• Happy The Cat

    Honestly? would have prefered Deicide to this. at least that looks epic in foil. plus it’s about when Elspeth sacrificed herself to kill Xenagos. that was pretty important right?

    • Steak Sauce

      No. Alara was more important, and a much better block.

      • Happy The Cat

        the block itself might have been slightly better but the Conflux was not that big a deal. nobody actually caused it, it just kind of happened and honestly Alara is worse off because of it. however with Deicide we have the climax of a planeswalker becoming a god and then the fan favorite Elspeth killing him by going on a journey through the nyx.

        • Graymalkin86

          Are you serious? Nicol Bolas used the upheaval of the Conflux to help create the Maelstrom, which he then used to regain much of the strength he lost in the mending. Now, Bolas is what could kinda sorta maybe be considered a very important character in Magic’s LORE, so a card representing his machinations (and bearing his quote) is completely appropriate.