• George Zamyatin

    Ya black white control decks in standard are gonna love this

  • Ryū

    Not going to lie, I’m starting to tire of all of these planeswalker shenanigans.

    • Kevan Kramer

      Expect more of them.

      • Ryū

        I’m fully aware. We’re watching the birth of the Multidimensional Justice League. I half expect the villains of Magic to form a Legion of Doom now.

        • Phoenix UNBENCHED

          I’m almost willing to bet money that Ob Nixilis went directly to meet with Nicol Bolas when he left Zendikar.

          • Ryū

            Ob, Bolas, Ashiok, Tezzeret, Garruk, and I would say Tibalt, but, well, he’s Tibalt.

          • Edward

            Honestly Ashiok should go to Innistrad because the amount of power they can gain from the nightmares at this point may be more than on Theros

          • Hedronal

            Ashiok literally made a new Theran god, even if only for a moment before Ephara subsumed it. While nightmares on Innistrad are more powerful than average, and Emrakul has made a lot of horrors, Theros is exactly where Ashiok would want to be.

          • Edward

            Yeah i guess that is true. I kind of just want to see what Ashiok would do with Innistrad’s nightmares. If Ashiok could create a god on Theros maybe they could create a new demon on Innistrad or a powerful horror

          • Hedronal

            Ashiok has power on Theros because of Nyx, the magic night sky of the plane. In Nyx, mortals’ beliefs coalesce as nyxborn creatures, and those believed by enough people become super-powerful because of it. Ashiok twists people’s dreams to match a god being created, so Nyx makes one, if only for a moment thus far. Nothing on Innistrad is comparable in terms of harnessable nightmare power.

          • Ryan2626

            Really need a huge LIKE to this. The Tibalt part made me crack up. Just wish I wasn’t drinking when I read it!

        • Urdothor

          Well, superfriends in EDH is pretty weak, so they had to take an opportunity to buff it. Dunno if the last few sets were the right place, but eh

    • Nolly

      I imagine anything in magic that starts having too much of it in a short amount of time will have a lot of people going
      “I’m tired of all this X, it’s overused and boring.”

      • Ryū

        Yes, as you just said, too much in a short amount of time. 2 blocks in a row of the Justice League fighting the Alien Menace.

        • Jonathan Mueller

          The Jacetice Leage, you mean.

        • DudeMcDudeson

          There isn’t really another option. What else besides planeswalkers can stop the eldrazi?

          • Ryū

            Phyrexia is a prime candidate.

          • Jonathan Mueller

            Phyrexia as a prime candidate for fighting the Eldrrazi, or as a prime candidate as opponent for the Gatewatch?

            Because damn, I feel like Phyrexia could actually find a way to incorporate the “Eldrazification” into their process of compleation to further enhance it and therefore welcome Emrakul’s presence.

  • Dominic Ng

    They are pushing superfriends REAL HARD

  • Zachary Cooper

    Imagine this in modern, cast this reveal nicol bolas and ugin. GG

    • Kaiser

      The dream team

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    Superfriends, assemble!

  • disqus_A12YL8TXnr

    Put this in a power friends deck with scry and you’re golden. Yes it’s expensive, but it’s less expensive than two planeswalkers would usually be.

    • Robert FakeLastName

      then u flip jace beleren and tibalt.

      • disqus_A12YL8TXnr

        You win some and you lose some

  • Marky Day

    I wouldn’t want to pull it in draft but I’m glad this tool exists for planeswalker decks.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Why is wizards pushing superfriends so hard?

  • MrAptronym

    As someone who doesn’t enjoy playing against superfriends… I am not thrilled with this push.

  • xermaster123

    White tron with 4 karn 4 ugin and a couple of other walkers, seems fun.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Obligatory trash mythic white sorcery. Every sets gotta have one!

    • Liam Hector

      how is this trash? its See the Unwritten for Planeswalkers (they come into play) … in standard Esper/naya walkers will love this, and it might even be used to put Karn and Ugin onto the board for tron.

      • Nolly

        Its trash because its more than likely going to be a dead pull for limited and see very little play.
        Until someone does the math, I’m gonna go ahead and assume you need a LOT of walkers in your deck for this to get 2 walkers consistently each time you cast it.

        • Liam Hector

          yes its obviously a dead pull for limited, but at a mythic … so? its a powerful card in the correct deck … even just hitting 1 walker can be powerful (especially if its a 6+ drop)

          and for most walker decks revolve around the power of planeswalkers, so this card can be a huge bomb. will it see alot of competitive play? probably not, but i can see it finding a home in or even creating a deck or two.

