• ShannoSauro


    • NC

      Because Cold Snap.

      Also, he kinda needed a reprint. Seven dollars, pah.

    • Kahai

      Because solider’s is a strong draft subtheme.

  • Bruiser Moore

    Haha yes, Cold Snap, the forgotten expansion from Ice Age, released years later. I figured Ohran Viper would be the contribution from that set.

  • BusinessmanGinger

    Another example of, “WTH is this card being reprinted”? The only place I have seen it used is Commander and not even that much. I would much rather have Arcum Dagsson or Dark Depths than this guy.

    • JD Farrell

      Perhaps because it’s still a part of Magic history and will be bonkers in draft?

      • BusinessmanGinger

        I agree he’s part of Magic history and important, but I would argue Dark Depths has even more history and represents Coldsnap much better than he does since it’s actually used in well known decks in Legacy and banned in Modern for how powerful it is. Also if your going to make the argument that it’s a part of Magic history, that’s basically saying I can take a random card from Coldsnap, let’s say Thermal Flux, and say, “It’s from Magic’s history, therefore it should be reprinted”.

        • Giby86 .

          There’s no reason for this to be 7$. This needed to be reprinted.

    • Tolle

      This hardly fall in that category. Unlike others this sees play and has some value At least it did when I bought it a few years ago

      • BusinessmanGinger

        Just checked MTGStock, he’s currently at an all time high of $7.25 and has been rising since RTR, which is how far back in time the graph goes. I’m not saying he’s bad in limited, I said that I have not seen him played in other formats such as Modern, Legacy, Vintage etc. I would much rather see him in a token generation commander deck or something similar down the road that uses him to the max, rather than here taking up a rare slot.

        • Tolle

          Well, amazingly enough, this set isn’t just about competitive formats.

  • bentheechidna


    • Coulter Baker

      Dralnu already has his sub-type changed to wizard, though it’s not printed on him ;)

    • Marvin Sürig

      Every Lord got an errata but they hardly got repritns which is why those changes cane only be seen in the gather.

      • Kahai

        That day, the day they errata’d my lords, along with the day they revised the RL back in 2010, were darks days imo. :/

  • TezzeretofCarmot21


  • Happy The Cat

    but the real question is will we get a Soul Sister to go with it?

    • Tolle

      I hope so. At common so you are likely to pull it if you first pick this.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Epic. Darien has always been a fav.