• Kahai

    Eh… i’m not feeling this one.

    • Transgendent

      If the Aftermath spell was an instant, it would be much better. I think it’s ok at least though

      • Giby86 .

        How would it be better? You’d still need to play it before blockers anyway, so the potential for a blow out is thin. Unless you’re playing in a multiplayer environment, in which case it would be kind of broken.

  • Together Alone

    its a finisher card for limited, and not a great one at that.

  • Kumrag

    nope, and frame is still terrible

  • Happy The Cat

    might see some shenanigan deck in edh that can afford it? this seems pretty weak over all, the combat trick isnt bad though…

    • Kahai

      It’s ruined by the fact that the second ‘half’ of the card is sorcery speed…

      • Happy The Cat

        I mean the second half allows you to slow roll the instant and have an indestructible lure, the value of this card is the first half by itself. the second halve is just a helpful add on.

    • Kahai

      New profile picture? :)

      • Happy The Cat

        it was kinda an april fools thing, It’s Puar from dbz, the other flying talking blue cat.

  • Derek Niles

    I’m really trying guys, but I just can’t get behind these card types

    • Derek Niles


  • Deadly Berry

    Do not want.

  • breuli

    dont like this

  • magicsaniza

    how does it work? does it has fashback 3G and both efects or …?

    • UngerGames

      Aftermath says you can only cast the bottom half from your graveyard. So you can play the top half from your hand, then later cast the bottom half. You don’t ever get both unless I’m overlooking a combo.

  • UngerGames

    So obviously this one’s not pushed for standard but…does this count as 2 card types for delirium?