• Marky Day

    This one seems better than some of the rares. Pumps itself with treasure, which can later be used to ramp into something big or just to cash out as a consolation. I love mana sinks like this.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Holy hell this is useful. Also, harpoon gun.

    • Random Guy

      Very overcosted. Compare to Majestic Myriarch, or Tireless Tracker. This is honestly kinda a hard sell for limited.

      • Dr. Burn Crow

        Your mom is very overcosted and none of the fellas complained.
        I’m kidding, I bet she’s a lovely lady.

      • Shawn Michael Diaz

        It won’t be great in limited, but in constructed, it’s easy to get this above the curve. If you just play it on curve, it could easily be a 5/5 and in the right deck, getting it above 9/9 is very possible.

        • Random Guy

          Uh, yeah if you spend 20 mana on it. Wot?

          • Shawn Michael Diaz

            Fun fact, it’s not the only card in the game that produces artifacts. : )

  • Bartek Krajewski

    It’s actually funny that Tezzeret the Schemer makes same tokens but with different name. Maybe tezzeret will see at least some play….

    • Kitnz

      He very well might! I had a UB brew with a finisher in Marionette Master that just wasn’t cutting it, but the addition of these Treasure tokens should be enough artifacts (the ammo) for the deck to be better. Contraband Kingpin and Tezzeret were the main non-artifact drops other than Marionette Master. The problem I had was balancing sacrificable artifacts with artifacts that had more impact on the field. These Treasure tokens should help that issue.

      • Max Rotekerl

        can u post on tappedout?

  • kekek

    Rowdy Crew is a mythic and this uncommon beat the hell out of it imo. Should of been switched.

  • Chris Tomsky

    I was waiting for more Treasure making cards in Dimir colors, but not sure about this one. I’m definitely interested but I hope there’s better coming. 5 is a lot, but I guess if we go control its not too bad. Basically use it like a Glimmer of Genius holding up 4 mana for counterspells or removal in response and dumping into a Treasure if they don’t cast anything.

  • Happy The Cat

    I would like to point out we also will be getting a card that says “at the beginning of your upkeep, if you control ten or more Treasure, you win the game”
    just saying.

    • galen150

      and it also has a method of getting treasures. plus, this thing will just become a giant beat stick as you accrue more and more treasure.

  • Edward

    This seems great for pirate Tribal EDH. I think the main thing that will help Pirates in EDH will be all of the Treasure producing. You can stock pile up treasures to either use cast Pirates when you need to, use them to cast removal/ counterspells, or use them a a win condition with Revel In Riches. Mechanized Production could be a backup win condition too.

  • Hedronal

    This just seems fun. Synergy with the set, and outside of it.