• Zek Drakon

    So instead of bottom of library it graveyard .Grave Scary? Which matter on the deck could be better.

  • Peter Johnston

    scry 5

    • Jaya

      Way better than that.

  • Pesimitee

    It’s a worse taigam’s scheming. Not every card can be awesome.

    • The only difference is the name, how is it worse?

  • Jaya

    Its good but I fear it might make you lose on card advantage, if it had “draw a card” at the end it would had been bankers.

    • Nick Art

      If it had “Draw a card” it would go into every Blue deck in Standard.

  • Tragic

    It’s like an index with the ability to ditch cards you don’t want to draw, while filling the yard with cards you want to reanimate or flashback. I like it.

  • NoobOfLore

    Remember, the graveyard is just a second hand you have to work for.

  • Spacecat Runner

    My turn two in UB Zombies any day. I wouldn’t even look, just chuck ’em. Perfect name.