• TogetherAlone

    I wonder how many games of limited this is going to win. Also cool flavor text.

  • galen150

    ouch, that gonna hurt. its an instant too. also, great flavor text.

  • Alex

    Dinos are definitely looking like the strongest limited tribe because of stuff like this.

    • TogetherAlone

      Pirates are looking pretty good as well. But yeah nothing ends a game like a 7/7 trample creature.

      • ymmij X

        heck this would close a standard game pretty fast.
        turn 1 commune, turn 2 dork, turn 3 ripjaw, turn 4 alpha, turn 5 this and maybe a 3 drop dino

  • thelordelric

    I won many a game of limited and standard constructed with Start Your Engines. I imagine this will serve me just as well, if not better.

  • Evil Tactics

    It’ll be a bit janky, but this with Huatli Dinosaur Knight’s ultimate might actually kill people. woohoo

  • Happy The Cat

    feel like this name could have been saved for a bigger card, like an overrun. dinosaurs stampeding should do quite bit more than trumpets imo.