• Devon Ronald MacInnis

    a 3 three mana mini craterhoof, I love it

    • 134679852

      If you’re sacrificing a six drop to play this, I doubt you’re running a deck that could abuse Hoofie. Those decks rarely run anything that costs more than 2 (excluding ramp targets like Hoofie).

  • My1digit IQ

    Is that a Princess Mononoke reference?

    • Scott Everett

      Indirectly it seems- I remember that creature

    • Steel Dom

      I thought the same ;-)

  • Scott Everett

    worried for green in this set. This card is pretty decent, but craterhoof is so much better the comparison hurts. For casual I would like to sac a Jugan for this guys emerge cost, play GGG, and have a 14/14 trample haste. He is good for casual, but I doubt he will see much constructed play.

    • Matt86

      Yeah, comparing it to maybe the best overrun-granting creature in the history of magic, maybe the best overrun effect period in the history of magic, game winning piece of decks in all formats, makes this basically unplayable :-P

      • Minizem

        The only benefit this has over craterhoof is the emerge, letting you potentially cast it for a really low mana cost, but that is only a pro in a 1 v 1 comparison. If you consider all the ways to cheat creatures into play in formats like modern and edh then its clear what the better card is.

    • Gareth Martin

      You compare it to crater?! I can do that to a lot of cards.


      • Scott Everett

        A high CMC creature, sort of green, that grants trample and pumps seems to compare itself unfavorably to Craterhoof Behemoth

        • Gareth Martin

          so do a huge portion of magic cards in general.

    • Zombie

      Comparing this to Craterhoof is like comparing a very fine, high quality master-crafted sword fit for a king to a 50 megaton nuclear warhead.

      This is going to be a card that defines Standard, and it possibly even has some potential minor Modern applications as well.

      Craterhoof Behemoth isn’t strictly better than this, just objectively better.

      • Matt86

        Plus, I can, at the top of my head, tell you that, depending on the price, I will put this in every single green EDH deck I own, which is not true for CB, so yes, this is also something to take into account.

        • Zombie

          If it’s in good in Standard as I think it will be it will probably hold the same price as Craterhoof if not surpass while it’s legal in Standard.

          But given that it’s not as strong as Crater if will definitely be the budget option for EDH decks once it rotates and its price plummets.

    • munkeemanometal

      I think some decks might even prefer this to Craterhoof, like an elfs-ish sort of ramp deck that plays some thragtusk-esque creatures for example.

  • Sani

    If only it gave haste to other creatures you could sac something like Wurmcoil Engine.

    • Jonathan Reynolds

      Hitting your opponents with an 8/8 trample deathtouch lifelink still sounds pretty good.

  • Jaya

    So Emerge is green and blue, madness e red and black, what is white mechanic?

    • 134679852

      I highly HIGHLY doubt that their going to limit these abilities by colour. In SOI, the abilities are linked to tribes, and the tribes to colours. While this may seem like a nit-pick, the cards with these new abilities are linked to Eldrazi. As we’ve seen in BFZ, the Eldrazi are not linked to any colour unlike the other tribes on Innistrad.

      • They limit the majority of an ability’s appearances by limited archetypes, which limits them by color.

    • Blahblahblahbla

      The White mechanic is casting Thalia.

  • Zombie

    The obvious comparison for this card is Craterhoof Behemoth, but I think comparing a card that’s perfectly capable of defining Standard around itself to a Modern/Eternal powerhouse is a bit unfair.

    Green ramp decks have a guaranteed win condition now, and this is going to reshape how other Standard decks play around them.

    Being able to give +2/+2 for GGG, or even 1GGG, is an immensely strong ability. And on top of that, its basic body is actually larger than that of Craterhoof for when its pump effect no longer affects itself.

    If you somehow can’t win the game the turn this comes into play, your opponent is going to be hard-pressed to survive the next turn without some spot removal.

    • Arcus Diabolus

      One thing that I noticed is this is better suited for decks with fewer creatures. So of you wanna play a craterhoof behemoth but not playing weenies, then you play this and hit them with a 9/9 trampler and maybe one or two 6/6s as well.

      • This doesn’t get its own ability’s buff.

        • Eduardo

          Actually…Yeah, it does… “Creatures you control get +2/+2 and gain trample until end of turn.”, not “Other creatures you control…”

          • Trevor Terry

            When you CAST it, not when it enters.

            When the buff applies, it’s still being cast, so it’s not affected.

          • “When you cast”

      • Zombie

        If it gave the other creatures Haste, it would be hilarious in R/G Tron in Modern with Wurmcoil Engine.