        • Matt86

          My Derevi Commander deck, featuring 13 PW’s by now, will have some fun plays with this card, trust me ^^

          • Blahblahblahbla

            With 13 PW in your deck, if you play this on curve, you will have a <20% chance to hit a walker. I would stick with Wargate.

          • Matt86

            Well, getting a 30% chance would require maaaany PW’s in a deck, either way. Hitting two walkers, well, that’s just the stuff of magic wonderland. However, even though wargate is better, this is a solid further effect that allows for quality PW proxy.
            Plus, I won’t ever play this card if I’ve already played 3 PW’s in a game. Though when I’m through 25 cards and haven’t seen a PW yet, chances suddenly look way better. I’ll probably have to playtest and see how things go, but I will test it and am pretty sure it will make for some nice plays.

          • EJ

            It’s a darn shame blue, green and white don’t have any way to manipulate the top 7 cards of their library in EDH. If only there was some sort of artifact or enchantment that allowed you to look at the top 3 cards of your library. Or some sort of blue spell where you could put 2 cards from your hand to the top of your library.

        • Chaospyke

          Naya SuperFriends, Bant SuperFriends, Mardu Superfriends. There are plenty of decks that love this.
          In limited it probably won’t get any use. But it’d still be my p1p1 ina draft.

        • ForeverLaxx

          That’s the point. Mythics weren’t originally supposed to be ubiquitous bombs that you throw in every deck that matches its colors and wins the game for you by themselves.

        • Juanito Jones

          I did the math, and the result is if you want to put 2 walkers on the table almost everytime you cast this spell you’ll need to have 18 to 19 pws in a 60 cards deck. Superfriends decks usually run kind of 10 to 14 planeswalkers copys, i think that 14 it’s fine for that build. I like that card, but i don’t think its good, it can do a lot, but you really need those 2 walkers to win the game? You’re paying 6 manas, it’s a fat price. And it still can go wrong, you can end up with a walker you already have on the battlefield, or end up with no walker at all

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      There are people happy to see this, trust me.

  • Bige Boiy

    Abzan Superfriends in standard gets waaay stronger with this set. This card, Lili and Tamiyo (playable with this and oath of nissa) are all such strong additions to the deck.

  • Brian Schmidt

    Super friends EDH just got one helluva card.

    • Samuel

      this card doesn’t come close to being added to my superfriends EDH, it’s cute but not really good enough for my tastes or meta, it’s more the “super friends edh starter card” use it till you get better cards

      • Brian Schmidt

        So putting something like Garruk, Worldslayer and Sorin Markov down on the same turn for 6 mana doesn’t appeal? Sure it’s magical Christmasland but even if it’s Jace Beleren and say Arlin, you still get to draw a card and put a 2/2 on to the battlefield for one less mana.

        • Samuel

          A. I play Bant Pillowfort Superfriends with Steaksauce Princess as my Commander so can’t use Sorrin or Arlin, B. 9 times out of 10, i’ll be in need of one of the other 5 or six cards put away onto the bottom more than the walkers themselves, C. there have been games where as by the time i could even play this card i’ve already ulted JTMS twice in a four player pod due to combos. D. i’ts pretty clunky and as much as it’s “WIN MORE” kind of thing, i’d really prefer more removal or general pillowforty kind of things

          • Brian Schmidt

            Well, I will be honest. I don’t play Magic all that often but my interpretation of Superfriends would be have say a Karona or 5-colored Commander and play every single Planeswalker that either has an Emblem or token generation and tutor to Veil it up. Probably put as many of the Theros Gods in it too.

            I can see where you are coming from now but also had a different perspective on the situation.

          • Samuel

            it probably would fit better depending on the focus of it. but in general Superfriends EDH is usually 3 colors and run 13 to 22 walkers. which in itself, out of 100 cards doesn’t make it viable enough for running

  • Brian Schmidt

    I find it quite interesting that they used Gideon instead of Jace with Lilliana. I know it’s a white card and all but come! Lovers?!?

    • TogetherAlone

      Its supposed to be showcasing how they don’t like each other but can get over it to kill We’mrakul.

  • justindeltora

    another white planeswalker tutor come on wizards

    • DudeMcDudeson

      Not really a tutor. This puts stuff into the battlefield.

      • ForeverLaxx

        Top of the deck, to your hand, directly into play, and directly to graveyard (for certain decks) are all tutor effects. What game have you been playing?

