• ymmij X

    snagging a creature is always nice. just wish oblivion was 3 so you could 1,2 punch with this

  • MTG fan

    What a nice card! Improved disperse…

  • jaya

    Oblivion is so overpriced, but since there are plenty of target nonland bounce for same price without any benefit this surely tops all those effects now, prob the best target nonland bounce for 2 mana atm. Glad blue is getting upgrades while red gets 7 mana 6/6 hellion rares =)

    • galen150

      red also got neheb and wildfire eternal so its getting some strong stuff too. also since a lot of the ‘discard 2 cards’ are 4 cost, i think adding on one mana for the ability to make it usable in the grave is fair

      • blah

        what discard 2 cards are 4 cost? mind rot, hymn, etc, usually 2-3 cost.

  • Edward

    I like the idea of this card but Oblivion is too expensive. They could have lowered Oblivion to 4 mana without it being overly powerful.

  • galen150

    kinda wish a few more of the aftermath cards were like this, just 2 spells together that will both want to be in similar decks, as opposed to 2 spells that REALLY want to be played in the same turn.

    • TogetherAlone

      except the aftermath on this card is mega bad. almost double cost it should be.

      • Dave

        Of course it’s accordingly costed! It’s a second spell that’s lingering in your graveyard after you cast the very solid first half!

  • Hedronal

    What’s going on in Oblivion’s art?

    • Kahai

      zombie getting torn apart by spirits?

  • Grant Jacobson

    oblivion is a Deception that costs {2} more to cast, but is fetched from outside the game when you put “Disperse (Consign)” into your graveyard. which seems questionable, but the fact that there is no void snare equivalent in Standard means the front half should be playable-ish

  • L

    The aftermath cards seem to either be “spell we know+gravy” or “2 meh spells that work well if played in the same turn”

  • Rory O’Connor

    Basically just compelling deterrence remixed. More narrow in that you have to also be playing black, but also more flexible as you don’t need to be playing zombies

    • Pie Pie

      And more restrictive in that you need 5 extra mana floating around.

  • Julian Allen

    …………….the aftermath on this hurts soooooooooooooo bad…..that 5 cmc sorcery…just…ouch. seriously the crazy part is it’s just a mind rot. when its almost worth 2 mind rots

    • Jacob Hennessy

      I feel like if it was instant speed than I’d be ok with it

    • MithosFall

      Think about it this way. Consign // Oblivion is Disperse but with an extra effect you can play from your graveyard. Seems pretty OK now, to me at least.

  • Shagoth

    Consign yourself // not play oblivion

  • Chad Piercy

    Now I may not understand the ruling but can’t you torrential gearhulk for instant speed discard? Just have to have a legal target right?

    • galen150

      yes. because the whole card is an ‘instant sorcery’ but also considered 2 separate spells so you can choose either half.

  • Demiurgo

    Hey hey hey, Epica much?

  • Adam Malekhedayat

    This actually makes it into my U/B Demonic Pact deck in Modern. I needed a better Into the Roil, and clearing out the last 2 cards from the opponent’s hand after using the Pact’s Mind Rot is actually relevant.