• guy

    why no unicorn?

    • Iván Castro

      Because is not an unicorn. xD

      • guy

        Darth vader scream – NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Jonathan Reynolds


  • James Allen


  • Jay Kilian

    I just… what.

  • Dave

    Horse Lord out of nowhere!

  • ddd

    yep that gets right into my g/w lone rider deck.

  • Beeronious

    “Hello, ladies, look at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me. Sadly, he isn’t me, but if he stopped using ladies scented body wash and switched to Old Spice, he could smell like he’s me. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re on a boat with the man your man could smell like. What’s in your hand, back at me. I have it, it’s an oyster with two tickets to that thing you love. Look again, the tickets are now diamonds. Anything is possible when your man smells like Old Spice and not a lady.

    I’m on a horse.”

  • Brendo1795

    This could’ve been a cat that made cats invincible.. I cry

    • Hedronal

      But seemingly random tribal tho. Also this for sure won’t break tribal anything in standard.

      • Brendo1795

        I just wish they would stick to one or two tribes and actually make them viable for standard. Sphinx’s seem okay and best in the late game with the new lord but they’re still sooooo weak consider the fast hell that is standard meta (trading your 5-6 drop sphinx for your opponents 2 drop heart of Kiran just seems bad :/ ) Minotaurs are lacking some early game fuel with only 1 two drop and no one drops that I’m aware of so when your neheb comes down he’s pumping nothing and you still have cards In hand. And then cats cats cats, I had really high hopes for them and still do a little but they need some kind of indestructible or hexproof because the threats don’t turn on for a turn (Regal and pride sovereign)

        • Hedronal

          Also cats lost their bounceability when Felidar Guardian was banned. That with Regal Caracal seemed fun, functional, and non-broken.

  • Jay Kilian

    23 Horses in Magic’s history. 2 are in Standard, both in black and terrible, and both will rotate soon. This does curve with Annointed procession if you can figure out the lifegain (Annointer Priest?)

    • Alexandre Donnart

      Yep, there’s just no way to build a Tribal Horse deck. Procession + Life gain is the way to go. Sad thing about Priest is that it does not trigger when you play the actual Horse card.

  • Soren Szilver

    What is with this block and supporting weird tribals? First cats, then sphinxes and now horse? Incoming tribal jackal.

    • TogetherAlone

      and minotaurs

      • Communist_Bear

        and bears !

      • Soren Szilver

        Minotaurs have gotten some love in the past and where kinda pushed in theros. What I meant was never before pushed tribes. And I included cats because the only other real cat tribal stuff is inthis block if not this set.

  • Derek Mullins

    Well, that was out of nowhere…

  • Communist_Bear

    Ok, another sovereign felidar’s friend, i like it !

  • MrFacehug

    Wow, isn’t this weird… Maybe there will be horses in Ixalan?

    • TogetherAlone

      Nope, people ride Dinosaurs there.

      • jaya

        xD hilarious, but its true!!!

      • Nharzhool

        I want a creature in the new set: Equus – Dinosaur Horse

  • Kaiser

    Look at my horse…my horse is a mythic

  • TogetherAlone

    So the only good horse in all of magic I think

    • MithosFall

      The only one that comes close is Timbermare, I think. It’s OK but doesn’t really synergize with this.

      • Shagoth

        What about Thundermare?

        • MithosFall

          Thundermare is also OK, but in a red deck, I usually don’t want a 6-coster. Timbermare is closer to what Ball Lightning is going for.

      • Kaiser

        Timbermare in combo-aggro green is way better cause haste.

  • Shagoth

    I’ve never burst out laughing seeing a spoiler before.
    Who was asking for Horse Tribal? I didn’t even know there were horses in the game! There have been some odd tribal support with Cats and Sphinxes but this takes the cake. This makes Homarids look like elves. At least there’s multiple cards with Homarid support.
    The weirdest part is that this is…incredibly strong. This might be the chase mythic for standard, this is really, really good! If there are any horses that are playable, than this is ridiculously good!
    “It is evidence that some pure corner of this world still exists.”
    I can’t argue with that, Djeru.

    • Tezzybros

      homarids need support. maybe we go back to coldsnap, where the local homarids of the artic now are infected with a mutated worm made by the effects of the coldness of the world, eg: rimescale dragon is mutated. the new homarids are dimir colored, and uses the old ablility (land)home! yes, it traditional magic! sacing land to get benefit, and then the homarids then die, but really is their death a bad thing? dies, draw. dies, opp discards. dies, new ability :D frostbite! similar to deathtouch, but when it deals damage, the controller may pay 2 life or one (#) snow mana or the creature croaks (ded).

      • Shagoth


        • Tezzybros

          and while we are in coldsnap, rakdos Orc tribal where the orcs use the melting as an advantage. If the world has accepted it’s icy transformation, then melting the ice off of creatures should be excruciatingly deadly to them. the orc did notice this, ironically are too made of ice, but use it to melt the local denizens of tesaire, Coldsnap. Eg: control snow-covered creature? now its uncovered. uncovered? now DIE.

