• Kezvin

    Ew. Looks ugly.

    • Kezvin

      And they didn’t really stick to a theme. They have instants/sorceries and creatures, and none of the cards on either side seem to mesh or align in any way with the other side. At least the Expeditions and Inventions were more consistent.

      • Murf

        The theme is pretty obviously “control” whatever they choose to call i

        • Kevan Kramer

          It is not control, but Invocations

        • Shagoth

          When I think control, Dark Ritual, a hate bear, Worship, and Chain Lightning are the first cards that come to my mind.

      • Kevan Kramer

        The theme is Invocations

        • Hedronal

          Precisely, a thematic link rather than mechanical.

  • Tezzybros

    the theme is theoretically is “Control”

  • Kahai

    Need. New. Sphinx!

  • Happy The Cat

    great card,deserves a slot, but MY GOD does it look off, cards need that black or white border, it’s the only thing that has been consistent through all of magic. Without it, cards look like they are Pokemon or any of the online card games. even the Un-sets listened to the border rule.
    if it didn’t not have the black border or had a gold border or something this frame would have looked great though, the letters that look like ruins that aren’t English is a cool effect, and I would love to see the Japanese or Russian copies of these.

    • Kevan Kramer

      They are all the same. So you seen the Japanese and Russian copies aka English only for Masterpieces

  • Kaiser

    my god i love the art is so epic

  • Zombie

    Cool art, distracting and MS Paint-esque border.

    Yeah I don’t see this Masterpiece series being that collectible. This border is atrocious.

    • Kahai

      I personally hate the Inventions border. It’s manic to me. I know it sort of fits Kaladesh but i still don’t like it.

      This card template has so much detail, so much nuanced flavor that by comparison, this border is better for me.

      I mean it looks like you’re looking into the card, into the magic world seeing this creature or event.

      • Zombie

        if they were trying to make the cards a window into the plane, they shouldn’t have made the art so damned small