• Matt86

    This will be heavy money

    • Kameenook

      Like a giant stack of pennies? If you stack enough pennies it would surely be heavy.

  • Mike Thomas

    The hate-bear is real in this one.

    Very real.

    Expect this to be big money.

  • LeonFA

    Roon is crying so many tears right now and I love it since there’s at least 3 in my playgroup.

    Also in terms of legacy, it hates on Vial pretty well. That is definitely something to keep an eye on.

    • DJ Pad

      DIdn’t even realize that, kind of a non-bo in death and taxes then?

    • Welldressedshorty

      haha why would roon cry? just reverse it, exile their creatures and when they enter BOOM! blink their stuff instead :P

  • ramenloverninja

    Every Kaalia player worst fear

  • DJ Pad

    Wow, so strong. Shuts down so much in Legacy (Reanimator, Dredge, Sneak and Show, some of elves-Natural Order+GSZ, Dark Depths etc.). Seems like an autoinclude in all maverick/Death and Taxes builds (and possibly UWR delver)

    • DJ Pad

      Sorry, not dark depths, I missed the non-token part

    • dragon

      it does’nt stop dreedge

      • ten-k

        It does in that you cant bring ichorrids or any other creature back and bridge only works if a creature dies on the battlefield. So yes it does since dredge very rarely casts any creatures.

      • Sean Dixon

        Wanna bet? It stops the Ichorids, which stops A LOT of the Bridge triggers. And it stops Dread Return.

      • DJ Pad

        It stops Dread return, Ichorids and Narcomeoba, which basically means it stop dredge, unless your deck is so bad it can’t beat a dredge deck that is hard-casting creatures.

        • dragon

          huh i don’t use any of that in my dredge deck it’s mostly gaveyard powered stuff like splinterfright and boneyard worm

          • DJ Pad

            Then you are not playing in legacy? Either that or you’re just playing a terrible version…

          • Johnny Crass

            It stops manaless dresge

  • redzonebeating

    ouch my genesis wave

  • xSiNx SHADOW

    i found the money card XD

  • BlahBlahBlahBla

    Gaddock Teeg approves of this. (And so do many legacy decks)

  • Zombie

    I’ve already ordered a playset. There is no way this is not just money printed in Magic form.

    This will see Legacy and Vintage play, and it will likely be the True-Name Nemesis of Commander 2014.

    If you were waiting to find out the best card in C14 was, this is likely it. Get it while you can, especially the White deck itself.

    • Kameenook

      I’m getting the feeling it’s more than True-Name Nemesis. Because I trust your opinion, what would you price this at?

      • Zombie

        I’m willing to bet it’s going to start around $20-$25, and either gradually/quickly increase to around $45-$50 depending on its impact on Legacy.

        Depending on how strong it is in Vintage, it could go higher, who knows. If it’s exceptional in both Legacy and Vintage, I’d estimate it being worth well over $50.

        My final estimates would be something like: Starting/Early- $25.00, Peak- $45.00 (with room for potential growth), and Settling- $20

        • Wes

          I’m curious as to what you would have predicted for TNN. to see if you had been right before.
          unfortunately when I read back to your comment on it all you said was it could be played in fish.

          TNN started around 25, went up to 40, now settled at 15-20.

          honest question, if you had predicted the price of that card last year, would your estimates have been around the same as what actually happened?

          • Zombie

            Considering Fish was actually playable around the time TNN came out, I would’ve ballparked about $10-$15 just from affecting that deck alone. That’s about where it’s settled in most stores now, but it got hyped really hard and was played in a bunch of other decks. Turns out it’s really not as game-breaking as people hyped it up to be – It’s just a very solid beater/Voltron’ed game ender for decks like Stoneblade.

            But I didn’t really have my head in Legacy at the time like I do now, since it’s currently my primary format.

          • Josh Kaufman

            You have to remember the card won’t be worth more than the commander deck itself. TNN was worth the same price as the Grixis deck. I would know, I own 4 of each grixis commander and I have never played a multiplayer game.

            It will get initial hype, and with a legacy GP coming up, it makes sense for this to be 12-15 and stay there. But stores will probably sell it for the price of the commander deck unless it turns out something else in the white deck is worth money. The planeswalker will be 20-30 because it’s a planeswalker specific to 1 format. Although the red one should be worth a ton considering if I’m right it’s a free non-summoning sickness goblin welder. Or do you have to cast the PW’s b4 you can use them. I don’t know the ruling.

