• galen150

    there better be one hell of an equipment card for this guy to grab

    • Shagoth

      It says AN equipment, so would Skullclamp suffice as one hell of an equipment?

      • Aurore

        Yeah but that isn’t in standard.

        • Shagoth

          Well, we still have some pretty good vehicles.

    • Random Guy

      Maybe some flickering equipment?

  • Rubythroat

    Deadeye Quartermaster. This must be the most pirate-like name so far.

    • Aurore

      What about Deadeye Navigator?

      • Rubythroat

        I like quartermaster over navigator. But I can see either way if not for the art.

        • Aurore

          Well Navigator isn’t in the set, so that won’t be a problem.

          • E.

            I couldn’t help but wonder if it was originally intended to be a masterpiece for Ixalan and if that’s why they chose the name deadeye for the pirates.

          • Shagoth

            I’m still upset that they decided to not do masterpieces for a set dedicated to treasure.

          • Aurore

            I mean it seems like the masterpieces were gonna be lands, so not a big loss.

          • Shagoth

            Why couldn’t it have been something like “Treacherous Beasts” so that they’d find a bunch of terrible critters to fight against? From cultists to fatties, it would work in an Indiana jones setting.

          • Alex

            I am now sad there won’t be masterpiece series including Skeleton ship, Ramirez, and Cloud Pirates.

          • sansmyhands

            I’ve been wondering if they’re gonna bring soulbond back in Rivals and reprint it. It feels like a major miss if they don’t.

    • Bhuddy

      Boatswain seems to be the most accured translation.

  • Pacoqueiro

    The flavor text says something in the lines of “Welcome aboard, friend! You’ll need this.”

  • obo

    Sky Sovereign’s pilot

    • Hedronal

      2/3 of it.

  • Tony Delfino

    This feels like it’s in the wrong color. Tutoring for equipment is usually a white thing.

    • Aurore

      Blue has been able to tutor for artifacts period, so I think tutoring for specific subsets of artifacts is acceptable.

      • Tony Delfino

        That’s true, though lately blue artifact tutors have had a CMC restriction. I don’t think it’s had tutor up without that since the first Mirrodin block. Not saying it is wrong, just that it doesn’t sit right on a blue card to me. Feels like they’re pushing it.

        • Frosty

          Nah they are not. The latest searchers have had some sort of restriction, such as the type of cmc you can search for, however it can be any artifact, meaning artifact creature/vehicle/equipment. This card does not have a cmc restriction, but it does have an artifact type restriction, as in it can only search for vehicles and equipments. It sits just fine in blue as artifact search is indeed a blue strength, while white focuses on enchantments and artifacts(more specifically equipments).

    • Demiurgo

      It’s a pirate and pirates in Ixalan are in Grixis colors only.

  • Hedronal

    And yet Depala can’t play it.