind an exactly ten rule as long as we also can get a card that gives all players clues so players with these auto win clue decks end up fighting to get rid of their clues, making the mirror match really interesting

  • Jay

    Calling it now , it’s gonna be a big time standard card , yeah it’s expensive, but once you get 5 mana , holy cow you are in control heaven, it’s a sleeper I will speculate a little at cheap prices for sure !

  • Happy The Cat

    wait, I don’t get this card’s flavor.
    Oh my gosh, there are Vampires on innistrad! who could have guessed it!!!
    and no, dont give me that “but someone was secretly a vampire!” bs, on this plane they are treated like royalty, nobody would hide the fact that they are part of the royal family. except for that whole turning the Markov line into a bunch of pillars part, maybe hide from that, but then again this is blue and not a rw spell cast my a lithomancer.

    with this name and this art I would rather have had a super hard rw removal like so
    Confirm Suspicions 4rw
    Confirm Suspicions may target permanent’s with hexproof or shroud as if they did not have hexproof or shroud
    exile target permanent. If a permanent with hexproof or shroud is exiled this way, both players investigate

    it can do something we dont see often, it uses one of the mechanics from this set, and is will see play outside of standard, unlike the version they printed

    • MrAptronym

      If there is a crazy inquisition going on then it does kind of make sense for them to hide. Plus, while many vampires act like royalty on Innistrad, I still kind of assume they don’t just go out to feed by announcing their status to everyone. We also don’t really know the whole plot yet.

      As for your version, WR doesn’t generally get to remove any permanent. That is a WB or BG deal.

      • Happy The Cat

        well, from what we have seen I think that not much had changed for the vampires, then nahiri went and turned them to stone. now they are about to go kill anything and everything that could have been responsible for the what nahiri did
        but you are right with the they don’t get anything part sure, maybe just non lands then, exiling something that you couldn’t normally see and then gaining a clue about what is going on from the ashes seems fair. I would do Nahiri’s mega assassinate but for 6 mana it better hit pws and vigilant creatures

        • MrAptronym

          Part of the issue is that killing planeswalkers is black’s slice of pie. Another is that they are kind of divided on how much white actually gets “Destroy/Exile target creature” I think that it is something design and development are at odds on.

          I think that this card was probably designed mechanically and then they had to come up with a name for a Counter+investigate. I agree it seems a bit odd

    • Atarka Effreet

      Maybe the vampire in the picture was hiding the treasure? And the treasure was special somehow?

  • Deadly Berry

    And you only play 11 mana to counter a spell and draw 3 cards… such a good card. Leaving the sarcasm aside, unless your whole deck theme centers around investigate I don’t see this anywhere else.

    • MrAptronym

      I am thinking about making a casual Azorius colored police-themed EDH deck. Flavorfully I am interested in this and as much investigate as I can manage… but I honestly am not sure I would even run this there.

    • CrozzStorm

      but on the other hand if your deck does center around investigate, u end up leaving 5-6 man open at the end of your turn to counter a card, if they dont play anything to counter, u sac the clues u already have to draw

  • Bostorket

    Blues’ Clues!

  • Ceinan Boileau

    Flavour text translates to “Everyone is hiding something.” For those who didn’t know.

    • Atarka Effreet


    • Velvet Wurm

      It’s actually missing a bit of it’s flavour text, the next part is, “Until Gitaxian Probe comes in”.