Council's Judgment - Conspiracy Visual Spoiler

Council’s Judgment

  • Color: White
  • Type: Sorcery
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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Will of the council — Starting with you, each player votes for a nonland permanent you don’t control. Exile each permanent with the most votes or tied for most votes.

When its power is threatened, the council speaks with a unified voice.

  • Zombie

    This could get nasty in EDH. Very, very nasty.

    Probably one of the most powerful Diplomacy cards in the game.

  • Lockwert

    Awesome card. Shows the best this keyword can offer.

  • Fbn Dnl Schlr

    This could be playable in Legacy because it essentially reads “Sorcery, 1WW: Exile a non-land permanent you don’t control.”
    You cast it, vote for one of your opponent’s non-land permanents, and because your opponent cannot vote for one of your permanents, they only have the “choice” to exile your vote OR exile your vote and their vote. It’s even able to exile TNM because it doesn’t target!

    • Yusuke

      I wonder how people use this card in real legacy tournaments. Will they stop a game and jet down cards’ names on piece of paper while trying not to be seen by the other player?

      • Jubei

        you vote. not secretly write down cards. and you start.

    • Lockwert

      3 cmc (1WW)

      All that and you only get to exile one nonland permanent. I don’t think it’s ~legacy playable~

    • Zombie

      If it was Instant, maybe.

      Not for 3 mana and at Sorcery speed though.

      • Silver

        Dear zombie, Vindicate, a 3cmc, sorcery removal sees legacy play so there goes your argument. I completely understand that vindicate is also a land removal and most of the decks that runs it also run heavy discard and sinkholes, wastelands and even some ports, so it can be used as a last ditch land destruction spell to further set back your opponent. But this, this is different. This cannot destroy a land, however it answers progenitus, enmrakul, shroud, hexproof, protection, indestructibility and also hits pws, artifacts and enchantments. After its casted, unless the opponent has a counter, something from your choice WILL be removed from play. I can see it as a one of in some heavy control decks, but well time will tell which one of us is right

        • Zombie

          It can’t destroy a land, and if you’re killing Emrakul with this your opponent playing Sneak and Show has done completely and horribly wrong and deserves nothing but to have their Emrakul set on fire in front them, because when you’re staring down Emrakul you should be losing immediately.

          And from how you seem to be judging the power of this card, you clearly don’t play competitive Legacy.

          Basically the only upside to this card being double white is Death and Taxes can run it. But they still probably won’t.

          • Silver

            I play legacy, but due to budget restrains I play burn/red aggro. So I really don’t know how control decks play over there (I just burns their faces and red elem blast/pyroblast everything they do). Honestly all I know is that this is going in all my white EDHs

          • Zombie

            Don’t get me wrong, Council’s Judgment is an AMAZING Commander Diplomacy tool.

            But people seem to realize that a card being really good in one format doesn’t automatically mean it will translate to other formats.

          • Antares

            Yup. I see this being a staple for White Commander decks. If it ever got reprinted in a standard legal set (AJAJAJAJAJA, NO), it would likely be a staple in THEM too (This is a million times better than an O-Ring, which is always a staple in white standard decks). It might even make it into Modern, if it were ever legal in that format (since it lacks several of the awesome spells that are staple removal in Legacy). That being said, I don’t think, for ONE SECOND, that this will ever see play in Legacy or Vintage, OR be printed in a Standard Legal set (because Will of the Council is not for Standard 1 vs 1, or Draft 1 vs 1).

            Legacy is a format where you can counter spells without paying mana (Daze, Force of Will), can put your opponent 1 or 2 lands behind you with some careful play WITHOUT using land destruction (Stifle on Fetchlands), and can put them WAY behind using Land Destruction (Wasteland), and where you can flip over your deck into play after two or three turns and swing to win (Living End decks). Most of the time, you REALLY want better things to do in Legacy than this. By the third turn of a normally developed game (1 land per turn), when this card could go online, most other Legacy decks are either winning, or setting up the win with their combo’d decks.

