Dark Confidant - Modern Masters Spoiler

Dark Confidant

  • Color: Black
  • Type: Creature - Human, Wizard
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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At the beginning of your upkeep, reveal the top card of your library and put that card into your hand. You lose life equal to its converted mana cost.

  • yegs

    Hi new bob nice chair

  • mr.popo

    bob. returns.

  • Anonymous

    I know they gonna reprint dark confidant. What next? Thoughtseize?

  • Modern Masters = Best set ever?…

    • Ben Meszaros

      If you can get a hold of it.

      • JJ

        Why wouldnt you be able to? I’ll be drafting it until more store runs out.

        • Ben Meszaros

          Most outlets selling a box for about 300. Most stores getting around 10 boxes. Not looking so hot.

          • JJ

            I’m getting mine for 140 at my store. Where the hell do you live?

          • justindeltora

            Its a bormal set not a short limited print run with everything being mormal exept for no pre release

          • Ben Meszaros

            How are you swinging that? 6.99 a pack X 24 packs = 167.76 a box before tax. I can’t imagine anyone selling this at a discount when Starcity is selling at $300 a box and Channelfireball is selling for $269.
            The question is, if you really are getting that kind of a deal, where do YOU live!? ;)

      • MyArmadaHasWurms

        Stores should be able to get a hold of it. My local shop isn’t even a core store yet ( we don’t get the foil promos for FNM) and they are scheduled to get two shipments of 12 boxes in. I already preordered one booster box and I’m thinking of getting a few more!

      • Seriously it isn’t going to be easy…

  • Ranuck

    I am the only one that thinks that Mythic cards that used to be rare will make this set not worth? Only missing Thoughtseize Mythic and Vendilion -.-‘
    Oh, and Kitchen finks will be rare? What a **** of set (not because of quality, because of the prize)

    • PJ

      well considering the power level of the cards, the price of the cards, and the fact that when they were originally printed there was no such thing as a “mythic” rare, i find it perfectly ok to make certain things rarer. also, kitchen finks is a great card, is should be rare, there are cards WOTC makes and they really undervalue them.

  • lenins

    This artwork is so bad. I am happy I still have my set of bob`s already.

  • lickmytooth

    no bob! stop trying to steal the fifth element!!!

  • justindeltora


  • nameless

    this card proves magic players will love any card that lets them get a card. i long for the day when they make a card that lets you draw for punching yourself in the face so i can see all the players walking around with black eyes