Diabolic Revelation - MTG M13 Spoiler

Diabolic Revelation

  • Color: Black
  • Type: Sorcery
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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  • avagantamos

    cause i have tht much mana

    • David Fitzsimmons

      New Liliana might be willing to grant you that much mana

      • HuntingWumpus

        How?  1 land per turn still means turn 8 minimum before this does anything worth the mana.  If you’re still playing at that point you’re doing something wrong.  It could be a good mana dump to sit in the side board for control vs control match ups, but then the mana you’re spending on it to pull any answers means you’ll lose the control game on your opponents next turn.

  • Talk about EDH

    • HuntingWumpus

      My thoughts exactly :)  I LOVE it when they print cards just for EDH.. tends to keep the cost nice and low :D

  • I’m laughing so much right now

    Liliana of the dark realms plus this

    oh my god

  • Wiseguy

    This won’t see play outside of EDH and maybe casual legacy, but its a pretty decent card nonetheless. The effect obviously gets better the more you pay for it. 1 card for 6, lol no. 2 for 7, ok thats decent. 3 for 8, just above the curve. At 5 for 10, thats 5 demonic tutors in one card.

  • Sauronauk

    My god, I need. Infinite black mana combo + this? Sure, I’ll combo out!

  • HedronMyr

    This looks like a fine EDH card, and I REALLY like the flavor for this one.

  • George Zapatos

    My Horobi EDH deck will love this card. Cabal Coffers for ten mana, searching for all those mass targeting effects…

  • Dat art.