• ningyouNK

    Super sweet new art! I’m sure the foiling is going to look awesome because of the little golden pieces everywhere =D

    • Friedrich

      But the question remains: Why? Why this and not like something that is actualy wanted, needed or pricey?

      • ningyouNK

        We know they struggled to find enough cards that matter for this Invocation series, I’m guessing Desolation Angel was fitting the flavour and was somehow deemed an interesting card to reprint ^^

        • Shagoth

          I mean, we don’t have any shortage of non reserved list expensive cards, I don’t see why they got so desperate. Just do themeless sets and you’ll go through them fast.

          • Hedronal

            Themeless sets? So reprints for no other reason than reprints?

          • Shagoth

            Themeless masterpieces.
            So reprints for no other reason other than reprints.

          • Hedronal

            That’s not what masterpieces have been for though. Historically, when WotC reprint something, it’s because it fits some other need, not its own reason.

      • I’m pretty sure the “let’s reprint this expensive card to make it more accessible” idea is mainly a Masters set policy, isn’t it?

        • Friedrich

          But the masterpieces had that idea too. Thats why we got all the expensive lands and artifacts.

          • Okay, but was that the primary driving reason for reprinting them? See unlike Masters sets I’m pretty sure the idea here is to create something that fits the set first and foremost, and I think this fits excellently, especially with the angels in general serving Bolas and well, the world ending.

            I actually can’t imagine a more fitting card really. It’s a black angel that destroys land. =P

      • Stinker289

        I was under the impression this set was all about board clears of various nature. Probably gonna be a wrath of god in this as well.

      • sansmyhands

        Because it fits the theme.

      • Kaiser

        I never see this card before, i love it, so dark and evil angel. More dangerous than a demon

  • Keith Wood

    Maybe on dominaria well have planeswalker masterpieces, cmon tibalt