Deicide - Journey into Nyx Spoiler


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Exile target enchantment. If the exiled card is a God card, search its controller’s graveyard, hand, and library for any number of cards with the same name as that card and exile them, then that player shuffles his or her library.

“It is done.”
– Elspeth

  • usernamessuck

    its as if white wasn’t strong enough already

    • Whiskerbro

      Stupid card. Will be super annoying for my athreos aggro. Ugh.

  • Kuro

    This is so not cool to my devotion blue deck, where Thassa is a big part of it.

    • Mick Cortella

      Kuro your blue just counter it for gods sake your also the most powerful color in mtg

  • Antares

    SO. . . . Elspeth is confirmed to win. XD

    On that note, this will certainly put a crimp in Mono-blue. . . .

    • Zombie

      If by “put a crimp in” you mean “will wreck mono blue forever”, then yes.

      • Antares

        Nah. The deck just needs to adapt. Now instead of playing Thassa on T3, she becomes a T4 or T5 play so she can be protected with counters. The other big Win-condition, Master of Waves, isn’t affected. Not just that, but now we have Hall of Heroes to give Mono-U an anthem effect, which helps with Master tokens, adding some resiliency.

        But yes, Mono-blue will NOT be the same once this hits the game. I predict the deck, and the cards that make it, dropping in cost/popularity slowly for the next few weeks/months.

        • Zombie

          Hall of Heroes probably won’t see much play in Mono Blue. Even though it’s a multi- color Honor of the Pure, it just doesn’t fit in a Blue Devotion deck. Other decks will appreciate it more because they don’t need Bident of Thassa to be a backup Devotion source post- Wrath/ Removal.

          It’s no Bident of Thassa. It provides no Devotion post- wrath and doesn’t draw you a bunch of cards.

          Yeah, it’s cute with the Elemental Tokens, but I don’t think players will think it’s worth losing consistency/card advantage over it.


          The problem with playing Thassa in later turns is you run greater and greater risk of playing her against open mana, and as such an end- step Deicide, and the second a Thassa runs into Deicide, you lose every Thassa in your deck. She becomes sideboard fodder Game 2 and on against any White deck. That’s devastating to Mono Blue.

          Not to mention Deicide hits Bident of Thassa as well.

          Deicide is just hardcore geared to screwing over Mono Blue. It’s the only Devotion deck in Standard that relies heavily on their God as not only a deck filter, but as an alternate win condition.

  • So search their graveyard for Indestructible god cards. Only way to get them there is Thoughtseize or Mill

    • Zombie

      Not just their graveyard. Hand, graveyard AND library.

      If someone plays a God into Deicide, they lose every single copy of that God for the rest of the game.

      • Thanks zombie. I just saw graveyard, god and search. I was instantly like WTF Wizards

  • Miles

    Looks like Xenagos does die.

  • Chi Sarades


    • Nyrab

      You look sad, are you going to stop revelling and go and cry in the corner? :P

      • Chi Sarades


  • Zombie


    Hey everyone.

    I found the constructed all-star of the set.

    Every deck that doesn’t have White in it, prepare your diddly holes.

    It just got real.

    (Also notice how I’m not surprised by this card. I was the first responder to Loading Ready Run’s preview of it on Reddit. I was pretty surprised there.)

    Just kidding I’m still totally rustled by it.


    Seriously though. Flavor, power, utility, options, nothing but upside. THIS IS WHAT I WANT MORE OF WIZARDS. DO MORE OF THIS PLEASE.

    • Joshua McTiernan

      Diddly Holes… said diddly holes….

      • Zombie

        You know it.

        (Howdily doodily neighborino)

    • Montague

      Pay one white, one colorless: perform perfect sideboard swap.

      • Zombie

        Pay 1W: Completely wreck Mono Blue Devotion so hard it has to go sit in a corner and think about its life choices.

        • Montague

          Pay 1W: shout “Where are your gods NOW!”

