• SpiritHades

    This card is dank nasty

  • Deadly Berry

    Awesome artwork. (Insert border rant here).

  • ningyouNK

    I don’t think I’m being nostalgic because I never played with Damnation, but I think I still prefer the more iconic art from Kev Walker (the big black hole mimicking Wrath of God.) In general I’m not super into the invocations where it’s unclear what’s happening. Here for instance, this could be the illustration of basically any removal spell.

    • I think it’s a worthy enough variant artwork, especially considering the set where Nicol Bolas is basically destroying every single thing. But yeah I actually prefer the original myself.

      I’m just reminded of the Kaladesh reprint of Diabolic Tutor (where Liliana’s whispering into Chandra’s ear), which I hate in comparison to the one with the skeleton whispering into the creepy guy’s ear… but after a bit I recognized that people who love those two plainswalkers or who want to use more benevolent or less gory artwork probably love it. Diversity in artwork choices is a good thing in my opinion.

    • Happy The Cat

      not just any removal spell, but any realistically any smaller black or red spell that didn’t have lightning or flame in their name. if you told me this was cabal ritual I would believe you.

  • Nanya

    Nicol Bolas: I own you! I own your plane! I own this plane! In fact, F*** this plane!

    • Gregory Walter

      “I’m gonna make my own plane! With blackjack and hookers!”

  • Jude

    I mean…more ways to get damnation? I guess? Still not a fan of the border and this ones art is cool but also a bit passive fore a boardwipe. If its blwing the field there needs to be mass destruction, an explosion, smoke pillars, lightning, earthquakes, giant holes in the ground..

    • It’s Nicol Bolas in the middle of a field of utter devastation. This entire storyline is him wiping himself with an entire plain. What more do you want? =P

  • Happy The Cat

    if they would just print this card in a normal set it wouldn’t have the $18-$30f price tag anymore, the card isnt that great, it just only has exclusive printings that were hard to get.

    • DJ Pad

      They don’t want this card in standard, that’s why. It’s not hard to underdstand.

  • Kaiser

    Nicol Bolas in Damnation art? OMFG

  • Nyos

    I need a playmat with this art!! 10/10, should be the face of the set