• Avery Standley


  • imoth

    the artwork on some of these cards is incredible, but there’s something very distracting about all of them.. not sure what it could be……

  • Geoffrey Monson

    You’ve activated my counterspell, A COSTLY MISTAKE!

  • Together Alone

    This may look weird-ish online but they could look a lot better on paper, remember they are full foil cards still.

    • Zombie

      No amount of foiling could save this.

  • Zombie


    That border is complete garbage.

    • Spart

      People complained, banned together like a bunch of youtube-commentor degenerates to bash on Kaladesh inventions as well, and they turned out gorgeous. Not gonna make my own decision on these until I’m holding one in my hands. I’m sure all the reddit kids will have something to complain about while they sit in their pringle and cheetos dust for a few weeks atleast.

      • Shagoth

        I thought the Kaladesh inventions were oversaturated with gold and didn’t have enough contrast, I’ve seen those in person and they look decent. Lots of people say these look fug-ugly. (Including me) They aren’t full art, the words are tough to read, the main color is beige and looks diluted for foil, the color looks like chalk,the interior has such a small amount of detail that it looks like clunky cgi, it has a weird symbol, the art is tiny, but as per usual, the best part by far is all of the bolas inspired stuff. Visually, this set has been pretty bad so far. And most sets are the same in terms of visuals, heck lately they’ve been better than usual.

        • Hedronal

          Finally, someone with a worthwhile complaint (set) about these. I’m tired of seeing so many complaints about them that just amount to griping.

      • Zombie

        Far less people hated the Kaladesh border, though, and they quickly came around once the bigger and better Inventions came around.

        The public outcry against Invocations is much, much louder than Kaladesh

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      Now I know why you’re called Zombie. Because you’re dead wrong.

      • Zombie

        Come back to me when you can’t trade these away for any real value.

        Honestly I wouldn’t even be surprised if they get barred from sanctioned events for that font.

    • Dave

      I’m more taken aback by the typo. Whoever had the idea to put the card names next to confusing smybols needs to get fired.

      • Zombie

        Yeah the border’s bad but the font is just idiotic

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    This art reminds me of that one SpongeBob episode about bubbles.

    “No Squidward, that’s​ not how you counter spells! First, you gotta do a little of this, and some of this and this andthisandthisandthisand…”

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      Someone now owes me a dollar for making a SpongeBob reference about a Magic card. (:

    • Hedronal

      Looks more like an anti-seabear circle.