• theEternalPilgrims

    Green merfolk?!

    • Fred “Deakon” Rebhun

      I feel like Ixalan will have a bunch of color shifted tribe stuff… did you see the mono white Vamp?

      • guy

        if they are going to play that game…I want blue goblins and black angels.

        • Falconfly

          We just had Red angels in SOI, so hopefully not. However, Blue goblins do sound interesting

          • Open your Mind:
            – Green Angels of Nature , Blue Sea-Angels, RedBlue Angel-Dragon Race ^^
            – Lava (Red) or Mud (Black) Kraken , Sand Kraken (white), Forest-Kraken?
            – Green Vampire Plant Warriors?
            – Fire Sphinxes? Demonic Sphinxes?
            – Blue , Red, Black or White Druids?
            – Blue, Red, Black, Green Archons?
            – Blue, Red, Black White Hydras?
            – White Pirates? Green Nature-Pirates?
            – Green Devils? White devils? Blue Devils?
            – Green Demons? Blue Demons? White Demons? Red Demons?

            All maybe possible in the right plane

        • Fred “Deakon” Rebhun

          Crypt Angel? Desolation Angel? Fallen Angel?

    • Tezzybros

      First Nissa listens to effifel 69 I’m blue, now merman or merwoman or… Mer-transgender are green!?, what is wizards smoking on, and if it’s an artifact I’ll steal from them.

      • “Merfolk” is only the branded Name for this tribe…
        It would be funny to fully rename a Tribe to another MTGverse Phantasy Name like Nyphet or anything else

    • Santuli

      I mean, Simic merfolk were very prominent in Ravnica. Sure, they were still blue too. But..well, we’re also getting monowhite vamps. I’m ok with this.

  • Shagoth

    Huh, widening Green’s horizons. I mean it has enough card draw now to have control decks, now we just need it to be instant speed and give green some decent removal and we can have mono green control with this prowess dude as a finisher.
    Also green merfolk.
    I think we’ll have to revisit this plane a mere year after its release.

  • Rovkir Hexus

    looks like a 1/4 for 1G or a 4/4 for 4G

    • Looks like 1/1 for 1G to me.

      • theEternalPilgrims

        yeah, if you zoom in it is clearly a 1/1 for 1G

      • Rovkir Hexus

        Yeah, now that you say that it does look like that.

  • Ecoabismo

    the real thing that seems off here is this: a green creature with prowess.

    • Hedronal

      With super prowess.

    • Zombie

      It’s not Prowess, it’s the Forgotten Ancient effect.

      Which is actually really fitting, since you forgot him.

      • Ecoabismo

        I think this read “noncreature spells”

    • MTG420

      Prowess is a temporary boost. This uses counters so it remains after end step.

  • Insight66

    They’ve come to the same conclusion I did 4 days ago, that Green splashes better for Prowess than White. Because you’ve access to a card like Might of Old Krosa or Rancor and I don’t have to flagellate myself on every Mutagenic Growth.

    • Zombie

      “Green splashes better for Prowess than White”

      That’s veritably false on at least a hundred off-hand levels.

      The most important being Monastery Mentor, who automatically renders your argument null and void on its own.

      • Insight66

        Nah, Monastery Mentor is too slow. My decks are go fast or go home. Turn 3 wins if not 2, Modern. This guy isn’t going to make the cut, but it indicates we’ll get something better in Green.

        • Zombie

          “Monastery Mentor is too slow”

          Mentor is one of the best cards in both Legacy AND Vintage, the fastest sanctioned formats that exist.

          You’re wrong again.

          • Insight66

            Monastery Mentor isn’t the only slow one around here. I specify Modern and you’re going on about Legacy and Vintage.
            My deck ideally wants to swing a one drop for around 16 damage on turn 2, Monastery Mentor has no place in it. I don’t want to be wasting space on a three drop without haste that could’ve been an instant or sorcery pushing extra damage. It’s not a deck with $10+ cards, but I do well enough.
            Where they take this venture into Green, I don’t know, but it’s got me excited.