            If you really want to know what this card is worth, use Council’s Judgement as a baseline. That is a 1-2 of, but sees maindeck play. In the end though it’s a sideboard card. The only real advantage is that if you cast it fast enough, it beats oath in vintage. And oath is a hard deck to beat.

            It will end up being, when all is said and done, between 5-12$, depending on how much it sees play. Like is it better than karakas which is good against the creatures you want to sneak in anyway. Like griselbrand who was banned from EDH thanks to my friend who is the EDH deck writer for SCG and created the T1 win Griselbrand Storm deck. I casually got to play with that deck once before it was banned, it was hilarious. Just T1 tendrils out 2 separate people at once.

          • Zombie

            Griselbrand wasn’t banned from EDH for a combo deck.

            Grisel’banned’ was banned from EDH because he’s just oppressively strong. EDH’s life total lends Griselbrand to being this massive draw engine akin to Necropotence if it was on Meth, all while being on a 7/7 evasive body with Lifelink.

            Griselbrand was just a monster, plain and simple, and no one liked playing against him in EDH, whether he was cheated into play or just hard-cast. Whoever dropped a Big Gris’ basically just won unless it was dealt with immediately.

            EDH is probably the most accepting community in regards to insane combo decks, so I don’t think that was as heavy an influence on the decision as you think.

          • Wes

            so what you seem to be saying then, is that unlike TNN the hype for this card is real and deserved. and thus it will in fact be game breaking by shutting down many deck types in legacy.

          • Zombie

            When you first look at TNN, that definitely appears to be a super-hypable card. Like, straight-up protection from players? What? We had never seen a protection ability to that degree since Progenitus.

            It just looked like a very powerful card, and the hype train just got fed way too much fuel. Then it died down once people realized that it was just a 3/1 that punched people. It was just a beater, and while it was still very, very good, it wasn’t “Legacy Dominating” good. It’s actually been a while since I’ve seen TNN in a main deck list in Legacy across the table from me.

            But, Containment Priest is a whole different story. It doesn’t really seem like it would be that busted, but then you start tallying up all of the decks that this one card shuts down completely and you just sit back and stare at this enormous, ungodly long list of archetypes and strategies that are just completely hosed by this in multiple formats.

            Containment Priest is sort of, in a way, the opposite of TNN. Less hyped out of the gate, but will definitely be an enormous player in the sideboards of many Legacy and Vintage decks, possibly even main decks.

            I said in an earlier comment that it could be upwards of $50, but I’ve been thinking it over and I don’t really know how I feel about it. I’m tempted to play it safe like I did with TNN, but this card is just so damned good that I can’t help myself.

            It’s not like “Auto-Include 4 of’s main deck all day err-day” broken, but it’s good enough and shuts down so many decks that I can easily see it hitting sideboard lists in pretty much every White/X deck in Legacy and Vintage as at least a 1 or 2-of.

            I still say it will likely settle around $20-$25 eventually, but who knows what its peak could be. It’s $15 right now at most online stores, but it hasn’t seen any play yet because it’s not released. Once people get their hands on them and start playing games with them I definitely expect that $15 to go up.

          • Wes

            Man I sure hope you’re right about this zombie. I went and snap bought a playset of them for a bit under 15 as well as the set of 5 commander decks, and its already beginning to drop a bit.

          • Zombie

            If you play Legacy or Vintage they will be of use to you, regardless of price. Containment Priest is just too good at shutting dozens of decks down to not see play.

            And I’m prepared to make a fairly bold statement: If Containment Priest does not see at least moderate continuous Legacy play, I will lose my faith entirely in the deck building capabilities of Legacy players, because people not playing something like Containment Priest means several things:

            1. They’re too stubborn to change their builds

            2. They don’t want to upset the meta

            3. They don’t like change.

            All of these things are the case if a card as strong as Containment Priest doesn’t see play. I’ve already tested it in several decks, namely Maverick and Death and Taxes, and they put my winrate against Sneak & Show, OAS, and Reanimator at 100%. My Death and Taxes list with Containment Priests didn’t give a single game out of 10 total test matches to them.

          • Zombie

            You’ll be glad you took my advice. As of today, Containment Priest is retailing for $30 after a single Legacy GP.

            Right on track for my prediction.

          • Wes


            well TCG still has it for under 20 so idk what site you were using for that price unless it was SCG. But I’ll take it. got them at under 15 apiece.

        • im honestly thinking it will see a legacy ban because of the amounts of decks it simply shuts out of the format. 12post, reanimator, sneak and show, shardless, 4 horsemen, omni-tell, omen machine, some doomsday, dredge, and even death and taxes itself. let alone its a 2/2 im almost positive it will see a ban.

