Consulate Dreadnought - Aether Revolt Spoiler

Consulate Dreadnought

  • Color: Colorless
  • Type: Artifact - Vehicle
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Set:

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  • Dr. Burn Crow

    That’s a big ol boat.

  • Pandancules

    Comes with a free Slurpee

  • Justin Burton

    Wtf wizards… with the new guy that animates them? This is funny af

    • Brian Schmidt

      I was thinking the same thing. They really want to make Crew a thing it would seem.

    • Picklechu

      Turn 1 this turn 3 the animator guy and turn 4 swing for seven lol this is broken and with mana ramp…

      • Zombie

        Not too crazy, it’ll just get chumped by Servos or whatever unless you run stuff like Built to Smash.

        And…what? Mana ramp?

        Why on earth would you need mana ramp when this just curves out?

        T1 this, T2 Veteran Motorist, T3 Peacekeeper Colossus, T4 swing in with Consulate Dreadnought with Built to Smash and a cheeky crew from Veteran Motorist to make it a 11/15 with Trample.

        • Picklechu

          Sure I was just glancing over this when I commented not thinking about other synergies and things just the two cards

        • Justin Burton

          Well you might want to take that back since they just spoiled the new Enchantment for 3 that just makes this a permanent 10/11.
          And there is blossoming defence and cheap counters in standard?
          Its like R/U/G vehicles can become a thing now… giving things trample and running you over for big damage, and the fastlands make Temur a thing, as do capable manlands…

          This is really good.

  • Brian Schmidt

    This is about as close to a pushed Uncommon. We would know it’s fully pushed if it had trample. Planeswalkers/Crew a thing for Standard now?

    • Zombie

      If it naturally had Trample it would be ridiculously broken. Which is why it doesn’t.

  • MTGFanatic

    Can this vehicle be scavenged with Varolz when it is in your graveyard?

    • mehngo

      No. It’s not a creature in any zone but the battlefield, and that is only after it is crewed.

    • Zombie

      Vehicles are not creatures until they are crewed, and as such are not creatures when not in play.

      Also, Varolz would have better things to Scavenge anyway like Phyrexian Dreadnought and Death’s Shadow.

      • mehngo

        That’s implying that Varolz wouldn’t like redundancy, considering those two cards can not be abused once they’re scavenged

        • Zombie

          “Can not be abused once scavenged”?



          The whole POINT of “abusing” them IS to Scavenge them in the first place. THAT’S THE ABUSE. SCAVENGING THEM FOR 1.

          Scavenging Death’s Shadow is +13/+13 permanently for a single Black mana.

          Scavenging Phyrexian Dreadnought is +12/+12 for a single generic mana.

          But yes, redundancy would be a thing if Vehicles were creatures.

          But that’s not how they work, so your ‘point’ is literally irrelevant.

          • mehngo

            My point was that if Varolz get’s removed via some method other than destruction after you’ve scavenged said Phyrexian Dreadnought/Death’s Shadow, you can’t scavenge them again, correct? Varolz would have loved another “1 mana super saiyan” creature similar to the aforementioned two, for the sake of consistency and efficiency. Should really quit your bad habit of assuming the ignorance of the other person, Zombie.

  • Jacob Anderson

    me think a Start Your Engines deck might be a thing lol

    • Jacob Anderson

      Opponent be like what he doing with all those vehicles and no creatures, proceeds to attack with all but one creature, next turn Start Your Engine with a built to smash for the one he blocks and he be like ooooh i see.

  • Miles Rinesmith

    Hey look it’s a gas station.

  • Julian Larson

    this and siege modification turn 3 >.<

  • Jacob Anderson

    If only it were crew 5, then Lupine Prototype could crew it.

    • Pandancules

      maybe you can make something work with ruins of oran reef + lupine

  • Calico

    The time for creatureless vehicles is upon us. We have start your engines and the new siege modification as well as the peacekeeper colossus that can reliably make our vehicles creatures. Chances are good that we might see another effect like this before aether revolt is released and with 1 mana 7/11’s and two mana 4/4 flyers alongside the childish joy of watching your opponents fret as well as the sorrow when then murder your creature and you realize this may not have been optimal. Regardless this will be a deck played by some. For janky looking competition, it actually being good, or wanting to make your opponent tilt by killing them with what seems to be ghost vehicles because they drive themselves apparently

  • Jakob Schneider


    Looks like someone in Kaladesh besides Tezzeret likes Phyrexia.
    At the very least, I know another Dreadnought that the inventor behind this vehicle might have thought of.

  • chad