          3(R) sorcery uncover 5 snow-covered permenants target player controls. if he or she cannot, deal 3 to each of his or her creatures and each player.

        • Tezzybros

          if you like’d that then for gruul, One word:


        • Tezzybros

          for old times sake, azorius will have the honor of the return of cumulative upkeep. basically snow forts made of enchanted ice that requires constant maintenance, and should it collapse, you get bonuses like life gain or card draw or untapping many of your creatures on how many age counters there are on the cards!

        • Tezzybros

          and finally…
          please hear me out… don’t walk away on this one…please…
          for selesnya, Coldsnap shall bring you…

          banding back…
          but not really banding, more pseudo-like and more polished really.
          look at shaman EN-kor, that is similar to the idea i have in mind.
          Formation is the polished banding ability that lets you have the option to pay mana to redirect that damage and onto another creature with formation. THE END. unlike banding that was too complicated, this should be a more simplistic form that may be fun to play as for Coldsnap selesnya

  • Josh Bowdish

    Lifehorse Convergence?

  • Jude


  • Teddy Gillespie

    This card is awesome. It can be and is probably better as being a stand alone bomb that can top off a curve, and after 2 turns of life gain I doubt you could lose

    • Jay Kilian

      Well, this horse itself does not have indestructible. Now if you had 2 of them down it’d be nuts.

      • Teddy Gillespie

        true but this dodges fatal push and grasp, and they have to work to hit it with harnessed lightning which are the most played i believe. i can live with them removing this when zombies and G/B energy will have a really hard time. Most don’t run too many never//returns and so only mardu will tend to have a constant good answer out of the tier 1 decks

  • ymmij X

    can we just acknowledge that this horse and each of it’s babies are as strong or stronger than the gods of this plane. also since each end step just make sure to gain life on your turn and an opponents

    • Happy The Cat

      that’s why the roman empire did so well actually, not because they had like 100 gods, but because they learned to stick a wagon on a horse and it made them unstoppable.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Sweet Pony Jesus.

  • Zombie


  • Victoria Stanton

    In a soul sister deck tho…

    • Marvin Sürig

      Each EDH player that uses Trostani will get this thing. There won’t be any planned Trostani EDH in which this card won’t be.

  • Julian Allen

    let’s count ways to gain life…also put two of these on the board. unending horses.

    Cheers love~ The cavalry’s here : D

    • Random Guy

      God-Pharaoh’s Faithful, stuff like that.

  • Scud422

    Finally! The perfect combo piece with Sacred Prey.

    • Hedronal

      Sadly not with Tarpan.

  • Grant Jacobson

    The others all said that horse tribal was a foalish idea, but to these dissenters she said “NEIGH!” and grew up to become a horse lord

    • Nathanael Lambert

      your comment hurn me inside

      • Grant Jacobson

        hurn pun?

  • Random Guy

    The only horses in standard are ghoulsteed and this lol.

    Very strong card regardless. The tribal element of it is actually the weaker part.

    • Grant Jacobson

      and Nightmare and Stallion of Ashmouth and Metallic Mimic, but yeah you have a point

    • Daniel Kaine Allen

      Well in all fairness, if it just said the same thing without explicitly mentioning horses, it would be a cheaper avacyn without keyword abilities.

      • Random Guy

        Without keyword abilities or Transform. That would be an extremely weak Avacyn.

        • Daniel Kaine Allen

          I was refering to OG avacyn, not the newer one.

          • Random Guy

            Oh okay.

            This card does not give itself indestructible. It says “OTHER horses”. It is effectively an overcosted Selfless Spirit if you ignore the life ability.

          • Daniel Kaine Allen

            Nonetheless, I love this card and the fact that it can generate tokens even on your opponents’ turns makes this a strong creature

  • jaya

    What? Horse tribal? rly? make it happen xD

  • Johan K

    Since my first ever Commander deck was Trostani, this will likely find its way into my possession. I always keep an eye out for cards that work well with her. Phyrexian Processor is one of my favourites for instance.

  • Thomas Dixon

    I want a playable 1 drop horse

    • Demiurgo

      Sacred prey


        love how sacred prey’s ability is reverse afflict

  • Aurore

    Horse Tribal?? Dafuq? Is that a thing? *Goes to look up horses on gatherer*

  • Chuck

    This + Authority of the Consuls

  • Jeremy Perez

    Sacred prey , nuff said

  • Edwin Marín Castro

    We knew we will have dino lords in dino tribal from Ixalan, now we got pony tribal. But I still don’t see any Viashino lord, Wizards enjoys torturing me.

  • Gregory Walter

    These horses can do battle with dragons! DRAGONS!!

    • Tolle

      Rides my dragon right over your horse

      • ymmij X

        uses mighty leap and watches my horse eat your dragon

        • Tolle

          A. That requires an extra not heavily used card.
          B. That is assuming your horse is big enough to eat my dragon. A lot of dragons have 6+ toughness.

