• Liam Maiher

    The text box is ugly

    • Tavis Carrillo


  • Taxle


  • Breadlord

    And people said it’d never get a reprint, no wonder WOTC has been so silent.

  • Kaiser

    Hello darkness my old friend (?)

  • Zombie


    • Haunter!

      *board wiping our memes.

    • Soren Szilver

      Be honest, would you rather have the meme or the reprint?

      • Zombie

        Paper doesn’t last forever, internet memes live eternal

        Also internet memes don’t cost you hundreds of dollars when they get reposted/reprinted

        [Stares at his entire binder full of Zendikar fetches while sobbing]

  • Giby86 .

    Cowards. This should have been in Amonkhet.

    • Melissa Juice

      God, no.

    • Haunter!

      There’s still hope.

    • Ryan Cameron

      Could still be as part of the masterpiece series maybe?

      • Giby86 .

        Yeah, and it would have exactly the same impact on its pricing: ZERO. We sorely need some high-value reprints, and not in limited edition sets, but in core, high-availability products like normal sets.

        • Zombie

          Damnation’s already dropped to $50 from the the $60-$70 range in a single day.

          And the preorders for MM17 Damnation are pretty much $30-$40 everywhere.

          • Giby86 .

            Remember when Chandra preorders were 60$? Preview season ALWAYS does that. Prices will bounce back up as they usually do. And a 40$ damnation is still nowhere near a reasonable price tag.

    • Zombie

      4 mana Black wrath in Standard?

      What are you smoking and where can I get some?

      • Cthulhooo

        Gotta vaporize those giant snakes before they become too cancerous.

      • Giby86 .

        I don’t really care about balancing Standard (although it’s not the end of the world if we could see some control back in Standard, imo), I care about pricing. Printing Damnation in a very limited edition set like this will do NOTHING to the price of the card, whereas if they printed it in a normal set it would have a huge impact, which is what we sorely need. The same is true for enemy-color fetchlands. Yes, their prices will drop slightly, but it’s definitely not enough.
        Also, it’s not like they’re above insta-banning cards in standard nowadays.

  • Matt H

    As a rare? Heck yes!

  • Cthulhooo

    I’ll be damned!

  • Deadly Berry

    So you’re kinky now Wizards? Breaking your own taboo?

    • Kevan Kramer

      How is this taboo? Black can destroy all creatures. This is just the best black card that does it is all.

      • Deadly Berry

        the taboo is the reprint, not the effect itself.

        • Kevan Kramer

          This was never taboo to reprint. They tried to reprint it before, but failed for one reason or another

        • Reyos Blackwood

          Planar chaos is not on the reserve list.

  • Disciple of MTG

    soo is this the black sn / moon of mirrodin?

    • Litdaze

      Check Planar Chaos…

    • Reyos Blackwood

      Nope it’s the black wrath of god, and the art is meant to reflect that. Black Sun’s Zenith is the Mirrodin sun card. Though I admit art wise the big black circle looks alot like Mirrodin’s sun, and WotC could make it be the black sun if they wanted, but I doubt it.

  • Miles Rinesmith

    About Fing time this should have been in MM2013 or MM2015 but no Wizards like to play mind games with us those bastards.