Crucible of Fire - M15 Spoiler

Crucible of Fire

  • Color: Red
  • Type: Enchantment
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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Dragon creatures you control get +3/+3.

“The dragon is a perfect marriage of power and the will to use it.”
-Sarkhan Vol

  • Taco

    So. . . Dragons are going to be THAT big of a thing come the Tarkir block. . .

    • Jordan

      well it does take place in Sarkon Vohls home plane which used to be full of dragons. And the second set is supposedly called Dragons of Tarkir.

    • da

      Maybe, but it could just be like Demons in the Innistrad block. Vol returns to his home plane only to find almost all the dragons have been hunted to extinction or something like that. Then the final set he saves the dragons or whatever, maybe even Ugin will show or whatever. I am really hopping this doesn’t happen, but it’s a chance.

    • MrAptronym

      There are no dragons on Tarkir. They are extinct. Presumably Sarkhan is bringing them back or something. Keep in mind this card was in Alara too, its not like dragons were that big of a thing there, but they had a few.

      • Taco

        Yeah, but in alara there were 10 dragons, some of which pooped out other dragons. They said dragons were extinct on Tarkir, but a reprinting of this means that we will definitely see otherwise.

        • MrAptronym

          Well with sarkhan in the art, and the fact that every magic set has dragons no matter how little it makes sense, there were obviously going to be dragons. I would even expect a dragon tribal thing personally, but this card doesn’t necessitate that; I am just saying Alara wasn’t known as a dragon set.

          Personally I hope it isn’t as big a dragon set as it seems likely to be, because I don’t like dragons.

      • da

        I hope they do like they did with eldrazis, have the first two sets having no dragons, but forshadowing dragons and having cards that effect dragons, then the final set having like 20 dragons.

  • Dustin Weeks

    If this isnt foreshadowing i dont know what is…

  • kothmage

    This is rare, site says uncommon tho…

    • Typo, they do that sometimes.

  • duke

    Yea because most dragons need +3/+3…

    • Jordan

      You mean all those 0/1 and 0/2 dragons? Or maybe the 2/2’s for 4 mana? :)

  • GryphonPT

    Thank god mutavault is leaving ;)

    • Adam Watson

      omg thank god is right.

    • Mick Cortella

      Actully m14 leaves rotation AFTER a certain date. They did that with m13 so it is possible of mutavault +3 +3

  • Jordan

    Dragon tribal…. I wonder if it’s possible. Could be a good card once theros rotates when all the enchantment hate is gone.

  • Dr. Burn Crow


  • tocoman

    this turn 4 storm breath turn 5 7/7 to the face love it

  • David S

    Sarkhan + This = Probably Nuts

  • kuba altsmid

    dragon hatchling beatdown would be so sweet!! :D (if they will be reprinted)

  • latria


  • wombat604

    With this, I’m expecting that there will lots of dragons from Takir to complement it. Seems like fun

  • Violator

    I hope the next expansion focuses a lot on Dragons!

  • AliasBot

    Run in an izzet deck, play it turn 4. You don’t have any dragons, and your opponent wonders what the point of even using the card was…cast a few spells with Young Pyromancers out to build an army of 1/1 tokens…then overload Dragonshift for a field of 7/7 fliers. Because izzet is never practical, but it is always fun.

  • Happy The Cat

    Before you all start riding the dragon hype train remember they have printed a lot of dragon tribal before. M14 has scourge of valkas, don’t remember that card? It’s a 4/4 flying fire-breather for 2rrr that says when a dragon hit the field it hits any thing for how many dragons you control. Return to Ravnica Utvara hellkite 6rr 6/6 flying that makes it so when a dragon swings you get another 6/6 flying dragon
    Currently we have 11 dragons in standard five of which are mythic the only two less than five mana are hatchling and egg who also close out the group for non-rares

    Stop trying to make dragon tribal happen, it’s not going to happen