          • Zombie

            Your deck is ideally living in magical christmas land.

            And Monastery Mentor is objectively the best Prowess card ever printed. That’s not up for debate.

          • Insight66

            Here, just for you I’m popping open an aged vintage meme for us to share

          • Zombie

            Keep ignoring reality, friendo.

            Have fun losing every game you play with your “Prowess Green” deck that’s just strictly worse than Infect.

          • Insight66

            My favorite experience playing MtG is when you sideboard in over $100 worth of cards because I trashed you with something I cooked up myself. Then on your second loss I get the speech about “Luck” or “If I did X, I would’a won” and the other players listening give me a knowing smirk, a nod of approval, then we laugh about you behind your back.
            That’s a joy you’ll never know, Netdecker.

          • Zombie

            Actually my sideboards are closer to $1000 from foiling, but nice try.

            Also, I brew as well.

            You aren’t some special little snowflake making up “hidden tech” brews. You’re not innovating, you’re regressing. Some jank like “Green Prowess” is probably the single most stupid f*cking idea I’ve heard in a good 3 years. Someone being actually dumb enough to disregard Monastery Mentor as the single best Prowess (and similar effect) creature in the game is astounding to me. I can not actually fathom someone being that bad at card evaluation.

            And I come up with a LOT of dumb ideas when brewing for IQ’s and PTQ’s, so that’s saying something.

            You’re just using bad cards for a bad idea to make a bad deck, and calling it “something you cooked up” like you’re the next Sam F***king Black.

            The primary difference is, my brews actually win tournaments.

            But have fun staying at the bottom tables imagining what it would be like to 4-0 an FNM, because you’ll never actually do it IRL if all you care about is dreaming about smashing players who are better than you with decks that can never actually accomplish that.

            But hey, at least you can use out-dated garbage f*cking memes on a Magic spoiler website. Being 15 and thinking you’re a brewmaster must be the bee’s knees. You can buy cheap cards and laugh at all the people who actually care about winning all you want.

            But at least they’re winning.

          • Insight66
          • Zombie

            Obviously that was your goal to begin with, so I simply stopped trying to restrain myself.

            My final thought before removing my already somewhat faulty filter was, “no one can actually be as stupid as this guy”.

            I came to the realization that no sane person would actually daydream about beating net-deckers.

            Because there aren’t enough Cheetos on the planet for someone like that to consume and subsequently wipe the cheese dust on their shirt and cargo shorts.

          • I’d argue that Mentor being the best Prowess card is actually format dependent. In Legacy, both now and pre-ban, it was at best on par with Swiftspear. In Modern Swiftspear is just better, but is helped by the fact that Mentor isn’t really played due to the lack of playable cheap/free spells. In vintage there’s no debate, I’ll agree that there’s no debate that Mentor is the best. And in the Standard that they were in Swiftspear and Mentor were roughly on par, but tokens fell out of favor and Atarka-Red just stole games with help from Swiftspear and Abbot.
            Mentor is a “better” card just looking at what each of them does, but I think that overall, due to the formats that they appear in, they are on par with each other.

          • Zombie

            Swiftspear is not the stronger card. That’s not how card evaluation works.

            Swiftspear is the worst creature in Burn in both Modern and Legacy variants, Monastery Mentor completely dominated Legacy in Miracles Mentor variants, and is likely the best card in Vintage.

            Mentor can be literally the only threat you play in a game and it can carry your entire deck on its shoulders. Swiftspear is nowhere even close to the same galaxy as that.

            People keep forgetting that Swiftspear isn’t that good. It’s horrifically overvalued so often just because “OH WOW IT SEES FREQUENT MODERN PLAY AND LEGACY BURN DID A THING”.

            Swiftspear is being played because of a lack of other options, and the fact that it’s a reasonably consistent fast beater.

            But that still doesn’t make it better than Goblin Guide. Or Wild Nacatl. Or Eidolon. Or Grim Lavamancer.

