• Nathanael Lambert

    de-fuk is dis land. srsly

  • Marky Day

    I hate to be that “Goes In Every Commander Deck Ever” guy, but this could go in every commander deck ever. Obviously not combo-centric decks, or spellslinger decks, but the versatility of this card is amazing.

    • Derek Niles

      yeah pretty much any deck that can reliably “Crew 4” could use this is great effect

      • Njaal

        My Neheb, The Eternal deck will definitely want this, as Neheb has 4 power, is a 5 drop and wants awesome manasinks. The ability to recur anything is huge in a deck like Neheb.

        • Dr. Gitrog Crow

          Fireball every turn!

    • Tolle

      I’m honestly trying to think of any commander deck I have that wants to jump through the hoops this one is asking. The only one that can is Karador and he has better things to do with his time.

      • Marky Day

        Karador also has better recursion. I can imagine putting this into Sram, since it comes in as a vehicle, so you can draw a card from Sram, then probably crew it easily enough, and get a land with which to recur literally any card you need late-game, something that White can’t do on its own very well. Also, any deck that plays extra-turn spells. You play the extra-turn spell, you activate this on your extra turn, maybe cast the spell again, possibly go infinite.

        • Tolle

          Yeah, but these are all corner cases. I am not saying there aren’t decks, but in the wide variety of decks I have none want it.

  • Giby86 .

    It does WHAT

  • galen150

    thats ok i guess. not sure it’ll see much play in standard. nice for commander, but feels kinda meh for standard

  • Lucien Wächter

    Kruphix / Asami EDH infinite extra turns … just to make sure the others quit instant (instead of for example waiting 11 extra turns because of the copy-a-spell-land and other copy cards))

  • Johan K

    Not a fan of the placement of the rarity symbol on these cards. It is, however, interesting to see that this is a same-turn ramp effect since it exiles first and then returns.

  • sansmyhands

    That is some mighty fine artwork. The card is good, too, though with that many abilities I wish it was a bit more like Trading Post and synergized with itself.