    • EJ

      I don’t know anything about standard, but Craterhoof is much more abusable than this guy. You can cheat Craterhoof into play. You can Green Sun’s Zenith or Chord of Calling or Tooth and Nail into Craterhoof. You can blink Craterhoof, reanimate Craterhoof, clone Craterhoof, Kiki-Jiki Craterhoof tokens, etc.

      Craterhoof is a really good finisher in a deck where you have a lot of small utility creatures or tokens and then you play Craterhoof to swing for lethal. This card is optimized when you have a 6 CMC creature on the field and you sac it. But in most constructed formats, the 6 CMC creature is already the threat. Unless it has an awesome death trigger or wants to be in the graveyard, there’s very few circumstances where you want to kill it to throw down a different threat.

  • TogetherAlone

    So is R/G eldrazi/ramp gonna be a thing?

    • Rovkir Hexus

      I thought it was already.

  • Nanya

    Hmm, this might be pretty good in my Gruul EDH deck.

  • Happy The Cat

    the only drawback to emerge is that it won’t ever be playable with birthing pod in modern. imagine this following up your primeval titan to jump from 6 to elevens like Ulamog or the octopus jumping you to your artisan after it tapped down four things. modern would look insane right now if they hadn’t banned it.

  • Ryū

    So. Much. Bacon. God-I mean Emrakul, I love Emerge.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    Is this the eldrazi version of Cratorhoof Behemoth?

  • MrAptronym


  • Bige Boiy

    “decimateur” makes it sound so professional

  • Julna Buras

    And the “Most Disgustingly Good Mechanic” Oscar goes to…

  • munkeemanometal

    I’m starting to imagine this in a modern deck with Solem Simulacrums, Thragtusks, Wurmcoils and Matter Reshapers with some miscellaneous ramp / tokens / value creatures… doesn’t actually seem awful. It might even be a key card for the Eldrazi deck(s), which still seems to be a thing in modern despite the banning of Eye of Ugin.

    • Carlos

      With that much colorless, why don’t you make it G Tron Eldrazi? You could focus it in early ramp boosted by Tron, being able to excel at any stage of the game due to Eldrazi’s raw power, and finishing things with Emrakul, The Promised End. Or make a more midrange Stompy with goyfs ‘n stuff. You could even make a kinda Eldrazi Pod with the revamped Natural Order which is being released. I dunno, green is extremely diverse, but what you say would lose nothing with Tron.

      • munkeemanometal

        Yeah, I basically thought all those things : ) Card might have a lot of potential.

  • Bostorket

    Crater-ish Behemoth

  • Vizzerdrix

    really wish there was a legenedary green eldrazi i want to be “that guy” playing the full on eldrazi deck

  • Alex

    Shout out to Princess Mononoke?

    • The King of Card Games

      imagine if infect was in eldritch moon

    • Christoph Ebner

      damn right ^^

  • The King of Card Games

    Does this card affect itself? It’s on cast, not etb, so I’d think it wouldn’t be on the field to be affected, kind of like playing creatures after using sorin solemn visitor’s + ability.

    • Adam LeBlanc

      No it wouldn’t. Since it’s not on the battlefield, and the trigger for the +2/+2 resolves before he hits the battlefield.

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    Finally! A use for Scornful Egotist!

    • Ben Silver


    • DirtyHoboLord

      The Great Lord Egotist has been useful since his conception. Have you not seen the impeccable combo between him and homarid spawning bed? Suddenly the egotist becomes 8 homarids! Nobody expects the swarm of homarids… Nobody.

  • Slava Osokin

    what if you Craterhoof into this?

  • Randall Chevalier

    So just brainstorming but use this in mono green eldrazi with from beyond and blisterpod, matter reshaper thought-knot and reality smasher, and the new card eldrich evolution and maybe even catacomb sifter. Imagine that you pitch matter reshaped into reality smasher with Eldrich evolution, sac from beyond to tutor this guy out, emerge decimator from reality smasher with eldrazi mimic out. Mimic becomes a 7/7 that gets +2/2 and trample… I like this boar, I’m sure there is a strategy here

  • Daniel Guimarães

    Someone’s been watching Mononoke Hime.

  • Jacob Humphreys

    Turn 4 World Breaker into turn 5 Decimator is going to be gross. Mono G Ramp will be a tier 1 deck.

  • Urdothor

    The cast trigger saddens me. I want to cheat this in :/

  • bryan

    this looks like the pig thing from princess mononoke

  • Adam LeBlanc

    Probably just for limited purposes.

  • Nolly

    This is a creature that will probably single handedly win a game of limited when it comes down.
    If it was rare. It’d be absolutely insane.