          • Zombie

            Pay 1W: No. I AM THE ONE WHO REVELS.

          • dont forget the guy who costs down target spells makeing curse of swine free. so UW decks are armed to the nines this set.

  • Montague

    Flavortext ironically paraphrases Jesus (“It is finished”) – and it’s coming out right after Easter.

    You know, the three days each year when everyone agrees with Nietzsche.

    • Dr. Burn Crow

      I just laughed for like five minutes straight. God work sir or madame.

      • Montague

        I see what you did there }:D

        Good to know I can make someone’s day better.

        • Dr. Burn Crow

          Best part: god was a typo, but after I saw it, I just left it in hopes it would work.

  • Dat art though.

  • Fletcher

    It’s all fun and games until you kill the God of Revels.

  • My jaw hit the floor. . .

  • tyke5140

    Apparently wiping a god from existence is as easy as 1W and it can be done at instant speed…

    • Wait what will the roman’s say?!

      • Rawman

        It is done!

      • Kevan Kramer

        It’s a Greek based set not Rome. They said they will do Roman set later.

        • I was cracking a joke based on how the roman’s basically assimilated the Greek god’s but since the god’s would be dead what would they do, they have nothing to cover for their debauchery. . .

      • Gilligan Isle

        A ringadingdingding.. No wait. That’s what the fox said

  • Orion Moore


  • wombat604

    honestly, I dont like this. Wizards is making Mono white just insane with this set and now they give it this? where’s the love for other colors?

    • Spook

      I fail to see how Mono White is insane with this set. And if anything Mono White needed the most help.

      • Jordan

        You’re out of your damned mind. don’t look at it as a mono-colored deck. look at the color as a whole. white is the single strongest color with all the answers and very, very good threats.

        • Pandorium

          Hell no, BLACK is the most hyped color ever, and you know that, white needed the help, so I asume you play mono-black in standard, right?, rest my case.

          • kmk888

            You guys are pretty divided on this, because there are two very different sides. The white mythics in Theros block have been really pushed, and the G/W, B/W, and U/W cards from RTR block were of a really high power level. High enough to say that white as a whole may be the most powerful color in standard. But Monowhite is by far the weakest of the devotion decks.

          • wombat604

            Okay everyone, I ment white as a whole color, not mono white decks. My bad

  • Leonardo Duarte

    Seems like people will have to put on their decks some Mizzium Skins. Nice cost, fit real good in blue decks.

  • samwinchester

    Black white seems so like it will be really good after this set releases

  • kmk888

    In this standard, you could use a playset of these and only occasionally not have a target. I would run 2-3 in any white deck until theros block rotates out.

  • Daniel Gilmore

    I hate this card and everything about it. Flavour-wise, it’s wonderful, but the flavour this block has left me with a very sour taste since it has propelled my least-favorite colour (I would legitimately rather play mono-COLOURLESS than white) to the point where it just breaks everything. Standard apparently isn’t allowed to be fun for people who don’t play white.

    • riley; champion of mogis

      i think thats how people who weren’t playing blue felt the last few months

      • Daniel Gilmore

        Well at least the people who don’t play blue still get to play. MonoU is dead because of this

  • selesnyawarden

    LORD XENAGOS,, T_T ;( NO,,,, WHY,,, he was just the god of parties,, Heliod, phenax or even erebos were more villan than he was.. T_T

    I hope he still lives in his planeswalker form though,,sad sad. Oh and about the card itself, being an instant gives it a powerful edge against god-decks,

  • anonon

    I guess I know what I’ll be saving my counter spells for when going against a deck with any sort of white in it…on a more positive note, now I have a MUCH more potent card to look forward to to replace revoke existence, which were for those pesky Gods in the first place!

  • animate all lands with something like life, play conspiracy, call god…profit?

  • mtgfanatic

    it’s like Revoke Existence

  • Dapper Dimir

    I hope there is a playmat with this image!!!