Crafty Cutpurse - Rivals of Ixalan Spoiler

Crafty Cutpurse

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  • Ryan Ulrich


  • Miles Rinesmith

    Deadeye Navigator done.

  • eltratzo

    that is a very interesting design. also I almost exclusively play edh decks focused on token strategies.
    and one of the guys I play with the most plays exclusively partially blue control-focused decks. this thing will cause me a LOT of grief.

  • Edward

    I really want to play this against Voice Of Resurgence so bad because it isn’t a may effect for its token creation. There is also plenty of Commanders this just stops/ hurts for a turn. Krenko, Ghave, Prosh, Edgar, Omnath, Rhys, and a few more. It can really just stop token decks from winning the turn you play it as long as they don’t already have an army.

    • Bregisdog

      If I’m not mistaken, the voice ability triggers on Cast, so they would get the Elemental before this hits the battlefield. If you cast other spells that turn, however you would get the elemental.

  • Coby Folk

    Empty the Warrens? :D

  • Ryan Ulrich

    Viable answer to infinite Prossh?

    • Ryan Davidson

      What is the infinite Prosh?

      • Marvin Sürig

        I think it’s a commander strategie where you use Prosh who creates tokens equal to the number of mana you used to cast it. By exiling it with Food Chain you get 7 mana and you can exil each token for 1 mana giving you more mana than you need to recast it from the command zone. This gives you infinity 0/1 Kobold tokens and mana.

        • Ryan Davidson

          Are you able to choose more than 1 color with food chain?

          • Marvin Sürig

            No but you can exile one token for red, one token for black and Posh for green ;)

  • Dinin

    Can I play this in reaction of Drake heaven?

    • Random Guy

      Yes. But all that does is give you a 2/2 drake, a 2/2 human pirate, and prevent them from using drake haven for the rest of the turn.

      The card isn’t especially strong or likely to see Standard play, it’s just fun.

      • Bregisdog

        Actually, I believe they pay 1 mana to make the Drake on resolution, so they could just choose not to pay and then you don’t get the drake

  • Edwin Marín Castro

    Token thief… Nice.

  • Jalais

    Seems good against GPG.

    • Umbacano

      God Pharoah’s Gift is a may ability. :-(

      • Jalais

        After you flash in and grab their first Angel, you should either be able to win or have an answer on your turn to destroy the gift.

        edit: I forgot they choose which creature on resolution, so they could just give you some trash.

        • Umbacano

          You won’t grab any Angel since they will just choose not to exile any creature card in their graveyard on resolution.
          But I guess at least it prevent them from using the ability.

          • Alexandre Donnart

            And you just played a 2/2 for 4. It works against the Scarab God though.

  • Umbacano

    I’d like to try this with Hunted Phantasm, Hunted Horror (preferably put onto play with Aether Vial) and Forbidden Orchard. :-)

    • Alexandre Donnart

      Trust me, you’d rather have Illness in the Ranks or Virulent Plague than this as a plan.

      • Umbacano

        Well probably. But it’s a different deck then. I’d play it in the Intruder Alarm shell (with Kiki-Jiki, Kioras Follower, mana dorks, maybe Knight of the Reliquary, Chord of Calling, Beck/Call etc). Actually I think it would replace Izzet Staticaster. I guess it won’t be good but definitely spicy.

  • Marvin Sürig

    Someone feels like this can make the stupidly bad 4/3 {1}{B} Pirate, who gives your opponent two treassures upon its dead, good?

  • David S. McCrae

    Get F-ed, Kiki Jiki!

  • Tolle

    My Inala deck needs this.

    • Adam Myers

      Um…What? This card is good against Inalla, not good in it. I think you read the card wrong.

      • Tolle

        No Inalla, Epahara. Not sure why I made that issue.

  • TogetherAlone

    Is this good enough for the old formats with dark depths?? HI I steal your Marit Lage token?

  • xSiNx SHADOW

    so how would this work with a token doubling enchantment?