          • Fbn Dnl Schlr

            Show and Tell doesn’t grant haste. Progenitus out of Elves! doesn’t have haste as well. As Silver said, this card answers EVERY non-land permanent. Regardless of which type of card, mana cost, abilities, protection effects of all sorts, etc. And that is a FIRST in Magic. This fact alone should be why this card imho deserves a spot in Legacy.

            It’s 1WW cost is harsh, but doable. If a card is good enough, then the manabases have to and will adapt. And this card is. It could shift the meta.

          • Zombie

            > It could shift the meta

            No, it really couldn’t. Do you even comprehend the power level of Tier 1 Legacy Options? Do you know how broken a card would have to be to shove the Legacy meta aside? Toxic Deluge is much better creature removal, Vindicate doesn’t require two white sources for Death/Stone Blade, Swords is much better spot removal, Toxic Deluge is a much better mass removal, Supreme Verdict can’t be stopped by Daze or Force of Will, Liliana of the Veil is better for dealing with Hexproof/Shroud creatures because it has other options post -2, Abrupt Decay can’t be countered, Maelstrom Pulse can clear out multiple targets, and Thoughtseize can just take away their threat before they play it. There’s cards that already do whatever you want to do with Council’s Judgment, but either do it better, hit more things, or do it more easily.

            Anyone who immediately claims a card can shift the Legacy format without even playing it or seeing someone play it is someone I completely write off as a player. You do not make outlandish claims like some janky Commander- Multiplayer card making it into Legacy, let alone redefining the format, without the card even being played yet.

            I’ll eat my words if it ever sees play, but I highly doubt it, considering Legacy has access to the best cards in the game, and there are so many better options than Council’s Judgment.

          • AustinYQM

            Getting around shroud (Argothian Enchantress) and protection (Mother of runes) is a thing vindicate can’t do. I could easily see this replacing vindicate.

          • Zombie

            Because Vindicate is what you use to get around Death and Taxes, right?

            No, you use board wipe.

            Why do I even bother with spoilers on this site anymore.

          • AustinYQM

            Who mentioned Death and Taxes?

          • Silver

            No, not a single card of what you mentioned is a better removal than this. First of all, this exiles while everything else you mentioned but swords doesnt. Second, Swords doesnt hit mongoose, mother of runes, argothian enchantress progenitus or enmrakul. About lili, she doesnt exile nor she is an answer for artifacts or enchantments. Decay cant desroy expensive things (like jace, or progenitus and emnrakul). Deluge is an awesome mass creature removal, but as with lili, it falls shorts for answering pws, artifacts or enchantments. Veredict has an even more restrictive mana cost and agan only destroys and only creatures. Pulse clears multiple targets on very esoteric situations and is stopped by protections, shroud, hexproof and indestructibility.

            If anything, I agree that 1WW may be rough for legacy standars, however people still play vindicate, and this cards outshines it in every single aspect but one (tip: it has to do with lands, and for that, as you said, we run wasteland). Conclusion. All the cards you mentioned are situationally better than this (instant, removing more that one target, hitting lands, being a pw that stays arround, etc) However this card is the very best at what it does. I believe that saying that this is the less restrictive removal ever is not an exaggeration. You resolve this, and something, regardless of what anyone says, is removed.

          • Zombie

            You’re already running Wasteland to kill lands, Vindicate kills any permanent already, Lili hits untargetables, Tocix Deluge is a 3 mana board wipe, Supreme Verdict and Abrupt Decay can’t be countered, etc.

            The only way this would be Legacy playable is if it cost 1W.

  • Adam Watson

    i love this. going straight into edh.

  • Going into my esper yup definitely going into my esper. . .

  • Silver

    So on 1v1 you get a no drawback, unconditional non land permanent that gets arround shroud and hexproof? And on multiplayer you may even get 2 or 3 things removed depending on how your opponent react. AWESOME!!!!

  • Xero

    I love how this can take down big baddies like Progenitus, Blightsteel Colossus, and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. It’s like a directed sacrifice that exiles the permanent. Protection, Shroud, Hexproof, and Indestructible don’t matter. Probably the most versatile removal spell I’ve ever seen.

  • Wolf Ingram

    Everyone votes for something different and they ALL get exiled and none of it can be mine? Sounds phenomenal in edh!