          • Guest

            This is going to peak at 8 dollars. It will be a 3-4 dollar card from then on. Death and Taxes can sideboard it against decks in which hating on Show and Tell or Dread return or whatever is more important than using Aether Vial. As a D&T player, I would main board this only if I expected a meta of 40-50% Sneak and Show. This card does nothing in most match ups. A card like Spirit of the Labyrinth hits around 8-16 cards in every blue deck and sees play only as a 2 of.

        • Kameenook

          Ok thank you very much.

    • j

      Can I ask where you ordered the playset? I can’t find them anywhere.

      • Zombie

        I pre-ordered them locally, rather than online. Store owner is extremely quick with creating his pre-order lists for singles of new sets, usually day-of full spoilers. Online stores haven’t listed them yet because they don’t have everything compiled to do so yet.

        They’ll likely be up in online stores by late tonight or tomorrow.

        It’s the same reason why some stores don’t have the individual decks up in their stores yet. it just takes more time than for a physical store’s pre order system.

        • j

          ah okay, thanks. I wish my local game store was more prepared!

  • Sean Dixon

    Legacy Death and Taxes material here. This card is printed money.

    • Kameenook

      So it’s banned already then?

    • Kameenook

      I dont think even Wizards can print money.

  • Arceus

    So this is it…

  • Kameenook


  • Aaron Seet

    and the hate bears have something even wilder (yo reanimator and goryo’s vengeance and sneak attack and show and tell)

  • Guest

    This is a one or two of at MOST in d&t, and a zero to one of in other deck’s sideboards.

  • Oberon

    I always loved the Fun Police aspect of white, and this is no exception.

  • Josh Kaufman

    Noooo! WoTC, I am playing sneak and show at GPNJ. This is just like last year when you released TNN. Seriously, its hard enough to beat those damn UR delver decks with their 8 mana ancestral recalls, but now this? D&T didn’t need the help. Flickerwisp, Mangara, and Karakas are bad enough. Everyone should just play D&T in a few weeks. I’m sure massacre just went up $20. This also hurts merfolk, is a nice answer to 20/20 Marit Lage Tokens though. But seriously. I might as well sleeve up the rishidan ports now. T1 Mom, T2 Thalia, T3 start tapping their lands with port, T4 wasteland, get out a jitte and go to town.

    I wonder, does this card effect living weapons? It’s an interesting thing that just popped into my head.

    Thank God people don’t play castable creatures like True-Name. That is purely a multiplayer card. Why would anyone ever play that in EDH? I mean it was printed in a commander deck for commander purposes.

    Oh god, this stops elves also. No quick search for Craterhoof, so that’s a nice thing about it. But every time I am excited to play legacy, and I only play Sneak and Show, WotC has to do this to me. Another thing, this also stops young pyromancer tokens…. Oh god, 12 post & food chain will take over the format! Runnnnnn! Next they will print a white leyline that says “opponents can’t cast force of will, delver, Emrakul, griselbrand, any cards with the word jace in it, and swamps are banned from being played.

    I remember the old days when “Pigs” aka circle of protection (get it, cops are called pigs, and C.O.P.) was considered “cheap” for white weenie decks, but it started with Thalia (love that card though), and now this. When will it end!

    Oh man, this also shuts off cascading into creatures I think. Mono red used to be fun police. The D&T SB is just insane now.

    And I would have liked to see that Cat rare in KTK. It seems to fit. Cat tribal with Bimaz.

    I think they got so caught up with the planeswalkers, btw congrats EDH players. Those planeswalkers are so sick. You can get T1 Blightsteel colossus with the Goblin Welder guy. The Teferi is sweet also. But I with other formats had a guy that pooped out 1/1 Llanowar Elves, but they got so caught up with these new planeswalkers they didn’t add the format changing cards like last year when TNN, Toxic Deluge, that thing that puts stuff back into your opponents library, and baleful strix dropped to like $5. Just added this beast of a card. EDH will enjoy it. For Legacy and my Vintage deck I hate it. And yes, there is vintage hate-bears. It’s fun as hell to play. Mono Disrupting creatures in a format with no creature removal.

    • Josh Kaufman

      Wow, really sorry about that post. It’s insanely long thanks to me typing horizontally on my iPhone. So don’t flame me for a long post, I’m apologizing. But that doesn’t mean what I said wasn’t true and also has a ton of typos and grammar issues.

      But this shouldn’t get the EDH players excited. It doesn’t effect much unless they make Magus of the Show and Tell. It’s purely a legacy card and do they need to print a broken legacy card every year right before they have a Legacy GP? Release this on Christmas or something.