            Swiftspear is a good card. It’s not format-warping, it’s not the best card in the most overpowered sanctioned format in existence, and it’s not even the best card in the decks that play it.

          • I didn’t say that it was the better card, I said that whether it was the best prowess creature depended on the format.

          • Zombie

            And I said you were wrong. Mentor is still the better Prowess creature regardless of format. Swiftspear is just played as the worst card in Burn because it has no other better options.

      • Fred “Deakon” Rebhun

        So in my opinion, this isn’t ‘Prowess’ as it is the evergreen mechanic. Prowess perceives itself as the creature that has it gaining temporary power from the casting of arcane powers around it. Being its an evergreen mechanic now (which I feel ‘meh’ about.) its a common ability across the multi-verse now. Flavor wise, this seems like this growth ability the creature has is a product of its environment. This is an ‘exception to the rule’ for flavor’s sake.

        …just random thoughts here as I look through things.

        • Zombie

          It’s not Prowess, it’s just a worse Forgotten Ancient. Correct.

          But you’re building the same deck around it, which calls for the comparison to Prowess.

  • Robert FakeLastName

    in green? why?

    • Bige Boiy

      miracle gro

    • Random Guy

      Flavorful way to make green care about noncreatures. It works for me.

      • Robert FakeLastName

        but the whole thing about green is that it cares about creatures so it normally it would be creature spell. this is actually a violation of green’s ethos.

        • Random Guy

          1) Mechanically this works because it’s +1/+1 counters rather than +1/+1 until end of turn, which supports the mechanical flavor that green can’t do much unless it already has creatures on the board and/or that it grows slowly but steadily. This is Growth, not Prowess, so to speak.

          2) The game would really suck if green only had creatures and blue was only good for control decks. So some cards that encourage green non-creature decks are a good thing, so long as it isn’t a color bend.

          3) Flavorfully green shouldn’t always hate noncreatures. Green doesn’t hate things just because they’re unnatural. Green hates things because they’re overreaching. Everyone else wants to mold the world in their image, but green just likes the world the way it is. And change is a part of the world, so some technology/artifacts are okay, so long as they’re not excessive.

          • DarthinvaderIX

            Evolve IS a green mechanic

          • Random Guy

            Your point?

          • Chris

            Evolve mechanic is specifically creatures. This is the anti-evolve.

          • Hedronal

            Green doesn’t have to hate non-creatures, but this does a non-creatures matter mechanic better than the colors that actually get it.

          • Random Guy

            You don’t let a color do something, but only if it’s overcosted. That just results in it being unplayable in constructed and mediocre in draft. What you do if you want a color to have some access to a mechanic but not a ton is you make a more conservative form of that mechanic. By giving +1/+1 counters instead of +1/+1 until end of turn you’re increasing its power over later turns supposedly at the cost of power during the turn on which you cast the spell, which prevents this from being very prowess/instakill-y which wouldn’t be very green-ish, and from being very instant/sorcery oriented like the UR drake. However, this card is so pushed that it’s better than all prowess creatures in Standard AFAIK, so the point is a bit moot.

          • Hedronal

            It doesn’t have to be overcosted, but this is flat-out strictly better than something made for other colors. It does all the instant-kill potential of prowess, and keeps the power afterward. That’s like giving green a slightly greener version of double strike as compared to red and white just getting first strike.

          • Random Guy

            Not better than the Drake, not quite strictly better than the Flying Haste Prowess guy, probably worse than Monastery Swiftspear. I agree he’s on the strong side but maybe they decided to buff prowess-ish mechanics.

          • Hedronal

            Not card to card, mechanic to mechanic is what I’m comparing.

  • Bostorket

    It’s Prowess… for keeps.

  • kmk888

    This is a pretty powerful card. I like it and expect it to see play in Standard if nowhere else.

  • Pietro Boni

    I honeslty read it “Deepthroat champion”. How bad is it?

  • Dragoncastermaster

    it’s like it has super prowess