Defense Grid - Aether Revolt Masterpieces

Defense Grid

  • Color: Colorless
  • Type: Artifact
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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  • Zombie

    Unfortunately for this invention, foil OG Defense Grids from Urza are gonna end up being more expensive.

    There are just simply going to be more invention copies of Defense Grid printed than there are foil Urza Defense Grids available.

    • Ryuji Nichol Pabila

      I hope so lol I really want a copy, and looking at the lineup I’m wishing this will be one of the lower priced ones.

      • Zombie

        I see the Invention Defense Grid settling around the $30 mark given enough time.

        Despite it being a fantastic artifact, the demand for it isn’t that high.

        Even though they’re incredibly rare, foil Urza’s Legacy Defense Grids are only like $40-$50.

        But with enough luck, even without high demand the Invention Defense Grid will hold at least $40, similar to Mind’s Eye and Static Orb.

        • Ryuji Nichol Pabila

          I’d be all over it at 40, 50 even. But not beyond that.

  • Ryuji Nichol Pabila

    I hope this is one of the cheaper inventions. Is this heavily used in any format??