  • Arcus Diabolus

    *Cough* BFZ 2.0 *Cough cough*

  • Psyren

    Marvel has the Avengers. DC has the Justice League. Magic has the Gatewatch. I approve of the superfriends push! My commander deck will be happy to include this.

  • Jonathan Mueller

    That random order seems like an unnecessary hassle.

    I think if you’ve managed to thin out your library to only 7 or less cards and cast this to order “your whole library”, you deserved it.

    • MTG fan

      Random order.

      • Jonathan Mueller

        Consider reading my first paragraph before responding to the second one ;)

        • MTG fan

          Still has to be shuffled in a random order.

          • Jonathan Mueller

            Alright then. I concede – you have to read my first paragraph AND between

            the lines^^

            I’ll explain it in detail:

            »That random order seems like an unnecessary hassle.«

            Usually, if a card allows a player to reveal a couple of cards on top of the library, that player is instructed to put the cards on the bottom of his or her library. He usually gets to do that in the order he chooses.
            However, in some cases, such effects might cause the player to reveal the whole library. In that case, that would allow him to sort his whole library.

            Take Evolutionary Leap for example. It reveals cards from the top of the library until a creature card is revealed.
            If the deck contains no creatures, the effects would go on until the last card in the library is revealed.

            Now, Deploy The Gatewatch however always only reveals seven cards.
            That is barely absuable.
            So my first paragraph expressed that I deemed Wizards’ choice to give this card the “random” treatment an unnecessary precaution.

            In turn, I meant to imply that they should have allowed you to sort your bottom cards instead! Because:

            »I think if you’ve managed to thin out your library to only 7 or less
            cards and cast this to order “your whole library”, you deserved it.«

          • MTG fan

            When will you ever use this with only 7 cards in your library? The chances of getting a planeswalker is even lower and decks rarely go down to those numbers. This contingency rarely will happen as games usually do not take that long.

  • TheAweDude

    Oh look, Batm- I mean Lilliana is working with Superm-I mean Gideon. Maybe they will be able to defeat Darks- Emrakul afterall!

  • ShadowFax

    Does this mean there’s going to be a new Gideon? o.o

    • Hedronal

      No, the Gatewatch is here in the same way Ugin was in Battle for Zendikar block, which is to say in the same standard, but not the set.

  • Melissa Juice

    I still hate the Gatewatch in general. Superheroes, no thanks.

  • Derek Niles

    So blocks have 4 sets now?

    *edit* I was kidding, I’m not happy this story is so closely attached to the last block and I was being sarcastic about it….apparently not very clearly

    • Ryan2626

      No. Two sets to a block

    • Hedronal

      Rather the opposite change. It was hard enough to regularly design a satisfying third act, so four would be boring.

  • Chaospyke

    This is what a mythic is supposed to be, Game Changing and on the verge of broken

    Aside from Tamiyo, this is the only card Mythic Card I feel is truly worthy.

    • Happy The Cat

      I can’t tell if you are trolling or just confused about what good cards are. 6 mana for a just a CHANCE to get a max of 2 ~4 mana permanents is not good, it’s even worse when you consider that the deck that would want to run this actually has creatures that turn into pws instead of just straight pws and gets EVEN WORSE when not only can you not get two of the same permanent but you have to play by the pw legend rule, meaning that if you are playing super friends you can’t reveal two of the same pws or the same as the ones you have on board. most of the time you could cast this you would have been better off with an extra jace or nissa. this card might even be in the running to become the worst mthic of all time.

      • Chaospyke

        Comparing this to Mythics that were released prior to this one, this is just a breath of fresh air,

        Pretty sure ulrich has this beat for bad mythics and Ishanka? is right up there with him

        The main decks that use this will be naya or mardu walkers, and neither of them are worried with origins Gideon or Chandra
        Only Origins Nissa is making her way into a naya deck. Also there are 6 cmc and 5 cmc Walkers that are high tier. Getting any walker out a turn earlier is game changing. Even if you hit only 1 that makes a huge impact.

        On the issue of Repeat walkers, just do your walker abilites before you cast this card and you get to use a walker twice ina turn.

        Worse comes to worse and this thing completely wiffs, you’ve at least cleared yourself of a six turn dead draw.

  • VexzonSafeguard

    The one thing I dislike about this is that a great majority of the time, this card will be useless in Draft and sealed.

    • Jazzyboy1

      Yeah, this really shouldn’t be a mythic. It’s powerful in Standard and Modern, but it’s almost always completely useless in Draft and Sealed. And I doubt that it’s rarity will affect it’s price much. It’ll probably peak at £1, maybe £2, regardless.