    • its because delver and stoneforge based decks are so popular. in doing this they arent affecting the majority. you think you have it bad? reanimator is virtually unplayable now

      • Josh Kaufman

        I was considering switching to reanimator because sneak and show was actually too slow to beat UR Delver, but man. I hate this. I already know about 12 people playing D&T. But reanimator might be able to outrace this on the play. You just need to draw land, 2x lotus petal, pithing needle, entomb, reanimate. But what do you grab. Elesh Norn or Iona… Or I’m testing Blazing Archon for the elves/shardless matchup over the shroud leviathan. Or maybe put I should try frost Titan…. Hmm, I’m going to join an 8 man and try that out. I already tested the BUG reanimator and it wasn’t very good. But frost Titan seems perfect for legacy.

        • with 4 STP, an interesting amount of oblivion rings, 3-4 karakas, then if this card lands flickerwisp= exile forever. the deck has so much spot removal that i dont think reanimator really stands a chance against DT. My friend just went to the Kansas City Tourney a few months back and lost with reanimator against 4 DT decks without winning a single game.

    • Fuzzy

      It won’t hit Marit Large tokens, living weapon, or pyromancer. The card only affects “non-tokens”, which isn’t necessarily bad for stoneforge decks because it has no beef with batterskull. It’s also not an answer to cascade, as cascade gives you the option to cast the card, avoiding the “it wasn’t cast” text.

      I play D&T, and I agree this card is insanely versatile, I probably would have sideboarded it even if it didn’t have flash. With flash I’m looking potentially at MB. The big downside is the interaction with Vial, I’m actually wondering if this might be a big boost for something like Dead Guy.

      I think I would’ve preferred an improved Spirit of the Labyrinth as far as health for the format goes. It’s the “fair” matchups with all this new powerful draw and TNN (which causes a bunch of black sweepers in peoples SBs that are also terrible for D&T) that are the harder fight right now. This card really seems like it brings white’s game against big creature combo decks to the next level, which was already pretty good (except elves/somewhat Reanimator). Do love that flickerwisp interaction tho :P

    • Melissa Juice

      Sneak And Show is awful. Such an incredibly unfun deck in every way.

  • rip kaalia and mayael

  • As a a multi-format Maverick player I am both amazed and disgusted by this card. Its incredibly powerful but alot of people just wont be able to have any fun with this out. Im just glad that in what will be its most popular deck DT, it doesnt work well with aether vial, but the fact that its ability is so nuts you wouldnt even need to play anything say a Mom to make sure sneak and show is dead.

    • BlahBlahBlahBla

      Vial in Flickerwisp targeting Emrakul and with the trigger on the stack cast this from your hand…

      Yerp, hates on Vial, but i would still play it in D+T.

  • BlahBlahBlahBla

    Another card that thins out alot of decks in Legacy and makes Delver even better. Soon the only thing anyone is going to play in Legacy and Modern is Delver.

    I smell a Delver ban incoming… Mark my words.

    • Sean Dixon

      Not a chance. You mark MY words.

    • Melissa Juice

      Nope. Delver’s not even close to broken. The format will adapt.

  • Jimmyjimjimjabooye

    Surprising this is a white card because it’s pure evil!!!

    • Sean Dixon

      There is no color that is inherently evil.

      • Kameenook


        • Sean Dixon

          Not inherently evil. Black is amoral. This means they will in every circumstance do literally whatever it takes to get what they want. Black mages often are evil, but choosing to use black mana does not make one evil.

          • Kameenook

            You’re not using black mana if you’re not evil, then you’re just pretending to be black, but when you finally use black mana, you realize that there is no cost not worth advancing your ambitions.

          • Sean Dixon

            nonsense. you think cards like preacher from the dark aren’t evil? and that’s a white card!

          • Kameenook

            He is very evil, trying to overthrow our demon overlords, burn him at the stake…..

          • Sean Dixon

            or maybe witch hunter or tivadar’s crusade?

          • Sean Dixon

            Or if you’re into the lore at all, Momir Vig from Ravnica. He built something intended to kill everything on Ravnica (Experiment Kraj) while using the people of that plane as the fuel for the experiment. Sounds pretty evil to me. He was blue green.

          • Kameenook

            His heart was black.

  • Melissa Juice



  • wiseguy

    Its been a few days and still, TCGplayer and SCG are still “out of stock” on them. its like they want you to wait till it release so they can jack up the price because they know 15 is low
    shady tactics if you ask me