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    Use Whip Seargeant’s ability on it to Whip Neigh Neigh. I’m really sorry.

    • Grant Jacobson

      watch it…or you’ll do the stanky leg …*lol*

  • Nanya

    If only it said Pegasus, Horses and Centaurs

    • Caleb Martin

      You forgot unicorns!

      Also, although that would be nice, none of those are on this world (then again, I wouldn’t have guessed horses were on this world so who knows?)

    • Geddon

      Not a whole lot of Pegasi and Centaurs on Amonkhet, I’m afraid.

      • Daniel Kaine Allen

        In all fairness this is also the only horse we know of so far as well, hopefully that changes soon.

  • Ryū

    It’s weird, feels out of place, and I absolutely love it.

  • Deadly Berry

    I believe that the Horse keyword is negligible. The real thing to watch for is the potential once per turn 5/5 token with no apparent drawback.

    • Tolle

      5/5 indestructible token. Arguably better than the 4/4 flier we got for gaining 4 or more life a turn

      • Deadly Berry

        Silly me, I just noticed it to be a Horse token.

        • Nate Winchester

          Get 2 out and they make each other indestructible.

          Mongolian deck here I come…

      • Mov

        Plus it directly affects the board even without the tokens. But it is easier to remove than an enchantment. Redundancy on the effect is good for lifegain edh though?

        • Tolle

          Oh, in EDH, run both. As for ability to remove. Given it is indestructible itself it might be harder

          • Mov

            “Other Horses have indestructible.” I mean a 5 5 indestructible for 5 wouldn’t really be below rate for a rare even without the ability.

          • Tolle

            Yeah, I noticed that later…

    • Jalais

      What about when you have two of them, since this thing is not legendary.

      • Deadly Berry

        What I’m trying to say is, you don’t play this because it makes your Horses indestructible, you play it because it puts a 5/5 token on every turn. Yes you can have two of them, but if you run 4 of them because “they give indestructible to each other” you’re in for a surprise.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Do you automatically win if you cast Riding the Dilu horse on this?! o_O

    • Grant Jacobson

      it is the appointed hour, perhaps a horse lord can change what a horse could not?

    • Mov

      According to the rules on that card it would give this horse horsemanship – so a horse riding another horse?

      Flavor rules: Riding the Dilu Horse should act as a mind control effect on horse creatures.

      • Blahblahblahbla

        If a horse has horseMANship.. maybe it becomes a horse man.. is this how centaurs are born? This might be the god of centaurs!

  • Bige Boiy

    it has horseship

  • Chaospyke

    In the WOTC Design Room;

    ‘We need another mythic in white’


    “Hm, that’s good for a rare maybe but mythic-‘


    “That creature type is too bland. I need-”


    ‘That’s not-‘


    ‘Fine, what’s it do?’


    But in all seriousness i adore this card. Hopefully we get a legendary horse for edh.

    • Jonathan Reynolds

      The McElroy school of design.

  • zombie nation

    calling it now, horses on dominaria, wizards has a thing for odd creature type clues for the future sets, like the pirate in kaladesh only to have them be a supported tribe in ixalan, and with dominaria being a classic plane of sorts horses would be a natural flavour of a classic world

  • Eli Eyal Broide

    Sun Droplet for horse each turn :)

  • Jonathan Reynolds

    Look at my horse; my horse is amazing.

  • Thomas Luffman

    This + an akroan horse (yours or someone else’s preferably yours) and a soul warden.
    Alternatively, you could use the functional conspiracy reprint to make everything a horse.

  • Casey Horan

    Could this replace Archangel of Thune in Soul Sisters? Cuz wouldnt it go infinite creating unlimited tokens and life assuming it isnt delt with?

    • Casey Horan

      Disregard. Didnt read end step lol

  • scotch1337

    Oloro EDH must!!

  • Mike Madsen Sørensen

    I’m thinking, this could actually fit well in a Cat Tribal deck. Some of the new cards for it we have now makes lifelink tokens that can help make the clause easy enough to fulfill, and it would do well as a top end of the curve in such a deck. A couple or three, depending on how fast you want to go, and things are golden.

    • Random Guy

      That was my deck, but eventually I gave up cats in favor of Oketra’s Monument.

  • Vizzerdrix

    This is weird right? I’m not saying it’s bad but this is weird right? Feels really out of place to me

  • Bostorket

    “Will we stand for this?!?”


  • Communist_Bear

    he tastes just like raisins

  • Grant Jacobson

    Mmmmm! sweet lemonade!

  • Bige Boiy

    insolent fool

  • Daniel Kaine Allen

    Get on my horse and I’ll take you ’round the universe, and all the other places, too!!

  • ThePonymorph

    Thinking the same. I also think of altering it so it’s Sunbutt.

  • Nharzhool

    I think you’ll find that the universe pretty much covers everything…