      • Deadly Berry

        That’s the main reason it’s a mythic, so it doesn’t show up that often.

        • Happy The Cat

          mythics are not supposed to be cards that just show up less often, they are supposed to be the cards win games.

          • Deadly Berry

            Mythics are just part of draft balance, they can be very good cards or very bad ones; the only thing those cards share is the occurrence, you don’t want a very powerful card be drawn more than once, like in planeswalker’s case; in the same manner you don’t want a very weak card show up more than once (like this sorcery), so you make both mythics.

            I know some people would like mythics to be better, but thanks to the unlikely occurrence of pulling out a mythic draft is more balanced ever since it was introduced. In Lorwynn planeswalkers had rare rarity and they roamed in draft way too often.

          • Happy The Cat

            mythics are supposed to be the greatest cards in the set, that is why all pws are mythic and the strongest legendaries are mythic. bad cards should not waste mythic slots, this is at max a bulk rare and even though white is the second most powerful color in the game right now they should still get all of their mythic slots. if your are draft balancing you should let the trash stay where it normally is and actually print chase mythics.
            also lorwyn had rare pws because mythics weren’t added to the game until shards block. so it was impossible for them to be mythics

      • ForeverLaxx

        You miss the original point of the Mythic rarity. It’s not entirely your fault, since Wizards decided to nearly abandon that original design. Mythic is not supposed to be “guaranteed/near-guaranteed bombs and threats that win by themselves” like you clearly want them to be. They were originally supposed to be more like this card — strong but niche cards that are great in the proper circumstance and not so hot when those conditions don’t exist. In addition to that, making this card a Mythic means it pops up less in Drafts, which is the primary way Wizards wants their game to be played. When it doesn’t show up in a Draft, no one has to be sad they got a card they couldn’t use.

      • Spacecat Runner

        It’s an odd misconception that “Value=Rarity”. Wizards sells packs to card shops. Card shops sell singles. Demand drives price, but does not translate into wizard’s profit. Rarity placement on wizards end is more a Draft issue. Drop this even as low as a bulk rare, and I’ll still draft a checklist.

        • Happy The Cat

          however chase rares like a good planeswalker boost sales and terrible rares lower sales. and with Hearthstone stealing so many players away from actual card games this bin mythic is just a bad decision seeing as it will lower peoples estimated return on packs making them less likely to buy cards and even makes them less likely to start/continue playing magic. if you got this as your first mythic you would be super disappointed, mythics are supposed to be this super powerful spell that is so good it is eight times more rare than a normal rare and yet you got a rather bad fetch card that requires you to have a minimum of two more mythics to use.

          this should not be mythic, mythics in general should be better than normal cards so wizards lowers the chances of you getting them. they shouldn’t be bad cards that are less likely for players to get.

          • Ashenmoor

            any player that got a card that messes with planeswalkers as their first mythic would be thrilled about it. Planeswalkers are really amazing when you’re new to magic

          • Happy The Cat

            yes, planeswalkers are, cards that fetch planeswalkers that you don’t own yet are trash however.

  • Nanya

    I could have some fun with this one in EDH.

    • Ben

      Hello, narset super friends addition!

      • Nanya

        Use in any deck that has white and more than 3 planeswalkers.

  • Minizem

    Wow. They are really trying to make planeswalker decks a thing, huh?

  • Scathain

    I am personally not a fan of all these planeswalker assist cards. Planeswalkers seem perfectly viable on their own, in small doses, and don’t seem to need the help. I am also not a fan of planeswalker decks. They are not fun to play against.

    • Happy The Cat

      it’s how wizards slowly makes pws better without risking another Of the Veil or Mindsculpter.

  • Happy The Cat

    this is just so bad, any deck that can run this would be better off most of the time with firing of the biggest G. Wave their deck can muster. sure JLA can run this while it can’t run G. Wave those decks already have tutors and draw and most of their pws are cheap and might not even be pws off the board.
    this card just isn’t good, all of the super friends cards should be rares as they generally are the worst cards in the game in a vacuum.

  • Han Solo II

    The Gatewatch ruining limited since 2016. Oh I opened a mythic, oh wait, it doesn’t do anything

    • Ben Driver

      Because every card needs to be limited playable…

  • Ben Driver

    Find it kinda funny how everyone is hating on this card because it doesn’t play well at all in booster drafts and sealed…

    • Vizzerdrix

      It doesn’t but it’s also mythic bc of that very issue, that being said this is the most amazing casual card ever